Spare Tire is Gone – Chapter 22 – Two More!

After smoothly leaving the airport lobby and getting into the pick-up car, Qi Cong immediately grabbed the necklace on his neck and looked at Shen Jia.

“JiaJia, why did you just put this on me in front of the fans?”

Shen Jia didn’t answer but only secretly glanced at Zhao Zhenxun with a wishy-washy expression. He didn’t seem to be the same as when he gave Qi Cong the necklace.

Xiao Han and the others in the same car also didn’t dare to speak, but their eyes could not help but glance at Qi Cong’s neck with the gleam of gossip in their eyes.

Zhao Zhenxun looked at Shen Jia with a frown, but he didn’t lose his temper after looking at him for half a day. Finally, he looked sideways at Qi Cong and helped Shen Jia reply. “He is vaccinating fans in advance, implying that you will make your debut in the future so that when you really make your debut later, fans would not resist, and also that you are not working as an assistant to Shen Jia in a premeditated attempt to suck Shen Jia’s blood. This necklace is a souvenir that Shen Jia got when he took part in the debut competition to win the championship. Fans all know it and the meaning it represents.”

Qi Cong squeezed the necklace around his neck that seemed to still have Shen Jia body heat on it then looked at Shen Jia again. “JiaJia, you . . .”

“Actually, I wanted to give this to you for a long time.” As soon as Shen Jia saw that Zhao Zhenxun didn’t lose his temper, he immediately became lively. He leaned over and held Qi Cong’s shoulder and smiled proudly. “When I was competing, you didn’t come, and when I won the championship, you were not there. I’ve always felt very sorry about this. Now that you are all right, my victory is half of yours! You will be given half of my luck!”

Qi Cong tightened his hand again, looked at Shen Jia, smiled, and said sincerely, “Thank you.” Thank you for being here all this time.


. . .


Maybe he really rubbed off some of Shen Jia’s luck. When they were preparing for the rehearsals at the performance site in the afternoon, Qi Cong accidentally found that his Chivalrous Bones on the old website of received many rewards from readers, visitors, and even writers from the same site, and the total amount had almost broken ten thousand. Not only that, but a short letter from the site was lying in his inbox, reminding him that his old novel has reached the standard of signing for the censorship-free signing of the new Jiangwang’s website. And if he decides to sign the contract and update the old novel, the site will pay him a monetary and a promotion reward. According to the data standard at the end of the old text, the monetary reward was divided into four levels: low, medium, high, and special. It was the same with promotion rewards, all of which will be rewarded after the novel is finished and the data is verified.

Qi Cong looked at that standard and found that according to the current data of Chivalrous Bones, as long as he could finish it, he would receive the highest reward. was very generous, and the bonus of the special prize was 100,000.

One hundred thousand. In the past, Qi Cong would not care too much about this number, but now Qi Cong was very moved. One hundred thousand means that he could immediately change for a better and more comfortable house for his parents, pay off some of his debt to Shen Jia, and buy him a thank-you gift . . . He could also buy a suitable thank-you gift for Gu Xun.

He rubbed the case of his phone, touched the necklace around his neck, bowed his head, and clicked the “apply for contract” button at the bottom of the website. Almost immediately, a short reply came back.

Qi Cong was stunned by this efficiency and opened a new website.

Editor Cold Wind Like a Knife: Update three chapters first and send it to me after the update. I will open the signing channel for you in the background. Write well. Don’t be influenced by internet speech. Looking forward to your finished product.

Editor Cold Wind Like a Knife? Knife [Dao]?

Qi Cong remembered that Brother Dao in the chat record sent by Hui Nantian first replied to the short message of the website to indicate that he knew. He opened the browser, typed in the words, “Editor Cold Wind Like a Knife,” and clicked search. An encyclopedia popped up.

Cold Wind Like a Knife, real name, Leng Feng. The former well-known author of who was good at suspense reasoning themes, such as Dark Night, Twelve Mysteries, Reasoning Collection, etc. In 2013, he put down his pen and transferred to an editor position. He is now the editor-in-chief of and president of Jiangwang’s screenwriter association.

Editor-in-chief? Qi Cong was surprised and confused.

By all rights, someone sitting in a position like an editor-in-chief should no longer be responsible for signing up new people, right?

He realized something and looked at the last words sent by Cold Wind Like a Knife and opened Weibo, which he hadn’t opened since yesterday when the live broadcast ended.

After the software was opened, a lot of comments, likes, and follows were squeezed out together, directly jamming the page.

Qi Cong frowned and after waiting for the page to slowly load, he hurriedly turned off the prompts of all the messages then searched Weibo for Hui Nantian, followed her account, and then forwarded Weibo sent in the early morning by Hui Nantian with a postscript of two words: “Thank you.”

After doing this, he hesitated then searched Gu Xun’s Weibo and tapped, “Follow.”

A message of mutual relations popped up.

Qi Cong was stunned and looked at it carefully again and found that he hadn’t misread it and that it was really the mutual relations prompt, not the Follow Success prompt. That said, Gu Xun paid attention to him before he paid attention to Gu Xun.

The lake of calm within him suddenly rippled with emotion, and he couldn’t help thinking, When did Gu Xun pay attention to him? Is it during the live broadcast yesterday? Anyway, it was definitely not today. Gu Xun hadn’t replied in WeChat today.

“Brother Cong, it is time for JiaJia’s rehearsal!” Xiao Han next to him suddenly tugged at Qi Cong.

Qi Cong was confused first by Xiao Han’s address, but then he hurriedly reined in his thoughts, locked his phone, and stuffed it into his pocket, and looked on the stage.

Although it was only a dress rehearsal, the organizer turned on the lights and everything.

On the gorgeous stage with highly rhythmic music playing, Shen Jia was holding a silver custom microphone. Shen Jia had been sent to the stage by the lift under the surrounding dancers. He was in a position of readiness, poised to dance at any moment, his head slightly tilted to the side, revealing his perfectly beautiful profile.

The rhythm of the music suddenly changed, and Shen Jia, who was originally posed to the side, moved from stillness to movement, using a crisp hand dance movement, he raised the microphone to look at the camera in front of him, and the performance officially began.

When Shen Jia spoke, his voice was clear and youthful. But when he sang, his voice was low and powerful, like the first ray of sunshine penetrating the dark clouds, warm and open. There’s a sense of clean power. In the aspect of dance, Shen Jia should have practiced hard; his movements were very neat and beautiful, which was no worse than the professional dancers near him.

Enthusiastic music, powerful singing, and a dazzling and pleasing dance. Qi Cong looked at Shen Jia, who was focused on by all the lights on stage and didn’t even blink.

There was something rolling gently in his heart. Since then, the timid youth who stayed behind him grew up proud and upright like a green bamboo in the time he had forgotten.

It was dazzling to watch.


. . .


After singing two songs, Shen Jia immediately put down the microphone without bothering to wipe off the sweat from all that dancing on his forehead. He looked at Qi Cong under the stage for the first time, his eyes were filled a little with expectation and uneasiness.

Qi Cong gave Shen Jia a thumbs up without stinginess and said proudly, “It was great!”

Shen Jia smiled widely, ran to the edge of the stage, crouched without caring about his image, and said, a little embarrassed, “Actually, I just didn’t play it right, and I didn’t even open my voice properly before singing.”

“Is that so? It sounded perfect to me. What you say makes me just look more forward to your stage tonight,” Qi Cong said with a smile, took out the wet tissue and handed it to Shen Jia. Qi Cong noticed something and suddenly looked to the other side of the stage.

A girl with a staff sign swished down from her mobile phone, smiled awkwardly at Qi Cong, then turned around and ran away.

Shen Jia also noticed it as he wiped his face with a wet tissue and smashed his mouth. “I think we’re going to have CP fans soon,” he said strangely.

Qi Cong, a real nerd who had been out of touch with the times for three years, withdrew his attention and asked, “What are CP fans?”

“Uh . . . just think we’re close brothers and it makes our fans envious.”

Zhao Zhenxun, who had been standing on the edge of the stage, talking to a person in charge, suddenly turned his head and shouted, waving to Shen Jia and Qi Cong.

Qi Cong wondered, “I should go too?”

“I think so.”

Shen Jia pulled Qi Cong up from under the stage, and the two of them walked to Zhao Zhenxun together.

Zhao Zhenxun first asked them to say hello to the person in charge next to him and then looked at Qi Cong and said, “Go get a microphone then stand in the center of the stage and sing a song. I want to hear your timbre.”

Qi Cong froze.

Shen Jia became nervous at the speed visible to naked eye, he looked at Qi Cong and Zhao Zhenxun and asked, “Yes, are you listening here? Shouldn’t you choose a quiet room—”

“There’s a whole set of professional sound equipment here that will amplify people’s voices and make out some details better.” Zhao Zhenxun looked at Qi Cong and said, “I also need to make sure you have the ability to perform stably on a big stage. I’ve only managed to get five minutes, so hurry up the opportunity is gone if you miss it.”

Knowing that this could not be changed, Shen Jia looked at Qi Cong again.

Qi Cong glanced up and down at the stage. There were not many but still a few staff members. Looking at Zhao Zhenxun, he nodded. “I understand.” With that, he was going to get the microphone.

Shen Jia hurriedly put his own customized microphone into Qi Cong’s hand. Obviously, he didn’t try to tune it himself because he looked more nervous than Qi Cong the party in question. He said repeatedly, “Use mine, use mine. Don’t be nervous, Brother Cong. Sing at ease. Hu, just going to listen to your timbre. If you can’t sing well, it doesn’t—”

“You’d better try to sing a complete song. You may not be able to sing beautifully, but you should still have some attitude,” Zhao Zhenxun interrupted Shen Jia.

Qi Cong tightened his hand on the microphone that still retained Shen Jia’s body temperature. Then he suddenly smiled at Shen Jia. “You’re sharing half of your victory with me.”

Shen Jia was so nervous that his brain couldn’t stop spinning, and he stupidly said, “Huh?”

Qi Cong smiled and patted Shen Jia’s shoulder, gripped the microphone, and turned to walk to the center of the stage. Facing the stage, he looked at the staff who was watching him. Xiao Han and the others were attracted to his movement. He raised the microphone.

Three years ago, Qi Cong never knew what stage fright was, and three years later, Qi Cong did. Times could change a lot of things, but it also couldn’t change a lot of things.

Qi Cong skillfully slowed down his breathing and adjusted his breath. Although he has not sung solo in front of others or on a big stage, he had made speeches, participated in competitions, and debated on many big occasions.  It was just singing to a bunch of empty seats, no problem. And if this audition fails . . . He looked far away and remembered the “Apply for Contract” button and the 100, 000-yuan reward that he saw before and opened his lips. If he didn’t pass, he would make other preparations early.


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