Spare Tire is Gone – Chapter 41.1

After opening Weibo, there was a five-second ad, which Qi Cong skipped quickly. Then he opened the trending page that he stayed on the last time.

His heart was beating a little fast as he scrolled down and refreshed the page.

The page changed.

At the top of the list, Qi Cong previously saw a gossip blogger summary of his harming Yanhuang smart homes and other topics scolding him.

It was still the same.

Qi Cong frowned and was on his way to see other hot searches when he saw a Weibo post, which was the second most popular one.

Haicheng News V: [# Yanhuang inner management infight#] At 4: 00 this morning, a suspected chat record of Yanhuang’s inner management dispute in the company group was exposed on a local forum in Haicheng. After receiving the news, our reporter called Yanhuang Smart Homes company to confirm but our phone call was transferred a few times. Finally Yanhuang’s Deputy Marketing Manager Yang Tianqing accepted a phone interview with the newspaper. Yang Tianqing clarified in the interview that all the comments on the Internet about Qi Cong, the former marketing manager, framing Yanhuang were false rumors. He said angrily, “if Jiang Zhaoyan continues his nepotism, allowing his relatives in the company to engage in company privileges, then the closure of Yanhuang will only be a matter of time!”

This news was accompanied by a captioned version of the recorded telephone interview video, which Qi Cong hurriedly clicked on.

The recording was not long, only around four minutes or so. After a few minutes of mutual pleasantries, the interview cut to the point.

The reporter: “Mr. Yang, what do you think of the news that Qi Cong framed Yanhuang on the Internet?”

“It’s all nonsense!” Yang Tianqing’s voice was obviously very emotional: “Manager Qi paid close attention to product quality and after-sales help when he was still in office. When he was in the company, his products never had such large-scale quality problems, and after-sales services were always praised by consumers for their high efficiency. To be honest with Manager Qi’s devotion to Yanhuang, anyone else could have framed the company but he wouldn’t.”

Reporter: “So Qi Cong framing the Yanhuang company is just a false rumor?”

Yang Tianqing: “Totally false”

Reporter: “Then the suspected group chat of Yanhuang executives that broke out early this morning -“

Yang Tianqing: “I will not express my opinion on this matter, but I just want to say one thing. If Jiang Zhaoyan continues his nepotism, allowing his relatives in the company to engage in company privileges, then the closure of Yanhuang will only be a matter of time! Okay, I need to go to a meeting now, that’s all.”

The content of the interview ended and then subtitles appeared, indicating that the content behind the video was the suspected chat record of Yanhuang management in the company group in the early hours of the morning.

The subtitles disappeared and the picture changed again, becoming a WeChat group screenshot interface, named “Yan Huang 1”, with 21 members. The people in the group seemed to be discussing something, sending messages one after another. Making it very lively.

The person who recorded the screen clicked on a voice message sent by a man named Jiang Tian that lasted around 30 seconds.

A shrill male voice came out: “What are you arguing about? This is the smartest thing to do! Qi Cong had already left the company so it’s appropriate to let him take the blame! What are you guys afraid of, he won’t come out to refute it! Don’t you guys know how much he cares about Jiang? You blame me for messing up the after-sales department, when it’s obvious that it’s because Qi Cong left so suddenly without handing it over properly! Besides, this time the products have many problems and the after-sales department is only so big. What do you want me to do? Do you want me to grow an extra pair of hands?”

After this voice message ended, the next one played automatically.

A trembling female voice with suppressed anger rang out: “Jiang Tian, you are shameless! I’ve had enough, and I must say it today!  Boss, I hope you are listening to our conversation. For Yanhuang’s development until today, everyone has seen how much Manager Qi has paid! When he left at the beginning of the year, you said it was because his family went bankrupt and he was in a bad state of mind so he temporarily took a break from work and would come back when he had a good rest.  You also said that he would be the head of the Beishi branch office and I believed you! But then we watched as your relatives occupied the position of Manager Qi one by one, making Manager Qi’s well-organized department a mess! Boss, I won’t comment on your personal relationship between you and Manager Qi and will only talk about work. Manager Qi has worked hard with you since the establishment of the company. But now you let your relatives throw dirty water on Manager Qi and let people throughout the internet scold him. Don’t you have a heart? Is that how you should act?!!!”

Again, the next message played automatically and a somewhat serious voice sounded: “Okay, everyone stop arguing and go to sleep. As the boss said before, when this passes we will help Qi Cong explain. Everyone, calm down for now. Thinking about the bigger picture is more important. The company’s future is more important.”

Then came another voice message from Jiang Tian: “It’s Qi Cong’s own unwillingness to return to the company! It was just a position transfer, it’s not like we were killing him. The marketing department, the after-sales department, the product development department, he wants to get involved everywhere, but was this his company? He was the one who went too far! Han Lan, don’t bite people on the basis of being an elder. What’s wrong with me? Did I not manage the department well? It’s my brother’s company, so what’s wrong with me coming in to help? Qi Cong deserves everything that happened to him!”

After two more persuasive voices, the woman named Han Lan sent a long voice message again.

“Nothing.” Her voice grew cold, as if she was so angry that she was already disillusioned: “I’m just afraid that I’ll be pushed out by your Jiang Family one day! Jiang Tian, you knew that something was wrong with the product, but you still made such a mess of the after- sale department. You also know how much money your family relatives deducted from the raw materials. I really hate that Mr. Qi, who had the ability and family background, was so determined to support Yanhuang and treat your Jiang family so well! I hate him for being so blind! You all laugh at his humility, low self-esteem and for being easily bullied. But I think it’s you who are really disgusting! Those who trample on other people’s hearts will one day be eaten back by their own coldness and cruelty! I quit! I Han Lan quit! I was supported by Manager Qi, so I know you didn’t like me for a long time so I will quit now. I’d like to see how your white-eyed wolf company, which relied on blood-sucking Sanmu mange, registered with Manager Qi’s money and opened with his year-end money and house selling money. What kind of company will it eventually develop into? Yuck! That phoenix man should be killed!”

Then another serious voice sounded: “Han Lan, don’t be impulsive, no one dislikes you, everyone calm down.”

Then came another female voice: “Sister Han, I support you. I will also resign. I, tm, have long wanted to resign! Jiang Zhaoyan, you used and sucked blood from Manager Qi for so long, but after his family declared bankruptcy he immediately lost his value to you and you wanted to transfer him. You also turned around and hooked up with the son and heir of the Amber Company. I really despise you! One thing you probably don’t know is that Manager Qi sent me a message before he tried committing suicide, urging me not to follow him and resign, afraid that after I left, your new product development would stop. I just want to say it now, you are the one who deserves what’s happened! Go out of business, stupid company! Stupid boss! “

The video was over.

Qi Cong’s heart was pounding as he moved his finger and watched the video once again. Then he clicked on the comment section under the video.

A large number of comments expressed shock and doubt due to the sudden reversal, but several comments revealed more inside information that were liked by excited netizens.

‘I am a former employee of Yanhuang, who resigned at the beginning of the year. Qi Cong was really quite good, although… I felt he was too close to Jiang Zhaoyan whose character is a little… But he’s really worthy of his own company. The one running the business was him, the one digging up R&D talents was also him, managing after-sale services was him. He was one person that was used as three people. He worked so hard that he was too thin to look at. Two days ago, when I saw the whole internet scolding him I felt really chilled. Yanhuang products obviously went wrong after Qi Cong left, since Jiang Zhaoyan’s relatives took over the marketing department, after-sales department and factories below. It had nothing to do with Manager Qi, who was forced to leave.’

Saying It Once is Enough: Oh, these things are finally seeing the light. I am a former Sanmu employee but later I  went to Yanhuang with my small employer to take charge of quality inspection. When Sanmu was about to go bankrupt, I insisted on going back to Sanmu. I blamed the boss’ son because he did his part in the Sanmu bankruptcy for some reason but I don’t blame him. He was sick, he might not even know what he has done. I only hate Jiang Zhaoyan, a white-eyed wolf! He relied on the fact that the boss’ son only recognized him after his sudden illness, and he cajoled, used, and controlled his mind, forcing the boss to give him money and resources to support Yanhuang while she did it hoping that he would be nicer to her son. But how did it turn out? Ha ha ha.

Printer No. 10: I also know a little of inside information. The position Jiang Zhaoyan was transferring Qi Cong to was Treasury Management, so it was very emmmm… After Qi Cong left the  department he was in charge of, it was shared between several relatives of Jiang Zhaoyan. Before Sanmu went bankrupt, these relatives of the Jiang Family only showed a kind face to Qi Cong, but after the Sanmu bankruptcy… It’s a long story anyway.

Cat Meow Meow: “It’s appropriate to let him take the blame! What are you guys afraid of, he won’t come out to refute it! Don’t you guys know how much he cares about Jiang?” These are really the most disgusting sentences I have heard this year! You just bully him because of the Sanmu bankruptcy, and because of his honesty. You also bully Qi Yin because she cares about her son! A group of Jiang villains, you really think no one can see that Sanmu went bankrupt because of you Jiangs?!

The Weibo page suddenly disappeared as his phone vibrated, an unknown number making another call.

Qi Cong frowned and was about to hang up when he thought of something and decided to answer. Clicking on the button to record the call, he answered. “Hello?”


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