Spare Tire is Gone – Chapter 43.2



After returning to his room after the lesson, Qi Cong opened his WeChat and had a look. After he sent the sentence “Wait for me” in the afternoon, Gu Xun replied with two messages.

The first message was: I don’t want to wait for you.

The second message was: I want to work hard with you.

Qi Cong was dumbfounded, but after a while he put down his cell phone and turned on his computer. He uploaded all four chapters of “Chivalrous Bones” onto and set the update time. After doing this, he opened his document program and started to write.

Zhao Zhenxun told him that the new costume for You Changqing was ready and already on its way. It would arrive tomorrow and he would go to the fitting room the day after tomorrow at the latest. After the fitting, he still has to find time to go back to Beishi to record “A New Life”. After he finishes recording he estimated that he will officially start acting in the role of You Changqing, during which he also has to find time to take acting classes and practice the opening theme “Delusion”. This schedule made him very busy, so he might not have time to write the next chapter updates to his novel.

In order to avoid a long break, while he was still free he had to write as many chapters as possible.

The good thing was that the original idea of “Chivalrous Bones” was a movie script, so it wasn’t very long. In total it was about 50,000 to 60,000 words if it was written as a script, and about 200,000 words at most if it was written as a novel. Now that “Chivalrous Bones” has been updated with nearly 70,000 words, after deducting the chapters already uploaded, he can probably finish the story with about 110,000 more words.

If he wrote fast he would be able to finish it in about half a month.

At 1:00 am, Qi Cong closed his computer and washed up before going to bed. Before going to sleep, he picked up his phone and looked at the Weibo icon for a while, then he clicked on it.

After the advertisement, the Weibo popular list ranking popped up. On the first position of the ranking, a Weibo post from a local self-publishing gossip blog in Haicheng was high on the list with topic of #Qi Cong control freak#

To make this post, the blogger contacted Jiang Zhaoyan’s mother, Jiang Tian and some other passers-by. Then he made a careful timeline according to their information.

From the time they met, to the time they separated, the three years that “Qi Cong” and Jiang Zhaoyan had been entangled were spread out under the sun in the most cruel way possible to Qi Cong.

Probably because he knew that it was all coming to an end, when Qi Cong saw it he was strangely calm.

It couldn’t get any worse. The rest of his life could only get better and better.

He just hoped that his mother wouldn’t see it and feel sad because of him.

There were so many comments under this Weibo that Qi Cong didn’t read them. He exited Weibo and locked his phone before putting it on the nightstand and closing his eyes.

He still had a lot of work to do tomorrow.

At the same time, Zhao Zhenxun came to Gu Xun’s room, and the two of them went to the open laptop on the coffee table to scroll through the comments together.

“No new information has come out for three hours.” Gu Xun put one hand in his trouser pocket and turned on his phone with a cat sticker on the back with another. “It seems that all their tricks have already been used up”

Zhao Zhenxun looked at Gu Xun. “Then start?”

Gu Xun didn’t answer, he just held out his hand toward Zhao Zhenxun.

Zhao Zhenxun took out a USB stick and put it in Gu Xun’s hand saying, “Ms. Qi trusted me and gave me all of Qi Cong’s medical examination reports. Gu Xun, I hope that your feelings for Qi Cong aren’t a whim.” After he finished saying this, he turned around and left.

The door of the room closed.

Gu Xun held up the small USB stick to his eyes, flipped it over and looked at it again. Then he sat down and plugged it into his laptop.

The USB disk data was quickly read, and a large number of physical examination reports and psychological evaluation reports popped up, interspersed with several photos taken during Qi Cong’s stay when he was examined in the hospital.

Gu Xun looked them over, one by one. His eyes stopped for a long time on a photo of Qi Cong bowing his head as he stretched out his arms for the nurse to draw blood. Then he took out his cell phone to contact his family doctor and sent all the reports over.

After talking with the doctor, he put down his phone, held the mouse and moved it. He copied all the reports and photos and put them in a private folder on his computer. Then he opened a file at the bottom of a private folder.

It was a photo. In the photo, under a banner that read “International Youth Exchange Summer Camp”, dozens of teenage girls and boys of different ages and colors were standing in line in front of a library building, smiling at the camera together.

Gu Xun’s eyes fell precisely on the right side of the second row, on a certain teenager wearing a red and black Chinese school uniform. The teenager looked just 13 or 14 years old, his face still childish, but as he smiled, his eyebrows bent, like the first bud of a spring branch, beautiful, lovely, youthful and full of vitality.


Gu Xun removed the photo from his screen, looked at the messy Weibo and picked up his phone to send a message.

In his dictionary, there was no such thing as a whim, there was only a plan he made a long time ago.

At 2:00 am, a local media outlet in Haicheng suddenly sent out a recording. An hour later, this self-publishing media outlet quietly deleted the recording. But it was already too late, many local night owl netizens in Haicheng had already checked this post and quickly listened to the recording.

At 3:00 am, a small netizen from Haicheng, who was both shocked and confused, reposted this recording again.

It’s Tutu V: I just refreshed a homepage and found this recording. It happened in Haicheng. It’s suspected that the person in the recording is Jiang Zhaoyan’s own brother Jiang Zhaoxiang, who spat up the truth in a KTV after he drank too much. It’s especially explosive!  I was just about to gossip about it but the Haicheng news outlet that released it, deleted the post. Fortunately, I was quick to save the recording. Well, is there any talented person who knows Jiang Zhaoyan’s younger brother that can help me distinguish whether this recording is true or false?

A recording about eight minutes long was attached to this Weibo.

Many night owls who followed the online celebrity gossip were lured by the name “Jiang Zhaoyan” and hurriedly opened the recording.

The sounds of male and female screaming and laughing came out, and in the background there were people crying and singing. A coarse male voice stood out. He said in a loud voice, “What, the end of Yanhuang?! You’re the one who’s going to be finished! Just wait, that Qi Cong is dumb and weak and no match for my brother! My brother could destroy Sanmu, so why should he still be afraid of this powerless little minion?”

“Huh? Why should I be afraid of him?! Qi Cong is a fool who can be easily manipulated! Don’t look down on me!”

“What? No money …… I’m not out of money! It was that idiot Qi Cong who canceled my card! Md! He said that he would be good to my brother and treat me as a brother for life. Yet once my brother and An XiaHe got engaged, he canceled my card! Alas let’s forget it. Anyway, I have maxed out all those cards, and Qi Cong no longer has money. Forget it! “

“Hmm? What’s wrong with me charging his card? He volunteered! Who begged him? Who begged him? If my brother hadn’t always refused to give me pocket money, would have gone to him?! “




“Qi Cong is my brother’s dog! Hahahaha, a dog! My brother can make him do whatever he wants, and I can make him do whatever I want! Hey, you might not know, but no matter how late it is, as long as I lie to him that my brother is not feeling well, he will definitely come to my house. When he comes, I can ask him to buy me cigarettes, midnight snacks and beer. But he still hasn’t learned his lesson yet. No matter how many times he is cheated, he will still believe in it next time. Sometimes even my brother bothers him and deliberately refuses to open the door for him, but he still doesn’t dare to leave, so he squats outside the door and waits. He is so stupid! “

“Jiang Tian that stupid bastard! Cheating my family of money! If it weren’t for him, there would be no such shit. Wait, my brother said he’d be sent to jail! My mother hates him so much that she scolds him at home every day!”




“Hahahahahaha, I suspect that Qi Cong not only lost his memory three years ago, but also burned his brain! But luckily he burned his brain, otherwise I wouldn’t have such a good life now! I still have money. I don’t want to live those poor days in the past. I should also learn from my brother and find a rich second generation who is committed to me. “

“Roll roll roll, what to sell or not to sell, my brother’s good deed was rewarded. He saved Qi Cong so Qi Cong should return his good deed! After Qi Cong lost his memories, the first thing he saw after waking up was my brother. This was all fate!”

“Qi Yin? It’s no use for her to come out. Her son has forgotten her. It doesn’t matter what she says! Also my brother is more powerful now, so if a money tree falls from the sky why should he let it run?”

“…… pity Qi Cong is a man, otherwise he could give us both money and a child. This would be so beautiful. It’s a pity. It’s not my brother’s fault that he doesn’t like him. Who let him be a male who can’t have his children?”




The recording was too long, and it was not until a few minutes after the blog was posted that the comment section became lively. The comments that appeared in the comment section at first were  surprisingly tacit, all of which were “Shit!”, followed by “disgusting, disgusting”, and then a large number of exclamation marks appeared, which strongly set the trend and tone of the entire comment area.

Baby Boy: Damn it! This is Jiang Zhaoqiang! He was my classmate and was an especially disgusting man, horny and crazy. All day long he would show off that his brother is the president of Yanhuang. His nouveau riche face was particularly obvious! Aah! Aah! I ate all the melons these days. I always thought there was something wrong with it. Now I remember what was wrong! Jiang Zhaoqiang, this fool, often bragged in class that his mother would often spend hundreds of thousands to buy handbags and his father was going abroad every day to play. His father usually brought him gifts! I’ve seen his mother come to pick him up, wearing furs and driving luxury cars looking every bit like a rich wife. She was completely different from the peasant woman in the daytime interview video.

This comment seems to have torn a hole. At night when most people were already asleep, one Haicheng native after another appeared, revealing the true face of the Jiang family.

At 03:30 in the morning, a neighbor of Jiang Zhaoqiang’s community broke the news that Jiang Zhaoyan’s parents were not in the village at all, and had been  living in Haicheng for the past two years. The old couple were considered bullies in their community because of their money, and often picked on other owners in their community. They were always showing off that their son was capable and promising, mocking other people’s children for being not good enough, which was particularly annoying.

At 4: 00 in the morning, some netizens found out, according to an old Haicheng article, the couple who insulted the traffic police and tried to beat up the victim of a car accident because they were unhappy that the traffic police had made them fully responsible for the accident were actually Jiang Zhaoyan’s parents.

At 5 a.m., a netizen dug up a forum post in which Jiang Zhaoqiang complained that his parents and brother limited his pocket money, forcing him to ask a “nuisance” for money.

At 6:30 a.m., Han Lan, the other main character in the Yanhuang inner management infight, suddenly posted a video as well.

She obviously hadn’t been sleeping well, her expression was particularly haggard as she stared into the camera with a pair of red, bloodshot eyes and said, “I didn’t expect things to develop to this point, and I didn’t expect the Jiang family to be so shameless. It’s all false, what they said is all false. Manager Qi never, never maliciously interfered and controlled Yanhuang or other things related to Jiang Zhaoyan, I swear on my family name and life. On the contrary, it was Jiang Zhaoyan who has been manipulating and controlling Manager Qi.”

“I know there is no proof in just saying it, so I spent all night looking for this. Thanks to my old colleagues for helping me. Jiang Zhaoyan, if you want to hold someone accountable, please come for me alone. “

Han Lan’s face disappeared as she played surveillance videos.

On March 4, 2019, at the door of the Yanhuang office building, Jiang Zhaoyan answered his cellphone and suddenly yelled at Qi Cong, who was standing next to him. His expression was full of hostility, making Qi Cong so scared that he dropped the papers in his hands. Jiang Zhaoyan turned and left, while QI Cong, after picking up papers, followed after him.

On March 7, 2019, still in front of the office building of Yanghuang, Qi Cong drove his car and parked not far from the entrance of the company. After waiting by the car for more than half an hour, Jiang Zhaoyan came out. Jiang Zhaoyan approached Qi Cong and put his file bag directly into Qi Cong’s hands. Qi Cong, who wasn’t prepared for the sudden weight, staggered. After standing firm, he immediately hugged the file bag and looked at Jiang Zhaoyan, but he had already gotten into the car and slammed the door.

On March 13, 2019, the video changed to the canteen within Yanhuang. Jiang Zhaoyan suddenly appeared and forcefully yanked Qi Cong, who was eating, up from his seat and held up a document into his face while yelling and scolding him in an angry manner. The staff around them were secretly watching, some were snickering, some frowned with dissatisfaction, while some simply looked numb.




The surveillance screen fast forwarded through several videos, each one a video of Jiang Zhaoyan yelling orders at Qi Cong until a surveillance video of poor quality appeared.

A woman dressed in gold and silver strode into the office, grabbed a man who was sitting at his desk reading documents, then she shoved and scolded him before starting to beat him with a bag.

The surveillance video disappeared and Han Lan’s face reappeared. “This is only part of it,” she said. “A lot of the company’s monitoring data has been overwritten and there are no backups, so it can no longer be found. I urge those netizens who scolded Manager Qi to pause your scolding and ask the old employees of Yanhuang, ask the people who worked with Manager Qi. They will tell you whether Manager Qi had maliciously pestered Jiang Zhaoyan or not, or whether he had threatened Jiang Zhaoyan with suicide.”

“Jiang Zhaoyan, in the past you controlled Manager Qi’s friendships and prevented him from contacting any of his friends you didn’t approve of. You regulated Manager Qi’s words and actions, making him do all kinds of things for you while not allowing him to get too close to other colleagues. You even picked Manager Qi’s clothes, and didn’t allow him to dress more expensively than you. You have been controlling him for three years. After three years, he’s finally seemed to start a new life and you’re still trying to drag him back? Please, stop it.”

At the end of the video, countless netizens who got up early and checked this video were stunned, making the comments soar.

Emotions Faded: Crap! What is this? Corporate violence? Wasn’t it Qi Cong who got entangled with Jiang Zhaoyan and tried to control him? But this…this is obviously Jiang Zhaoyan unscrupulously bullying Qi Cong!

To Win the Game: ? ? I just went to sleep. Why does it feel like the whole world has changed?

It’s So Hard to Lose Weight: Girls, after listening to the tape and watching the revelations in the comments section, I believe it can happen. I’ve even started to doubt my own life [staying up late eating melons. Jpg].

Numerous netizens saw it and began to search for “It’s Tutu”and in no time, a recording posted by “It’s Tutu” tipped Weibo. Then all the netizens who listened to the recording and watched the revelations were disgusted.

Charger: Wow, this string of stinky speeches, so this is reversed again? Is the Jiang family lying? Also, if I understand correctly from what Jiang Zhaoxiang said in the recording, Qi Cong owed credit card debts, but in fact he was the one who used them? Jiang Zhaoyan’s own brother looked for Qi Cong to get pocket money?

Smiling Will: How disgusting! That bullshit Jiang Zhaoxiang is talking about, it’s disgusting! So the images that Jiang Tian posted of Qi Cong wandering in front of Jiang’s house were actually recorded by Jiang Zhaoxiang after he tricked Qi Cong into coming over and then not letting him in? Crap, now I am feeling like throwing up. What kind of rotten people is this family made of?

Divine Tea Soaking in the Snow: Jiang Zhaoyan’s mother also said that she never hit Qi Cong, but now the video is out! I can’t believe that the shrew in gold and silver is the same person as the peasant woman in the interview. She really knows how to pretend! Jiang Zhaoxiang also said that he wanted to learn from his brother and find a rich second generation. Vomit! Also getting his money and children, no I can no longer eat breakfast.

Subway Line 4 to the Future: Am I the only one who noticed that Jiang Zhaoxiang said Qi Cong had amnesia? What is this all about? Also, what about Jiang Zhaoyan taking control of Qi Cong making friends and the way he dressed?




With the passage of time, more and more netizens flocked to Weibo, and more and more people saw the post from “It’s Tutu”, and added more and more comments under it.

It didn’t take long for the “It’s Tutu” post and Han Lan’s Weibo to reach the top of the trending list, and topics such as #Jiang Zhaoxiang ‘s recording #, #Han Lan’s video # , and # Jiang Zhaoyan’s surveillance # also slowly climbed into the hot search.

Public opinion gradually fermented. Some believed in the reversal, some questioned it. In addition, there was also another voice in the comment section.

Cicada Quarrel: I feel that Qi Cong is a poor man who shouldn’t be hated. You can’t blame the dog for thinking about meat buns. If I had been in Qi Cong’s place, I would have said good-bye to Jiang Zhaoyan after a few bad words, but Qi Cong has stayed with Jiang Zhaoyan and sacrificed many things for this person. This is definitely called dedication. But I still sympathize with Qi Cong’s parents, who raised such a spineless son.

RYAN SHU: What about the proof that Qi Cong really didn’t pester Jiang Zhaoyan? Didn’t Qi Cong not care about his own parents? Is there any proof otherwise? Then he’s a piece of garbage! Or stupid trash who stole from his own family to back a scum man!




Just as such voices gradually increased, Manju Entertainment’s Official Weibo, which had been called out by netizens for a long time, suddenly joined forces with a large law firm and Qi Yin to jointly issue a statement and a lawyer’s letter.


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