Fierce “Husband” – Chapter 23.2

Zhao Yuande said, “Father has a point. When the time comes, let’s find Wang Shijing and Shao Yunan. Yunan has a lot of ideas. ” Zhao He said, “Father, Shao Yunan asked us to take out the money to buy public land. I’m also afraid of this point. If we earn money and give it back to the village, what might other people say. Besides, with Wang Shijing and Shao Yunan’s character, if they were willing to give us a way to earn money, other people close to their family like fourth Aunt Wang will also not be ignored. In my opinion all the families with good relations in our village, who have a good relationship with Wang Shijing might find a way to earn money. For those who were greedy and didn’t help when Wang Shijing was in trouble, they have nothing to say.”

Zhao Yuande nodded. “What He said is reasonable. Dad, don’t worry too much. No matter what you say, you are the village head. If you make money, we can pay people to collect the fruit in the future.” Zhao Liu could not listen to it anymore, pinched Zhao Lizheng and said, “You worry too much. This time we should listen to our children. Yuanqing, you and Caijuan will go to Lijia Village and collect as much as you can. When you pass Lijia Village, go to your grandfather’s house and ask your Uncle to also collect as much as possible. I’ll get you the money later. Zhao He, ask your father and your mother to go to Shanyang Village to collect too, while you and Yuande go to the nearby mountains to see if you can still pick some.”

“Yes, mother.” Zhao He was adopted from Shanyang Village, so Zhao He’s mother’s family was from Shanyang Village. Zhao Liu’s mother was also from Shanyang Village, so when she made the arrangement Zhao Lizheng didn’t object. Zhao Liu went inside the room and took out some money, giving both Zhao Yuanqing and Zhao He a share. If they wanted Zhao He’s parents’ help, they needed to give them some money first. Zhao Yuanqing and Li Caijuan packed up and left immediately, while Zhao He and Zhao Yuande took the baskets and also left.

After Shao Yunan said a few words, the entire Zhao family became busy. Zhao He was indeed a smart one. The jam making method was given to Zhao Lizheng’s family, while Shao Yunan also made arrangements for the other families. If his tea business goes according to his plan, it would be easy for the whole Xiushui village to get rich. He was also not naive enough to think that old lady Wang would let it go. He also wanted to make old lady Wang’s family regret it, so that even if Wang Zhisong achieved first place, he couldn’t do anything to their family. However, it was not good to look down on Wang Zhisong. After all, first place was not just a dream.

Zhao Lizheng’s family was busy, while those who received the jam sent by Wang Shijing were happy or had mixed feelings. Of course, the majority of them were happy. It was Wang Wenhe’s family that had mixed feelings. Wang Shijing did not enter the house at all, he just  called Wang Shuping outside directly and gave him the jam, saying that it was made by his wife and asked Wang Shuping to give the children a taste while it was still fresh. Then without saying much more, Wang Shijing left.

Wang Shuping opened the jar and scooped out a little of the jam. Not to mention his surprise from the taste, this jam thing was already unheard of and unseen. Wang Wenhe was determined not to eat it, but others liked it very much. Wang Wenhe’s wife, Wang Qian, got angry and said to Wang Wenhe, “Merit, merit! You’re counting on Wang Zhisong to earn you fame and fortune all day long! You might as well count on brother Yan! With how shrewd old lady Wang is, let’s see if Wang Zhisong will be willing to share it after earning it! You only know how to favor them and protect them, but what have they ever sent you? Not a single grain of rice. Not to mention that every year when it’s the busy farming period, they ask other families for help, but have they ever said thank you? Do you really have no idea how much the people in the clan complained?”

“Since Shijing came back, he has never come empty handed when he comes to visit us. Even if something is rare or precious, he sent it over. If you ask me, everyone in old lady Wang’s family except Wang Shijing are just a bunch of wolves! You should go ahead and enjoy your Wang Zhisong! I’d like to see if he can earn you reputation! Earn you face! Why don’t you just adopt Wang Zhisong as your son and I’ll live with Wang Shuping?”

“What are you talking about?” Wang Wenhe was both angry and ashamed. He naturally hoped that his grandson would be successful in the future, but it was not easy to even get a place in the examination. His grandson Wang Yan was not as smart as Wang Zhisong and his studying result was very average. Wang Qian ignored him and said to her son, “This jam is really rare, save it for when Wang Yan comes back so we can eat it together.” 

Wang Shuping’s youngest daughter, Wang Yiting, pouted. “Grandma, I want to eat, too.”

WangQian pinched her granddaughter’s nose. “Wait for your brother to come back and eat it together.” Not much jam was given and after giving it to several people, there wasn’t much left. Wang Qian’s most beloved grandchild was Wang Yan. Wang Yan was the same age as Zhao Congbo and was studying in the same private school in the county town, so he would only return in the afternoon.

Wang Qian greeted her son, daughter-in-law, and granddaughter, leaving only the stubborn old man alone. Wang Wenhe was angry with Wang Shijing, because he felt that Shao Yunan should not have made a scene and disgraced his clan, and because Wang Shijing’s nonchalant attitude made him lose face. Wang Wenhe sat alone and sulked. He was dedicated to the Wang clan, was there something wrong with that?

Wang Shuping went to his vegetable garden to pick some vegetables and send them to Wang Shijing’s family. Wang Shuping knew that he couldn’t get through to his own father, so he stopped persuading him for the time being. But he still had his own ideas. He didn’t like Wang Zhisong in the first place, but now he hated him even more. Whether it was Wang Zhisong’s performance in the county school of putting all the blame on his own mother or after he came back, not saying anything to his own family and just going inside his room to cry. Wang Zhisong returned the day before yesterday, but he hasn’t seen anyone yet. It was best to stay away from such ungrateful, greedy, and selfish people. It was still not too late to get the upper hand. Old lady Wang once said that when Wang Zhisong passed the examination he would help the clan and his father foolishly believed it.

When Wang Shuping came to deliver the food, Wang Shijing and Shao Yunan were very enthusiastic. Wang Shuping also made amends for his own father’s sake and told them that his father asked him to go to the Yamen to ask how much money was needed to redeem Wang Tianyan and Wang Guo. But the county magistrate said that the two of them had pleaded for a lighter sentence, so they could not be redeemed. Wang Shuping also told them privately that it was lucky that they could not be redeemed or else old lady Wang would have to find Wang Shijing again to make trouble about money.

Wang Shuping’s action made Shao Yunan feel even better about him. Wang Shuping and Zhao Yuande were similar in some ways. When Wang Shuping saw that there were a lot of things drying in the courtyard, including wild chrysanthemum, he casually asked about it.  Shao Yunan only said that he had picked them on the mountain and dried them to eat later. Wang Shuping did not stay long and soon left. 

Then Wang Shijing suddenly said, “Shao Yunan, you, Qing, and Nizi are not part of the family tree. I’ll look for the clan elders and fourth Uncle Wang, with Wang Shuping’s help the patriarch must agree.” Wang Qing and Wang Nizi lowered their heads and both children bit their lips. Shao Yunan also looked reluctant. “Can I not enter? I want to vomit when I think of having my name written next to those people’s.” Wang Qing looked up. “Father, I also don’t want to enter.”

“I don’t want to enter either.” Wang Nizi also voiced out. Wang Shijing looked at the two children and Wang Qing clenched his fist. “I don’t want to be part of the family tree!” There were tears in Wang Nizi’s eyes, making Shao Yunan frown as he hugged the two children and asked, “Qing is  something wrong? Tell little father and little father will make the decision for you. You and Nizi will not enter if you don’t want to enter.”

Wang Qing clenched his mouth and didn’t speak, while Wang Nizi just whimpered and cried. Shao Yunan stroked the heads of the two children and said, “Don’t be afraid, now no one can bully you. Tell little father what happened? Don’t be afraid, little father won’t be mad.” Wang Qing still did not say anything, but Wang Nizi jumped into the arms of her little father, crying as she spoke. “Grandma told second Uncle and second Aunt that if father died, they would sell me. She said that I was only a waste of money. When my brother grew up he could be sent as the family’s mandatory labor or for military service. They said it would be a waste of food if he stayed at home and this way they could save money. Auntie said that I would earn more money when I got older and sold to a rich family as a concubine. Dad, I don’t want to be in the genealogy.”

In Wang Nizi’s opinion, being in the family tree meant that she had to be with those people. She didn’t want that! Shao Yunan’s face was dark and Wang Shijing’s muscles were also tense. If they weren’t his own mother, his own brother, his own sister, he would have taken a knife and killed them! Wang Shijing kept breathing deeply, but could not suppress the anger in his chest. Shao Yunan couldn’t resist giving Wang Nizi a kiss on top of her head and hugging Wang Qing with his other hand. ”We don’t need to be a part of the genealogy. In the future, if it is possible, we will move your father out of the clan, so that our family will be completely separated from the Wang family.”

“Qing, Nizi, little father promised you that no one would bully you. Little father will not only let you live a good life, but also let you live a good life that everyone envies. Please remember these things in your heart. Later when you have the opportunity to retaliate, little father will absolutely not stop you. In the future, when you see that family, don’t even pay attention to them. Other people can say what they like. “

Wang Nizi burst into tears. “Little father, I don’t care about them. I hate them. They beat me and my brother, and made my brother do a lot of work while not feeding us. My cousin bullied me, but when I cried, grandmother only scolded me. When my brother accidentally touched his book, they beat him with a stick. My grandmother also beat him and made him kneel on the floor all night. They also always said that father is dead and that both father and mother didn’t want my brother and me anymore.”

“Those sons of bit*hes!” Shao Yunan couldn’t help swearing in front of the children, while Wang Shijing stood up and walked out angrily. Shao Yunan let go of Wang Nizi to grab him.

“I’m going to ask them if I was born to them or not.” Wang Shijing’s eyes were red with anger. Wang Nizi and Wang Qing were crying as Shao Yunan pulled Wang Shijing back into the house and told the two children to come over too.


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  1. Nura Ol’Blast

    Oh my god, I’m tearing up.
    I relate to Shijing’s murderous feelings, I am still single at 24 so there are no one for my mother to bully but her years of neglect and verbal humiliation, i just snapped recently and now I always retaliate in the yelling, insulting and humiliating.
    I have very low self esteem and self confidence but I will never admit it to her face
    This story- no, all those stories about domestic abuse always hit home with me and I always have a schadenfreud pleasure to see these shitty families get slapped and karma sniped
    All hail just retribution
    This is only justice

  2. rose dauda

    Obviously there’s nothing good about being a member of the clan if it were me they would become invincible to me the amount i separate or disowned them
    We are strangers for life and everything they made my children go through unless I don’t have the means to make them pay
    They will pay four times not two
    I will show them better shege

  3. ynanc

    Just a story here but a reality to many ppl out there….

  4. Madam Lilith

    That Old bitches in Wang family really deserve every comeuppance coming their way!

  5. theaoqk

    I’m so ready to fight all these assholes, let me transmigrate into this story… I just want to talk to this so called family… talking with knives that is

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