Spare Tire is Gone – Chapter 89.2

Qi Cong’s fist forced Jiang Zhaoyan to back off. Then he turned and raised his hand to grab Jiang Zhaoyan by the neck and tightened it mercilessly.

Jiang Zhaoyan frowned hard, raised his hand to pull the hand around his neck as he struggled to say, “What are you doing…?”

Qi Cong just tightened his hand further as he pressed Jiang Zhaoyan against the wall to stop his struggles. The bloody screams were turbulent in his ears as his neatly trimmed nails almost sank into Jiang Zhaoyan’s flesh.

He looked expressionlessly at Jiang Zhaoyan’s eyes, which were beginning to glow red because of the struggle and lack of oxygen, and watched Jiang Zhaoyan’s face fill with blood with ice-cold calmness.

Let’s just end it like this.

Instead of being scared for the rest of your life and having everyone around you in danger of being hurt, it would be better to end all problems at the source.

Anyway, life couldn’t get any worse. If everything was destined to burn in the end, then he might as well end it sooner and free everyone.

Also, if he became a murderer, Gu Xun would no longer be persistent about him, right? No one will remember how Gu Xun was forced to be miserable for the past three years, and no one will be able to threaten Gu Xun anymore.

So as long as this person was dead, as long as he was dead everyone would be freed, everyone will be –

His brain was suddenly stabbed with fierce pain and in a momentary blurry moment Qi Cong froze as his arm stiffened, then his expression became even more hateful. He increased the strength in his hand.

Still trying to snatch his body? Don’t even think about it! Let’s all go down together today.

Knock, knock.

There was a sudden knock on the door, and then the voice of the waiter from the tea shop came from outside the door. “Sir? Are you all right? I seemed to have heard some commotion, Sir?”

The bloody shrill in his ears stopped fiercely as his mind broke free from the dark and twisted abyss and came back to reality. Qi Cong looked at Jiang Zhaoyan, whose face was turning purple and weakened from the struggle under the palm of his hand. His brain buzzed as he quickly retracted his hand and took a step back. He quickly grabbed the door frame, afraid he would become overwhelmed again. He bent down and breathed hard to suppress the pain in his brain, while wiping his hands frantically on his clothes.

He almost…. 

No he couldn’t let his parents become labeled as a murderer’s parents. The “seeds” can’t be killed directly. What if the Taskmaster goes crazy and occupies other people’s bodies after the death of the “seed” and hurts his parents and Shen Jia?

He couldn’t be impulsive, he needed to slow down and take his time.

On the other hand, Jiang Zhaoyan’s situation was actually not as bad as Qi Cong thought. As soon as Qi Cong let him go, he walked away and covered his neck as he coughed and panted several times. After responding to a question from the waiter, he looked at Qi Cong, who was obviously not in the right state, frowning.

He could feel that just now Qi Cong was indeed trying to kill him. It would be reasonable that he should be angry and feel terrible about Qi Cong actions, but looking at Qi Cong’s current appearance, he somehow felt inexplicably at ease.

The Qi Cong who couldn’t control his emotions, the timid and fragile Qi Cong was the one he was the most familiar with.

He stood up holding the wall and said in a softer voice as he approached Qi Cong, “Little Cong, you are very upset now. I know I hurt you a lot in the past, so I can understand you blaming and hating me. In fact it’s good that you recovered your memories. There are some things that I can explain to you more easily–“

“Get lost!” Qi Cong suddenly turned his head to look at Jiang Zhaoyan, his gaze cold, his tone tough, without any trace of the paleness and fragility he had just seen.

Jiang Zhaoyan paused in his steps and frowned as he looked at Qi Cong’s expression that was once again covered with icy hatred.

The pain in his brain was still flaring up, but Qi Cong forced himself to straighten up. Taking his backpack by the straps, he said towards Jiang Zhaoyan, “Don’t appear in front of me again. I am really going to kill you.”

After saying that, he stopped looking at Jiang Zhaoyan, walked quickly to the door, opened it, bypassed the waiter hesitating to try to knock on the door again, and strode towards the bathroom at the end of the corridor.

Inside the room, Jiang Zhaoyan returned to his senses and tried to chase after Qi Cong. He took a step towards the door but then stopped, turning back to pick up the scattered papers on the table and the floor.

A few seconds later, the door of the room which had closed automatically after Qi Cong left, was suddenly pushed open from the outside. Jiang Zhaoyan thought it was Qi Cong returning and without looking over said, “You need to calm down and talk to me. Why are you here?”

Wearing a well-tailored shirt and trousers with well-groomed hair, Gu Xun was handsome as always. Gu Xun stepped into the room, closed the door and glanced at the messy interior, his eyes pausing on Jiang Zhaoyan’s neck with red marks and the scattered papers in his hands. Then he raised his eyes to meet Jiang Zhaoyan gaze, his eyes dark and dangerous. He asked, “Jiang Zhaoyan, are you trying to force him to die once more?”


Qi Cong stayed in the bathroom stall for a long time. Only after he was sure that his head no longer hurt and his emotions had completely stabilized did he get up, grab his backpack and open the door.

“I thought you took a taxi to come here to see me, but instead you chose to ignore the gift I had carefully prepared for you and came to see Jiang Zhaoyan. Qi Cong in your eyes, am I just a type of person who isn’t even as good as Jiang Zhaoyan, that you can just pass by?”

A familiar male voice came from the side. Qi Cong froze, his heartbeat steeply becoming faster as he looked toward the voice.

Gu Xun, whose hair was a little disheveled and his shirt wrinkled a little, leaned against the sink with his hands in his pockets. Without any expression on his face, his aura was visible to the naked eye.

Qi Cong opened his eyes wide and looked straight at Gu Xun. His eyes couldn’t blink, afraid that this was just an illusion of self-comfort after an emotional outburst.

Gu Xun tightened his hands in his pockets, resisting the urge to step forward and hug Qi Cong. He stepped forward with a sideways glance, indicating the exit of the bathroom. “Jiang Zhaoyan is in my hands. If you don’t want anything to happen to him, come with me.”

Gu Xun’s figure disappeared outside the exit. Qi Cong lowered his head, losing his mind for a few seconds and suddenly realized something as he looked at the exit again, pinching himself hard.

It hurt.

It wasn’t a hallucination!

Gu Xun was really here.

But how could Gu Xun be here? Also, what did Gu Xun mean by Jiang Zhaoyan being in his hands?

How could Jiang Zhaoyan be in Gu Xun’s hands? Could it be that…. Qi Cong’s brain was confused. The memory of Jiang Zhoayan with a dinner knife trying to attack Gu Xun uncontrollably popped up again.

His fast beating heart instantly tightened, and he didn’t even think about chasing after him.

The corridor was empty, and Gu Xun’s figure was nowhere to be seen. He took big steps back to the room where he and Jiang Zhaoyan had just been and found that the tables and chairs were all overturned. Jiang Zhaoyan had disappeared as if he had just gone through a big fight.

How could the room inside become like this? Wasn’t Gu Xun….

Qi Cong’s eyes darkened, and all kinds of terrible thoughts came up in his mind. Turning around he wanted to continue his chase, but he accidentally bumped into Kevin who was walking back with a trash can.

Kevin quickly supported Qi Cong and asked, “Mr. Qi, are you alright?”

Seeing Kevin, Qi Cong’s eyes brightened and he asked him, “Where is Gu Xun? Where is he?!”

“The boss is in the car at the door, you–“


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