Spare Tire is Gone – Chapter 40.2

xxx:Qi Cong, is there something wrong with you TM?  Isn’t it just that Brother Jiang doesn’t like you and doesn’t want to be with you and wants to change your position? You’re breaking the law, do you know that? You are really a TM! You’re crazy! How did Brother Jiang get involved with you? For three years you relied on your identity as a rich second generation to dominate the company and let your mother invest money into the company to take a hold of Brother Jiang. But nothing is missed by God’s eyes, it was no wonder that your family went bankrupt and Brother Jiang could finally get rid of your shadow. But you are still harming Brother Jiang and his company? You really have no conscience!

Qi Cong fiercely clenched his fist.

Under the second screenshot of the circle of friends.

xxx: Annoying, annoying, annoying! Even if Brother Jiang can put up with this, I can’t! Are you satisfied, Mr. Qi? Are you satisfied to see that everyone is so upset about the mess you left behind? People like you still want to be a star. Are you not afraid of being a bad influence on teenagers?

Qi Cong pinched his palm hard trying to surpass his emotion. Then he clicked on the comment section under this weibo.

The comment section was full of comments filled with shock due to his relationship with Yanhuang. The passer-by was passionately discussing it as some people posted pictures of Jiang Zhaoyan, setting off a wave of excitement about Jiang Zhaoyan’s face value.

In the back row of the comment section, several comments suspected of being Gu Xun fans appeared. Qi Cong looked at them in silence.

Asking Sky Three Questions: After reading the history of Sanmu, I have been convincing myself to accept the reality of their company’s collapse and learn to bless. But now… If all of it is true then I can only say that Gu Xun deserves better. I am so sad, why such a person?

Why such a person?

Gu Xun deserves better.

Qi Cong looked at himself in the window glass and then bowed his head to adjust his mood before clicking on the third topic #Qi Cong trapping mother#

Another revelation of the entertainment account jumped out first, which was a private message revelation. In the private letter, a netizen used sharp and mean words to tell the story of Qi Cong after he met Jiang Zhaoyan, deserted his studies, chased after Jiang Zhaoyan, and regardless of his parents, repeatedly cheated his own company.

In the mouth of this whistleblower, Jiang Zhaoyan was a poor man who got entangled by the rich second generation, while Qi Yin was a poor mother who was forced to help her son chase a man. But Qi Cong was brainless, unfilial, cheeky and useless . It was not enough for him to ruin his own family, now he even wanted to make money in the entertainment industry.

Finally, the whistleblower said: I really sympathize with Qi Yin. When she was young, she met a scumbag man but she finally got rid of the scum man’s shadow and found a new partner to live a good life with. As a result, she was cheated by her own son in middle age.Qi Cong really perfectly inherited the genes of his biological father, a selfish, white-eyed wolf with paranoid hysteria. I think these kinds of people really don’t fit into the entertainment industry, their impact can only be bad. The two people in the entertainment industry who are helping to create the momentum for Qi Cong should be kindly advised to shed less light on this person after three years of no contact. Do you even know how much he changed? He’s not worth it. Don’t look back and be cheated by him again.

There were even more comments under this revelation, more than 30,000 but Qi Cong didn’t have courage to read them. He set his eyes on the sentence: “Qi Cong perfectly inherited the genes of his scumbag biological father” and pinched his mobile phone.

Could it be that this was really the case?

His mother spent countless time, energy and financial resources to raise him right, but as soon as he lost his memory, the genes and nature he inherited from that man in his bones came to surface… was that really the case? How could this be possible?

His phone suddenly shook, a new message came in.

Qi Cong was about to sink into some dark thoughts, wiped his face and looked at his phone.

There was a voice message from Gu Xun lying on his alert bar so he clicked on it to open it.

Gu Xun’s voice came with a gentle smile, a little low as if he was afraid of disturbing someone. “I am off work. When I got downstairs to the hotel, I saw that the light was still on in your room. Or did you forget to turn off your lights?”

Gu Xun deserved better.

The phrase he just saw in the comment section suddenly flashed in his brain. Qi Cong eyelashes trembled, and clicked on this voice message to listen to it again.

Gu Xun was good.

Gu Xun was wonderful.

Qi Cong didn’t reply to this message. He just went to bed and laid down before covering himself with a quilt and closing his eyes.

It’s all right, he’ll just sleep a little. He fell asleep fast.

A few minutes later he suddenly lifted the quilt again, went to the desk and picked up the additional pages he had received today.

He couldn’t let down the resources Gu Xun helped him get. He sat down, flipped the script open and then opened the original work of “Legend of Youth” and downloaded it on his computer.

To act well, he should give his best shot.




The online public opinion finished fermenting by the next morning and came with a big explosion.

Weibo hot search, Weibo popular …… Qi Cong and Jiang Zhaoyan, Qi Cong and Yanhuang, Qi Cong and Sanmu, Qi Cong. All the things that Qi Cong didn’t want to be known by outsiders were exposed together in the most malicious way.

Yanhuang Smart Homes, who was deeply caught up in product quality problems, became a victim. Qi Yin and Sanmu also become victims and even Jiang Zhaoyan who was found later become a victim. All people were victims and only Qi Cong was a disgusting perpetrator.

Under such a wind of public opinion, Yanhuang Smart Homes, who pretended to be dead for a long time finally issued an apology statement and follow-up handling announcement, saying that it would recall all problem products, compensate all consumers who bought the products in question and punish the relevant employees, while reorganizing the company departments. Their sincerity was sufficient, and their attitude was sincere.

Shortly afterwards, a big VIP who did smart home product reviews published a long article on Weibo standing up for Yanghuang. He analyzed several other series of products under Yanhuang from the aspects of practicality, quality and cost performance, saying that Yanghuang’s products were actually very good and cost effective, and that the two products in question could only be considered individual cases and didn’t represent the overall product level of Yanhuang. Finally, he called on everyone to be sensible about the product crisis of Yanhuang and give the company in question a chance to correct and make up for its mistakes.

Under this Weibo there was all kinds of white washing for Yanhuang, saying that Yanhuang Smart Homes was pitted by the former employee, Qi Cong.

The wind of public opinion was completely skewed towards Jiang Zhaoyan’s side while Qi Cong became an unforgivable sinner. On the internet appeared vague voices trying to boycott Qi Cong’s entry into the entertainment industry, while many passers-by expressed their concern. They were hoping that Shen Jia and Gu Xun would stop caring about Qi Cong, or were worried that they would be tricked or cheated by him…




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