Fierce “Husband” – Chapter 57.1

Almost all the people in the village came over, Wang Benchang’s family, including Wang Dafu and his family also came. After giving ten copper coins as a gift, Wang Dafu and his family wanted to visit the residence, but were stopped by Sun Xiaojiang. If so many villagers came for a tour, not only would the house be a mess, but who knows how many things would go missing. Most of the villagers understood this, while others said that Wang Shijing and Shao Yunan were just too stingy. Wang Dafu and his expression turned ugly, but Sun Xiaojiang just ignored them. They were not on the list of people who could enter. 


Old Lady Wang’s family was in a frenzy at that moment. Old Lady Wang wanted to go there as well. She was Wang Shijing’s mother. Even if there was a deed of separation, she was still Wang Shijing’s mother! Her own son built such a big house, but he didn’t let her warm it! So couldn’t she just go there for a while to look around and have a meal? Wang Zhisong was also getting impatient with his own mother. If Old Lady Wang was a reasonable person, their family would not have come to this point. But this time, no matter how Wang Zhisong persuaded, Old Lady Wang was determined to go. 


Wang Chunxiu did not squeal since she also wanted to go. In the end, Wang Zhisong could only go with them shamelessly, to prevent his mother from causing trouble when he was not present. After Old Lady Wang’s scolding, Wang Dali was also forced to go. Even Wang Zaizheng was dragged out by Old Lady Wang. Wang Zaizheng cried, not wanting to go since he was afraid of his uncle, but he could not resist his grandmother.


A carriage drove into Xiushui Village, heading straight for the direction where the firecrackers were coming from. Wang Shuping and Zhao Yuande, who were in charge of hospitality in the front yard, saw the carriages coming and Zhao Yuande immediately asked Zhao He to call Wang Shijing and Shao Yunan. Wang Shijing and Shao Yunan were now leading a tour, so when they learned that a carriage was coming they immediately went out to meet it.


The first carriage stopped at the entrance of the Wang family’s new mansion, making all the villagers look over. Wang Shijing and Shao Yunan walked quickly all the way, just in time to see the carriage curtain lift. Shao Yunan exclaimed, “Elder Cen, Madam!”


Elder Cen? Was that Dean Cen from the  county school? The villagers immediately began to talk among themselves. “Yunan, Shijing. Since you guys are moving to the new house today, we come to join the fun.” Shao Yunan said with a smile, “I was worried that you and the madam wouldn’t come. Please come in quickly.”


Elder Cen put the red envelope on the table where the gifts were received. Zhao Yuanqing, who was in charge of gift registration, did not open the envelope and just put it separately. The carriage that followed Elder Cen’s also stopped and the two teachers, Guan and Chen came down from it, surprising Shao Yunan. He then hurriedly asked Wang Shijing to bring the four people to the main house. The two teachers also gifted envelopes, which were likewise put away separately.


Following the two teachers, Shopkeeper Xu and Zeng came from another carriage. The two shopkeepers each sent a gift and another carriage full of gifts that they said that their boss asked them to bring. Shao Yunan and Wang Shijing thanked them repeatedly. Then came Boss Feng of ‘Yongning Hall’. Although Yongning Hall did not do business with Shao Yunan directly, the Sun clan’s chrysanthemum tea came from Shao Yunan, so Boss Feng wanted to use this opportunity to get in contact with Shao Yunan. The next carriage full of gifts turned out to be from the porcelain store’s Boss Xie. Several shopkeepers put down their red packets with money, while also bringing gifts, then Shao Yunan personally took them to the back.


The village people did not expect Shao Yunan to know so many county town bosses and all said, “No wonder Shao Yunan and Wang Shijing are so rich. They have a lot of business!” In the distance, Old Lady Wang and her family saw several carriages heading towards Wang Shijing’s new house. But by the time they had arrived at the new house, the guests from the carriages had already entered the house. The appearance of Old Lady Wang cooled the atmosphere at the scene for a moment. Old Lady Wang grabbed Wang Zaizheng and wanted to go inside, but was stopped by Wang Shuping.


Wang Shuping glanced at Wang Zhisong, who had his head bowed, and Wang Chunxiu, who was obviously wearing rouge and powder and finally said to Old Lady Wang, “Old Aunt, today is the housewarming ceremony of Shijing and Yunan, and there are many distinguished guests inside, so don’t make everyone look bad. Dean Cen of the county school is also inside, so if you make a scene, Wang Zhisong might not be able to go back to the county school.”


Wang Zhisong looked up sharply. His expression was surprised as if he wanted to say something, but Old Lady Wang was faster. “I am Shijing’s mother! This is his father!” She then pulled Wang Dali over. Wang Shuping said indifferently, “Old Aunt, why do you have to make it so ugly again and again? We all know what is going on in your house and with Shijing. I will tell you straight. You and Old Uncle won’t go in or we will all look bad. Just sit down at a table and eat something.”


“I am Shijing’s mother! Just tell him to come out! Why can’t I even enter his house?!” Once she saw that she couldn’t go in, Old Lady Wang no longer cared that Dean Cen was inside. Such a big residence… such a good house… she should be the one living there! Wang Zhisong hurriedly pulled Old Lady Wang. “Mother, you stop it. The dean is here. Let’s find a place to sit down.”


Old Lady Wang broke away from her son’s grip. “I am his mother! I shouldn’t just visit his house, but live in it! He is the one who has no right to behave like this!” Snickers came from all around. “Mother!” Wang Zhisong was so afraid that his mother would draw Dean Cen out, while the laughter around him just made him feel more ashamed.


Wang Shuping coldly said, “Old Aunt is not recognizing the deed again, is she?” Old Lady Wang shivered subconsciously as Wang Dali tugged at her. “Stop it.” Old Lady Wang glared at Wang Dali as Wang Shuping spoke again. “Wang Tianyan and his wife are still in jail. Among the accusations is the crime of denying the deed. Does the old lady want them to stay in prison for a while longer?” 


Wang Zaizheng, who was hiding behind his grandparents with his head down, shivered and looked up anxiously at his grandmother. But Old Lady Wang just cursed sternly. “Wang Shiping! Don’t try to scare me! I don’t know what’s written in the deed! I only know that Wang Shijing is my son! This is my son’s new house! This is my son’s new house! I, as his mother, should live in it!”


“Mother…” If the other person wasn’t his own mother, Wang Zhisong really wanted to knock her unconscious. “Old lady, do you still think your family’s reputation is not bad enough? Dean Cen is in there. You are making a fuss here because you are afraid that the dean might not know what kind of mother Wang Zhisong has, right?” 


Fourth Aunt Wang came over and said nonchalantly, “Now you’re saying Wang Shijing is your son, but why didn’t you say he was your son when you forced him to join the army? Why didn’t you say he was your son when you wanted to sell Nizi? Don’t you feel ashamed? You are shameless. Your whole family is also shameless. Do you want people to think that Wang Chunxiu is shameless too? If you dare to ruin Yunan’s housewarming, let’s see what he will do. Last time Shao Yunan went to the county magistrate to beg for mercy and saved Wang Zhisong’s status as a child student, so let’s see if he will still be able to keep it!”


“Mother! I beg you, please stop it! Do you really want to make a scene until my child student status is lost?!” Wang Zhisong was so anxious that he was about to cry. If Dean Cen learned about this situation he would really be finished.  “Mother, let’s find a place to sit down. Don’t make things difficult for Zhisong.” Wang Chunxiu also could no longer keep quiet. Who knew if the county magistrate was inside. “Damn, stop making trouble.” Wang Dali also spoke up again. 


Old Lady Wang was really afraid of Shao Yunan. With her son, daughter, and her husband all persuading her, she glared fiercely at Wang Shuping and Fourth Aunt Wang. Then she grabbed Wang Zaizheng, pulled Wang Chunxiu, and while bumping into onlookers, found an empty spot. The people around them were pointing at them, so Wang Zhisong bowed his head, wishing he could dig a pit and jump in.


Wang Shijing and Shao Yunan took Elder Cen, Madam Cen, and the shopkeepers on a tour of the mansion. After the tour, the two took them into the main hall for tea. Once Dean Cen came, he was definitely one of the higher seating guests, so taking advantage of the gap, Zhao He told Shao Yunan about the problem in the front yard. Shao Yunan’s face remained unchanged, only telling Zhao He to absolutely not allow Old Lady Wang’s family to come in. 


Elder Cen and Madam Cen sat in their seats, accompanied by Zhao Lizheng, Wang Wenge, and Patriarch Sun, along with several other respected village elders. Usually they wouldn’t have an opportunity or the identity to come in such close contact with Dean Cen, but today, thanks to their relationship with Shao Yunan, they had this opportunity. They were so happy that they needed to restrain themselves a bit. They now had even more admiration in their heart for Shao Yunan and Wang Shijing’s abilities. 


Shao Yunan had someone call Wang Shiping and Zhao Yuande over. He was clear that this was a rare opportunity for these people. Elder Cen not only sent a gift, but also his own handwritten calligraphy and painting, which Shao Yunan respectfully accepted with both hands. For ancient people, their own calligraphy was almost never given away unless they were poor and needed to sell it. This made it difficult to buy the calligraphy of famous people in ancient times even if you had money. Dean Cen’s calligraphy was definitely a good thing that would be hard to find even for ten thousand gold! The two teachers Guan and Chen also sent over their own calligraphy and Shao Yunan preferred it to receiving gold or silver. 


Shao Yunan asked Zhao He to call the children who were playing in the backyard to come over and take this opportunity to greet Elder Cen and the two teachers. In a short time, Zhao Congbo and Wang Yan came over with Wang Qing, Nizi, Wang Yuting, Tang Gensheng, and several other children, all of whom were children of families close to Wang Shijing, including Wang Xing and Sun Erjiang’s children. Except for the four children who were attending Elder Cen’s lectures, the rest of the children led by Zhao Congbo and Wang Yan, respectfully and modestly paid their respects to Dean Cen and the two teachers. 


Dean Cen, who seemed to be in a good mood, asked the children if they had started learning how to read and write. The children had already started to learn and Shao Yunan then told Dean Cen that Zhao Lizheng and the village Patriarchs were willing to pay for the village children’s education and would reward those who studied well. Shao Yunan’s own words brought Wang Wenhe in as well, avoiding embarrassing Wang Wenhe. He also introduced Zhao Yuande and Wang Shiping to Dean Cen, explaining that they were the fathers of Zhao Congbo and Wang Yan.


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