Spare Tire is Gone – Chapter 40.1

Under this comment, there were more than a dozen people begging for more gossip, but The Sea is Full of Water never returned and just disappeared.

Qi Cong clicked on The Seas is Full of Water’s home page and found that it was a secondary account without even a profile picture. The Weibo home page was blank without anything on it.

He withdrew, looked at the comment again, took a screenshot of it and sent it to Zhao Zhenxun on WeChat.

Zhao Zhenxun quickly replied: Never mind, this is just the beginning. Someone is following and monitoring public opinion. I will let you speak out when it’s time for you to speak out. Now you just need to concentrate on practicing your song and taking acting lessons.

Just the beginning?

Qi Cong left the WeChat dialogue box and continued to flip through the article comments, but didn’t stop at more similar comments. Frowning and temporarily suppressing his thoughts, he opened his laptop and continued to write the next chapter of “Chivalrous Bones”.

After seven o’clock in the evening, Editor Cold Wind Like a Knife finally accepted Qi Cong’s application to join the group. Qi Cong, who was preparing to go to Shen Jia’s room for an acting class when he received the news, only had time to say hello to the group before he turned off his cell phone and went into Shen Jia’s room.

It was almost ten o’clock when the class finished and Shen Jia was so tired that he didn’t want to move. Zhao Zhenxun made him take a shower while he said to Qi Cong, who was collecting his notes, “Public opinion will explode tonight, so I suggest you don’t look at Weibo.”

Qi Cong stopped and looked at Zhao Zhenxun. “I want to see.”

Zhao Zhenxun and Qi Cong looked at each other, but then Brother Zhao moved forward and helped Qi Cong put the last sheet of information away before he handed the materials over. “Then think about the present and the future when you look at it. The past isn’t important, the future is the most important.”

It was a yes. Qi Cong, who received the information, replied, “I understand.”

Today Gu Xun has a night scene, or a big night scene so it was estimated that he would film till early morning. Mr. Gu’s private mini-class couldn’t continue that night. Qi Cong returned to his room, rummaging through his Wechat history with Gu Xun, thinking about what Zhao Zhenxun had just said.

With Zhao Zhenxun’s attitude, it was estimated that there will be some bad remarks about him on the Internet tonight. If Gu Xun sees them… he bowed his head and  looked back at his WeChat interface. He hesitated for a long time, but still didn’t send anything.

Gu Xun also has the right to know everything.

He put away his phone, picked up clean clothes and went into the bathroom to take a battle bath. Then he sat in front of his computer and continued to write his “Chivalrous Bones”.

The next two chapters could be considered excessive chapters, with many side plots, character ambushes and clues buried behind it which must be carefully written. After these two chapters, the plot of “Chivalrous Bones” would enter a stage of rapid development until the final explosive ending.

Near midnight, his chapter manuscript was finished.

Qi Cong massaged his neck as he looked at his empty WeChat inbox. Then he logged into and input the manuscript in the manuscript deposit box, and set the update time.

After doing that, he clicked on the novel data of “Chivalrous Bones” and looked at it.

The collection went up a bit, from almost 90,000 in the morning to more than 90,000, comments, points, reward rankings and other data because of the new novel review period blockade was still zero.

The review period was three days.

Qi Cong looked at the system review countdown.

There were still more than 10 minutes before its end, In other words, after midnight tonight the comment section and other data that was now blocked due to review period would be opened and recalculated.

He looked at the clock again, it was 11:48.

It was almost midnight, he didn’t know how hard Gu Xun’s night scene was and… he picked up his phone and made mental preparations for a while before opening Weibo and directly looking at the search.

#Yanhuang after-sale chaos #

#Qi Cong Yanhuang#

#Qi Cong trapping mother#

Sure enough.

He closed his eyes hard, took a deep breath and only then clicked on the first topic.

The page jumped and a large number of news Weibo posts popped up. The content was more or less the same – a bath product of Yanhuang had a serious quality problem. Customers already contacted the Yanhuang after-sales department but were left waiting by after-sales personnel who asked them to come to their door to solve the problem. The after-sales personnel also said they would send the product back for testing, but they could outsource a maintenance company. They would need to provide a complete and detailed proof of purchase and package certificate. At this moment, customers who bought broken products were left to repair their product on their own. Many customers were furious because they spent a lot of money.

In the news below, countless consumers in the comments section complained about the product problems and Yanhuang after-sales department’s perfunctory behavior. Many of the people who complained also posted photos of Yanhuang’s problematic products. Qi Cong casually clicked on a few photos and after looking at them frowned even more deeply.

The products that Yanhuang had problems with were mainly a batch of stereos and televisions. The main problems were remote control failure, data connections that often broke, strange noises and cracked cases… It could be said there were many problematic issues.

Qi Cong thought it was incredible.

How could this product pass the quality inspection? Where was Jiang Zhaoyan’s conscience to sell this product to consumers?

He flipped through the comments again and did not find any mention of him, so he withdrew from the topic and clicked on the second topic # Qi Cong Yanhuang #.

This time, the first thing that popped up was a blog post written by an entertainment gossip account.

Entertainment World: Big news! The former rich kid from the furniture company who was in the hot search several times before he even made his debut, was actually an employee of the emerging smart home brand Yanghuang before he tried committing suicide! His work position was also high. He was the manager of the marketing department, who was also in charge of after-sales! It is said that the problems with the products from Yanhuang are all because of him, saying that he was dissatisfied with the decision of the boss of Yanhuang for transferring him to a different position, so he deliberately pitted the company before he left it. Now all the people in Yanghuang’s senior management group are scolding him. I have a classmate who’s an employee of Yanghuang who cut a few posts from Yanghuang’s work circle of friends, so I will secretly post it for you to see. The last thing I want to do is to irresponsibly throw a little gossip, but it is said that the previous rich second generation boy did so because his pursuit of Yanghuang’s boss failed, turning his love into hate…… tsk tsk, your community is very messy ah.

This Weibo post was followed by two screenshotted chat logs.

The chat transcript:

The Man on the Blue Pier said: Was it the two production lines he supervised before he left?

The Person Who Hit the Pier in Yellow replied: Yes, stereo and TV. Brother Jiang planned to open the second branch in Beishi but now with this kind of thing happening, it’s estimated to be a loss.

The Man on the Blue Pier said: What does the boss say?

The Person Who Hit the Pier in Yellow replied: Withdraw the product and lose money. What else can be done? He is really a pest. I think his heart darkened because of his family bankruptcy so he decided to secretly mess with our company.

The Man on the Blue Pier said: He might be resentful because boss wanted to transfer him to a different position?

The Person Who Hit the Pier in Yellow replied: His own ability was not enough, his position transfer was for his own good. It was also difficult for Brother Jiang to stand up in such a position. Since this after-sale debacle, I have needed to work overtime recently.

The Man on the Blue Pier said: We should sue him, the company lost so much because of him this time.

The Person Who Hit the Pier in Yellow replied: Probably, but I am not sure. Brother Jiang is too soft-hearted and nostalgic. Since that person wants to debut, Brother Jiang will not want to interrupt his life. It is estimated that he would want to endure it.

The chat log was over.

Qi Cong looked at the sentence “Brother Jiang is too soft hearted and nostalgic,” then gritting his teeth, he looked back at the circle of friends screenshot comments.


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