Spare Tire is Gone – Chapter 16.1 – The end result is only a lose-lose situation (R)

As soon as Gu Xun posted this Weibo, public opinion, which had been “reversed” for a day by Wu Heng, immediately became lively again.

Wu Heng used a three points to wash himself clean of doubt: the circumstances of how he befriended Gouache, the plot analysis document of “Chivalrous Bones” he sent to Gouache, and the Murmuring Water version of “Chivalrous Bones” that was revised soon after he sent Gouache the document.

Through these three points, Wu Heng denied that he and Murmuring Water met on the forum after Murmuring Water published “Chivalrous Bones,” and constructed a narrative that Wu Heng and Murmuring Water knew each other for a long time. He also claimed Murmuring Water deceived him into thinking he didn’t publish a novel, but in fact he published a novel with only three chapters after he received the plot analysis of “Chivalrous Bones ” from Wu Heng, to secretly improve the plot of his already published novel.

Because the hammer used by Wu Heng looked very hard, most people believed in his statement. They thought that Wu Heng didn’t plagiarize and it was Murmuring Water that stole Wu Heng’s idea that caused the current situation.

But now, the pirated site text link given by Gu Xun proved that the “Chivalrous Bone” published by Murmuring Water was the same “Chivalrous Bone” from the beginning. The content of the chapters wasn’t greatly changed after receiving Wu Heng’s plot document.

In other words, Wu Heng was lying.

At first people sneered at Gu Xun who was acting like an idiot who caused a car accident and refused to apologize, and they were frantically comforting the “victim” Wu Heng. Gu Xun fans who were being sneered at by Wu Heng fans all day were finally done holding back. After reading Gu Xun’s post all their nervous tension directly jumped up and they crashed in the middle of this party.

Weibo comments began to soar.

Gu Guchong Duck: ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Why are you so NB? I thank you so much for the first time! Wu Heng fans, come again to taunt ah, come again! Now my family’s Gu Gu doesn’t talk nonsense without proving the facts, does he? Do you regret it? And Murmuring Water steals your plot, how? Steal from himself?

Looking Back at Warm Spring: I knew that Gu Gu wouldn’t speak in that tone in public with a stranger who he only met for the first time for no reason. He only does that to people he doesn’t like! Gu Ge must have found something wrong with that Wu Heng a long time ago! ! It’s really NM! Wu Heng, you are a thief! Yet you still want Gu Gu, who told the truth to apologize to you, shame on you!

Today, Gu Blog: Wait a minute, sisters, don’t get too happy. There are actually loopholes in this matter.

Sure enough, after a moment, some of Wu Heng’s fans, whose brains worked fast, came over to exploit the loophole.

Water Babies: You guys can’t wait to pop it out. It is ugly. Can these screenshots prove that the newcomer didn’t copy? It’s a fantasy! First of all, chatting records prove that the newcomer and Wu Heng knew each other earlier than this person posted. Secondly, the chatting records prove that the time when the newcomer expresses that he wanted to write a novel and asks for advice from Wu Heng was earlier than the time when the newcomer published this text.

Suibhao: These screenshots can only prove that there is a mistake in Wu Heng saying that “the newcomer changed his full text after seeing the plot document he sent.” It doesn’t prove that Murmuring Water didn’t steal his plot when he published his novel. A person as simple and honest as Wu Heng most likely mentioned the idea of “Chivalrous Bones,” when he guided the newcomer, and then the newcomer, after listening, quickly snuck off to publish it! Wu Heng probably didn’t know that the newcomer had published a text at that time, so wouldn’t it be normal for him to think that the newcomer had changed his text after receiving this document? He wasn’t lying, he was just trusting in this new guy!

These two comments immediately gained many Wu Heng fans’ support and soon rushed to the front row of the hot comments occupied by Gu Xun’s fans.

After reading these comments, Gu Xun fans calmed down slightly and argued reasonably.

Today Gu blog: Water Babies, your analysis is also reasonable, but please show us the evidence that you have mentioned, that the plot of “Chivalrous” was sent or mentioned by Wu Heng to Murmuring Water earlier. Without evidence, everything is just your guess. We can also guess that Murmuring Water was too trusting and mentioned the plot idea of “Chivalrous Bones” to your Wu Heng, and then your Wu Heng made the plot analysis document according to the newcomer’s ideas. Now the key point is here. Who put forward the idea of “Chivalrous Bones” first? Please ask your Wu Heng to provide a complete chat record, which is the key to determine who plagiarized whom.

At this point, public opinion had reached a deadlock, and both sides needed more evidence to indicate the direction. Finally, fans gathered under Wu Heng’s Weibo and asked Wu Heng to give a complete chat record.

The people who liked to eat melon seeds were also scared by the constant reversal. They didn’t dare to take sides casually and they followed others to Wu Heng’s Weibo to have him give them more chat records to prove himself.

Wu Heng, who was called by the whole network, never appeared.

It was also at this time that a Blogger with many fans published a Weibo that bombed the whole circle, and also mentioned Gu Xun, Wu Heng and’s official site.

Hard Working Sweeper: My God, my God!!! Don’t make any noise! Murmuring Water appeared! He published a new chapter! He demanded a confrontation with Wu Heng! @Jiangwang.Net check quickly if Murmuring Water’s account was not stolen! I’m so excited, just waiting for this confrontation! @Water Without a Trace @Gu Xun

One stone stirred up a thousand waves, and the two opposing fans and passers-by gathered under Wu Heng’s Weibo, shocked by the news, and then rushed into the old website of



Soon his mobile phone vibrated and a new message came in.

Qi Cong returned from his messy thoughts and tapped on WeChat.

Gu Xun: Did you post a new chapter?

This…. Which Gu Xun will it be?

Qi Cong drooped his eyes, typing: Hmm.

Gu Xun: Going to confront Wu Heng?

Qi Cong: hmm

Gu Xun was quiet for a while, and then came a reply that Qi Cong couldn’t understand.

Gu Xun: Then I’ll wait.

Qi Cong wondered, typing: Wait for…?

Gu Xun: The one I @ was Nantian who brought you up in a post on JiangWan’s old website at that time. I finally found him and wanted him to confront Wu Heng, but no one noticed him.

This sentence was followed by a meme with the villain touching the tip of his nose awkwardly.

Qi Cong looked at the meme.

Is this what Gu Xun was really like? Or was it another illusion?

This time, after reading the text for a long time, he typed back again: Thank you for today. Was it hard to find my pirated text?

Gu Xun replied in seconds: Yes, it was very hard, so can I receive a thank you gift?

If you take the initiative to ask for a thank you, it will not be the same.

Qi Cong was in trance before he slowly relaxed.

So it was not an illusion, Gu Xun was really trying to show his real self.

Qi Cong thought of the poor balance in his account.

That money doesn’t seem to be enough to buy a suitable thank-you gift for Gu Xun. He suppressed the sense of embarrassment that arose and replied: Yes. But can I give my thank you gift later?

This time, Gu Xun was quiet for a long time, until Qi Cong began to feel uneasy  and thought about whether to send a message directly to ask Gu Xun what thanks he wanted. Then Gu Xun’s reply finally came back.

Gu Xun: Of course. Then may I go a little further and ask for the details of this thank you gift?

Qi Cong breathed a sigh of relief and hurriedly replied: Yes, you can.

Gu Xun: When I’m done, let’s have dinner together [lovely].

Qi Cong was stunned. Then he looked at that lovely expression and his heart suddenly softened. After a while he typing back: All right.



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