Fierce “Husband” – Chapter 101.1

Aunt Zhou and Guo Zimu hurriedly came to Wang Nizi’s room. When they entered the room, they saw Jiang Moxi sitting on the bed with a crying Nizi on his knees. Aunt Zhou was so distressed that she hurried up and said, “Nizi don’t be afraid, Grandma Zhou won’t let them in. Your father and your Little Father will be back soon and no matter what they want to do, your Little Father will not let them get away with it.”

“Nizi don’t cry.” Guo Zimu’s words were clumsy, since he didn’t know how to calm the sad little girl. Jiang Moxi still hugged Nizi and did not let go, but he did not reject Aunt Zhou and Guo Zimu’s proximity, probably because Aunt Zhou would give him nice-looking bags and Guo Zimu would make him delicious food.

When Aunt Zhou and Guo Zimu came, Wang Nizi’s cries subsided, but her mouth still chanted, “I don’t have a grandfather, I don’t want to see the Song family.”

“Okay, no one will make you.” Aunt Zhou wrung a wet towel and wiped Nizi’s tears and sweat from crying. When Wang Nizi gradually stopped crying, Jiang Moxi lifted her chin, wiped her eyes again, and then looked at Aunt Zhou. Aunt Zhou was flustered by his stare and asked, “Brother Moxi, what’s wrong?”

Jiang Moxi’s mouth moved for a long time, but there was no sound at all. Aunt Zhou was afraid that something might happen to this young master, so she hurriedly said, “Brother Moxi, it’s okay. Just stay here with Nizi. Grandma Zhou will go and have a look. Don’t worry, Grandma Zhou won’t open the door until your Uncle Yunan and Shijing come back.”

Jiang Moxi’s mouth was still moving, but Aunt Zhou was already ready to go out to check the situation. But Guo Zimu, who stayed, didn’t understand what was going on with Jiang Moxi. Suddenly a strange, childish, and somewhat hoarse voice sounded. “Say!”

“?” Aunt Zhou and Guo Zimu looked at each other without moving, then that voice sounded again. “Say!”

“??!!!” Aunt Zhou and Guo Zimu turned their heads and stared blankly at the person suspected of making that sound. Nizi also looked at Jiang Moxi in surprise and unconsciously exclaimed, “Brother Moxi…”

Jiang Moxi’s expression was stern as he stared at Aunt Zhou and opened his mouth once again. “Tell! Song!” Aunt Zhou jolted and slapped her thighs, “Oh, my ancestor! Brother Moxi can talk!” Guo Zimu’s eyes widened, as if he had seen some Heavenly Fairy.

“Brother Moxi, Brother Moxi, where are you going?” Aunt Zhou chased after him, with Jiang Moxi running in front. Behind Aunt Zhou, Guo Zimu held the red eyed Wang Nizi. Aunt Zhou and Guo Zimu finally figured out what Jiang Moxi wanted to say after their initial shock. 

Aunt Zhou told Jiang Moxi that she knew the Song family had come, but she didn’t tell Wang Nizi that the Song family only came because they became rich. After Aunt Zhou finished speaking, Nizi started crying again and Jiang Moxi put on his shoes before running out of the room, which in turn scared Aunt Zhou.

Jiang Moxi ran all the way to the gate, without being stopped by Ding Yeshi and Ding Jishi, who also didn’t dare to stop him. Jiang Moxi opened the gate and ran out. Aunt Zhou said that the members of the Song family were brought back to Wang Shuping’s house. 

Wang Yan and Zhao Congbo hung out with Wang Qing all day long, so Jiang Moxi also knew them. Wang Qing also took him to their house to play. Jiang Moxi ran all the way to Wang Wenhe’s house, but Guo Zimu didn’t dare to take Nizi out, afraid that she would be even more scared by the people from the Song family, so Aunt Zhou told Uncle Zhou to hurry over. Ding Ye and Ding Ji also chased after him.

At Wang Wenhe’s house, Wang Shen stood in the courtyard pointing and scolding the Song family. How could Song Jingshi be so pathetic? It wasn’t easy to get rid of one greedy family, but already another one came. This Song family was also too shameless, right? Even the stepmother who no one ever met, dared to pop up and call themselves a grandmother. She was so thick skinned that her skin could be used to repair the walls.

Wang Shen was a daring person, who even dared to take a broomstick to hit that shrewish Old Lady Wang, so the first thing she did was scold Song Jingshi. Wang Shuping let his mother scold her outside for a while and then asked his wife to  persuade her to go inside.

Song Bazi and Xiao Dayu couldn’t hold their heads up at all. Song Bazi had retreated a long time ago and wanted to go back, while Xiao Dayu who was not the son of the Song family at all, also had no face to stay there. But these two men can’t control Song Jingshi. Song Jingshi was determined to see Wang Shijing and the two children today. Even if she was badly scolded, she wouldn’t leave.

Wang Shuping asked his wife to boil some rice soup for Song Jingshi to feed the child. After drinking the rice soup, the room was warm again and the child finally stopped crying. Wang Wenhe and Wang Shuping also stopped persuading them. Song Bazi and Song Jingshi did not shed tears when they saw the upcoming end. But when they saw for themselves how powerful Shao Yunan was, they would know how kind they were.

Inside the room, Wang Qian asked her mother-in-law, “Mother, you said they inquired so much, so how could they not hear how powerful Yunan is? How dare they come to their door to try and scold Yunan? Old Lady Wang was spirited enough, but Yunan made her so nervous that she doesn’t even dare to leave the house.

Wang Shen said sarcastically, “They don’t know that. How far away is Qingshan Village from Xiushui Village? Not to mention the number of marriages from Qingshan Village in Xiushui Village. They are just greedy for money! The Wang family did wrong Song Yuhua, but only by grasping that point do they really believe they can blackmail Shijing for money?”

Wang Qian couldn’t help asking, “Does it mean that this time Shijing might not be able to escape?” Wang Shen snorted coldly. “Do you think Yunan can be manipulated by others? The Song family is not a good thing. After Song Yuhua ran away, her father also went into hiding, while Old Lady Wang went looking for him.” 

“The Song family was so poor that they couldn’t even afford the dowry, but within two years they even bought land. Where did this money come from? He also remarried. Besides Song Yuhua, who else would give him money? Also where did Song Yuhua get this money from? Do you really think he is a wimp? From the beginning, Yunan’s money  came from selling Wang Shijing’s rocks. If the Song family was really a good one, Song Yuhua would not have run away, and her father would not have avoided seeing his two grandchildren and let them be bullied like this. Just watch… Yunan will scold them to death.”

Wang Qian laughed out loud. “Why isn’t Yunan back yet? Seeing him scold Old Lady Wang was so gratifying to hear.” Wang Shen also laughed. The hall was quiet and only baby’s babbling could be heard. But Song Bazi felt like he was sitting on pins and needles. How could it happen? Can they really get money from Wang Shijing? The more he thought about it, the more he felt that it was not possible.

“Bump!” Song Bazi almost jumped up, as everyone in the room looked at the door. Wang Shuping stood up. “I’ll go and have a look.” Just as he was about to go out, a voice came from outside. “Brother Moxi! Brother! Go home with Grandpa Zhou, what are you doing here?”

Brother Moxi? Wang Shuping glanced at his surprised father, hurried out, and bumped into Jiang Moxi who rushed in. Wang Shuping grabbed Jiang Moxi. “Brother Moxi, why are you here?” Jiang Moxi looked sideways at the people in the room, then broke free and fired his slingshot at Song Bazi, who was staring at him in disbelief.


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