Spare Tire is Gone – Chapter 86.1

The comment section of each platform and the pop-up section of the live broadcast room became quiet again as everyone knew what would happen afterwards. Qi Cong was picked for the role of You Chengqing and would be reported as using Gu Xun to get more scenes and forcing the crew to change the original script. Then there was private life chaos, perfunctory treatment of Shen Jia’s assistant job, schizophrenia and many other maliciously speculations that lead to abuse and boycott of this person by many people. However, Qi Cong was seriously practicing the new song in the video at that time and didn’t know about it.

What made people even more uncomfortable was that the boycott and damage directed against the innocent Qi Cong were all maliciously directed against him to prevent his debut.

Qi Cong was wronged.

In the vlog, the vocal music teacher interrupted Qi Cong’s practice and pointed out a small problem to him. Even so, Qi Cong attached great importance to it and hurriedly played back the recording of the exercise just now, finding the moment that his vocal teacher found problematic and listened to it twice before singing it almost silently.

Only two minutes later, Qi Cong got rid of the little problem pointed out by the vocal teacher and sang the passage smoothly and successfully.

The vocal teacher gave a thumbs up to Qi Cong, who returned it with a very light smile, and then continued practicing.

In the Penguin Music live stream, some viewers who knew some music theory couldn’t help but send pop-up comments.

– Qi Cong what kind of devil are you? Just two minutes? The last time I practiced, I was stuck in a similar place for a quarter of an hour, and was scolded by my teacher.

As soon as this comment was published there were others who couldn’t help but echo it and agree.

– I wanted to say this before, but Qi Cong’s music theory is definitely solid. He is really fast at reading and interpreting music.

– He also played his new song ‘A New Life’ smoothly without practicing it once, even adding his own understanding to it.

-I was sympathetic, but now I sympathize with myself more. Qi Cong is so powerful, playing the piano or practicing the song so strongly when I can only whimper.

Outside the live studio, similar compliments appeared in the video comment areas of Weibo and Le Play.

Comments such as “Qi Cong interpretation of music is so strong”or “I am numb, does Qi Cong have the same comprehension as mortals?”, “Seeing Qi Cong’s practice efficiency, I suddenly sympathize with my vocal teacher. He was right, I am really rotten wood”. Then other comments appeared one after another and became more and more frequent, as Qi Cong practice in the vlog continued and his singing of “A New Life” became more excellent.

The atmosphere in the various platforms and live streams gradually heated up because of these compliments, but then quickly returned to a low level because of some pop-ups and comments.

Some viewers couldn’t help but sigh after reading all the science and praise of the music-knowing pals: Qi Cong is really good…. Even after eating so much news about him, I really didn’t expect his nature to actually be like this. He obviously experienced so much, but he didn’t collapse, become weary of the world or give up on himself. His nature is calm and quiet. He treats people properly, takes his work seriously and works hard. His abilities also look very good. I now feel that Jiang Zhaoyan and others who helped make all this gossip are really evil. Qi Cong is obviously like this, but they tried to make the public think that he was very bad. They also wanted Qi Cong to always have a bad impression in the eyes of the world. No, I should write that they didn’t want Qi Cong to appear in front of the public again, which is really disgusting.

Some more sensitive viewers couldn’t help crying after reading this pop-up.

-The more you guys praise him, the sadder I am. I really don’t want to think how the hard-working Qi Cong felt when he faced so many smears, insults and boycotts afterwards. Why is it so difficult for him? He’s obviously very good.

In the vlog, Qi Cong had been practicing all afternoon, was forced to stop by his vocal teacher and ordered to have some rest. During the break, the vocal music teacher asked Qi Cong, “What’s happened? You seem to be in such a good mood and you are in good shape.”

Qi Cong was drinking water, looked over after hearing these words, his eyes widened slightly, as if he was surprised by someone noticing it. Then he quickly screwed up the water bottle and asked, “Is it obvious?”

The vocal teacher smiled and nodded. “Really obvious. So what good things happened?”

Qi Cong seemed to think of something. His eyes drifted away for a moment, but then he ust showed a very shallow and restrained smile towards the vocal teacher as he replied, “It’s kinda good. I got some good news this morning.”

“Can you tell me what the good news is?”

Qi Cong paused slightly, as if he wanted to restrain himself, but couldn’t help it. The corners of his eyebrow were stained with a little hope as he smiled with full confidence and a trace of hope, as if he just got over some hurdle and replied, “Some matters could be settled with ease. I wasn’t sure before, but now I think maybe I can really start over. “


 Qi Cong was obviously stunned for a moment. “What’s wrong?”

The vocal music teacher smiled as he corrected him. “You are starting over.”

She patted the score of “A New Life” on the table and said, “You’re in good shape today. You’ve also paid attention to everything you should, so let’s officially start recording after dinner.”

In the video, Qi Cong froze again at the vocal teacher’s words. Afterwards, he looked down at the sheet music on the table as his eyebrows relaxed, he smiled very briefly, and nodded. “Mm-hmm.”



–Ooh wow!!!!

– Don’t smile, don’t smile, the more you smile the more I want to cry!! God why did I come to see this, I can’t stand it. Did Qi Cong think he could start all over so soon? But the result that night… oooooooooo, I will burst into tears. This is too bad, how can it be so bad?

Passerby A: “You are starting over.”, “mm-hmm.” What kind of masochistic conversation is this?! Now I really would have preferred that Qi Cong was a cowardly and gloomy guy. The better his nature is, the more I feel that fate was too cruel to him.

Passerby B: The good news Qi Cong meant was probably the good results in his morning’s examination. He finally knew he wasn’t ill, so he was relieved and thought he could start all over again. Yet the result was that he was boycotted by the whole network that evening and was labeled as a schizophrenic. Damn Jiang Zhaoyan! Damn gossip accounts! I ###$%%!

The pop-ups and comments in the barrage area between the live broadcast and the comment section of each platform suddenly erupted, with some people crying and some cursing. The outbreak quickly cooled down because the vlog screen suddenly fast-forwarded after broadcasting a clip of Qi Cong trial recording at night and coming to the end of Qi Cong’s practice that day .

In the video, Qi Cong and the staff who had just finished the trial recording were obviously in a very good mood. The atmosphere was very relaxed as they talked about how well the day went and looked forward to the official recording the next day.

The audience, however, wasn’t relaxed. Their hearts hung in mid air as they looked at the time.

Soon, the revelations of that day will be –

Someone pushed open the door of the recording room and came in quickly.

The audience’s heart tightened, looking at the visitor’s unsightly expression. All their surging emotions stalled as they only had one thought on their minds – here it comes.

In the video Qi Cong looked up in bewilderment as he asked the other person what was going on. The other party avoided the camera and came close to Qi Cong and whispered something as he quickly helped Qi Cong pack his things.

The expression on Qi Cong’s face, which was quite relaxed until then, disappeared little by little. The joy he felt due to a smooth recording dissipated like clouds. He frowned slightly, then raised his hand and put on his hat, as he hurriedly left with the person who come to take him.

The subs popped up on the video: The second day of recording of “A New Life” was over.

The audience froze then freaked out before finally falling silent.

Ah, what were they expecting to see? Were they expecting to see how sad and broken Qi Cong was due to the boycott, abuse and being smeared all over the internet?

What was there to see? Qi Cong was looking forward to starting over, he shouldn’t want to broadcast his wretched appearance to the public once again.

He has been wounded by public opinion too many times, but his work represented his fresh start. There shouldn’t be any harmful images that would trample on his dignity.

The video screen went black before lighting up again as a new day began. Qi Cong’s figure appeared just like it did for two days as he pushed open the door of the recording studio.

Then the audience noticed that Qi Cong looked a little more withered than he did yesterday. With a layer of blue shadows under his eyes and red bloodshot eyes he obviously didn’t sleep well.

The pop-ups and comment sections became quieter and quieter as people looked at the video. Qi Cong was obviously not in good shape, but he still took out his music sheet and started practicing after he finished greeting the staff. The audience’s hearts felt like balls of cotton, stuffy and uncomfortable.

The vlog continued to play as the song officially began to record, and then….

Qi Cong began to make mistakes, non-stopping mistakes. He was obviously not in the right state, his singing was fine but it was obvious that his voice sounded dry and the emotion in the song came out stiff.

The recording was interrupted again and again, and Qi Cong apologized time after time towards the staff. He began to drink water frequently to moisten his voice, kept singing silently to practice, and tried to adjust his emotions to the music.

But it didn’t work, it didn’t work. He just couldn’t sing the song “A New Life”and couldn’t go back to his good form from yesterday.


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