Spare Tire is Gone – Chapter 38.1

Weibo was buzzing. The post Gu Xun has just uploaded managed to get on the hot search and hit the trending list. There are also two hot searches: # Gu Xun publishes photos # and # Why Gu Xun became an actor#.

Qi Cong was prepared that he might see all kinds of speculation and bad comments as he opened the comment section under Gu Xun’s Weibo account which already had tens of thousands of comments.

Hot comment one: ?????

Hot comment two: !!!

Hot comment three: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Qi Cong: “……?”

His uneasy heart hit the ground and then immediately returned. Qi Cong slid down the comment section with a frown.

Hot comment four: ? ? I suspect I’m still not awake? Brother Gu, is this a private photo?

Hot comment five: Crap, crap, crap, crap! I knew Gu Gu was going to post against this gossip account. Digging up people’s privacy, they are just too much. Who would dare to make friends with Gu Gu otherwise?! But! Ah ah ah ah, this uniform… this short hair… this smile!

Hot comment six: For Qi Cong, he has become an actor? Is this statement due to anger or is it true? Also, why is Brother Gu dressed like this? Also, this expression? Three years ago, Gu Gu was so fresh and kind?

Hot comment seven: Wait… Qi Cong…”Looking Back on the Flowers”, “Murmuring Water”. Water…. Before, brother Gu suddenly spoke out to help the rookie author who wrote a novel, defending his rights. With Brother Gu’s temper, to speak for a newcomer, wasn’t it because the little newcomer’s pseudonym and his good friend’s name were similar, right? [laughs]

Qi Cong was so surprised at this that he stopped breathing and clicked on the replies under this comment.

The comment section was filled with a large number of “sisters, you found the main point”, “I also thought of this first”, “+1”, “Come on, let’s be bolder, this Qi Cong might be Murmuring Water.” Or “Actually, I thought of this last time when Brother Gu helped the little newcomer defend their rights. I even wrote a hundred thousand words fanfic about Big Brother and the writer. ” There were also many other comments.

Qi Cong looked more and more stiff, and his heart beat faster and faster. Just when he couldn’t help but start to make up his mind about the consequences of his pseudonym being exposed, another comment appeared in time to save him. Then another person added a ball of pink cotton and surrounded him tightly.

I Want to Receive the Express Delivery: Speaking of which, it seems that from the beginning of his debut, Brother Gu was particularly concerned about the word “Cong”. The first time a reporter interviewed him and used the word “Cong” but mispronounced the word, Brother Gu especially corrected it. Also when Brother Gu participated in a film promotion event, the organizers asked him to draw a picture. I think another guest mispronounced it with the word chimney, but was also immediately corrected. There are many more such events. Brother Gu is very concerned about this word, it is… hiss… I don’t even dare to think about it.”

Under this comment, people who were originally guessing that Qi Cong and Murmuring Water might be the same person changed their train of thought and began to dig up various details of Gu Xun and the word “Cong”. They dug quite a lot.

Make Me Spend Money: I remember one thing! When our Brother Gu won the Best Actor Award for the first time, he came to the stage to receive the award and to give his acceptance speech. He also used the word “Cong,” saying that he liked the sound of water very much!

Want to Eat Grapes: I also remember that Brother Gu had a teardrop-shaped tie pin! It was said that he designed it himself! This tie pin also appeared in his later participation in other award ceremonies!

Roses are Blooming: I…I think of a certain interview with Gu Gu. The host asked him where he wanted to live if he lived in seclusion. Gu Gu answered, “I want to live in a place where I can hear the sound of water flowing from time to time.” After the interview was over, I even began to panic.

I’m Tired of Saying One Sentence: Sisters, if you look through Brother Gu’s Weibo posts that he posted recently, he wrote that he wanted to withdraw his words about not finding a partner in the entertainment circle. He also said that he had lived for more than 20 years and only had a crush on one person before he made his debut. If you take a look at this Weibo, Brother Gu said that he and Qi Cong knew each other before he debuted. And after Brother Qi Cong’s family had an accident, he decided to enter the entertainment industry … … ah ah ah. …ah ah ah, why do I feel like I was broken up with! [manual goodbye].

Best Way to Make Money is to Spend It: Don’t do this! Me, me, me, why do I feel like my house is going to collapse? Just now I was still drooling due to Brother Gu’s smile but now… I burst into tears. Gu Gu never smiled like this to others but in these two photos he smiled so gently and happily …… ah ah ah ah ah, I do not want to collapse the house, I do not want to! Ah!!!

Schrödinger’s Express: If what Gu Gu posted is not due to anger, he really became an actor due to Qi Cong… then can he also quit the circle for the sake of Qi Cong? After all, his family is not short on money. Any job he chooses can be based entirely on his hobbies.

This guessing comment obviously frightened everyone. Howling and even slightly sour words were silenced by Gu Xun fans in unison, making many comments cut off.

Qi Cong stopped reading the comments, hearing only his own heartbeat in his ears.

Gu Xun cared about the word “Cong”?

He couldn’t help but slide the page back and reread the comments that analyzed the inextricable relationship between Gu Xun and the word “Cong”. Some of the comments were followed by photos, which he had read in a hurry before and didn’t click on, but now ….  

He reached out to open a Weibo that mentioned a tie-pin.

A calm and handsome Gu Xun in a suit and leather shoes was magnified on the screen of his mobile phone. Gu Xun, who stood in the center of all the lights and whose line of sight was moving closer to the microphone in front of him, held the trophy in one hand while the other was touching his chest. His thumb was next to the tie-pin. It was a soft, water-blue gem, and it appeared as if it could slide down with the slightest touch.

Qi Cong looked carefully at the tie-pin and felt like his heart was soaked in a basin of warm water.

Three years ago, when they agreed to spend the Qixi Festival together, Gu Xun once asked him what kind of festival gift he wanted. Qi Cong, afraid that Gu Xun would spend too much money, casually said that he wanted a drop of water because they both had water in their names and the day they first met happened to be a heavy rainy day. So, he wanted to receive a drop of water as a gift and souvenir.

He originally thought that with Gu Xun’s somewhat straight-laced and over-honest thinking, after hearing this answer, would probably collect some rain water or something to give him. But he didn’t expect…. 

He touched the water drop shaped gem tie-pin in the photo.

This… could it be the Qixi Festival gift that Gu Xun prepared for him? If so, then choosing such an expensive gemstone tie-pin as a gift, was “poor boy” Gu Xun ready to confess his deception on the festival eve?

There seemed to be something stuck in his throat, as Qi Cong took a shallow breath. Then he closed the picture and opened the WeChat dialogue box with Gu Xun, wanting to ask. Putting his finger on the input box, he then slowly moved it away.

If he asks, Gu Xun will think of the past. Would he be… sad?

The phone suddenly shook and a new message appeared on the open dialog box.

Gu Xun: I can go back to the hotel around ten o’clock, may I come to you after I go back? I want to know about the role you’re going to play [cute].

Qi Cong stared at the message for a long time before typing back.

Qi Cong: When I finish my online class, I’ll come to you.




The shooting went well that day and they finished half an hour earlier than expected.

While tidying up his things to leave the shooting site and return to the hotel, Qi Cong noticed that there were many more staff and other actors’ assistants passing by him than usual. There were also people who tried to talk to him and ask about Gu Xun in a casual way. But he played dumb and didn’t  talk in depth.

On the way back to the hotel, Zhao Zhenxun suddenly said: “The scriptwriter may add more scenes to your role.”

Qi Cong, who was helping Shen Jia organize his belongings, became stunned at these words and then immediately reacted, asking: “Because of Gu Xun?”

“Well… the drama director wants to please Gu Xun and turn the meal invitation that Gu Xun promised verbally today into reality. Gu Xun acted like you are very important to him, so pleasing you is the same as indirectly pleasing him. It doesn’t cost much to add a few scenes to your role, but if this can be done in exchange for Gu Xun’s goodwill, it becomes a good deal that will make an even bigger profit.”

Qi Cong put down various cables in his hand.

Zhao Zhenxun asked, “Do you feel uncomfortable with the light shone on you because of Gu Xun? But as a matter of fact, Gu Xun acts in such a high-profile manner probably because he is trying to help you.”

“It isn’t uncomfortable.” Qi Cong really didn’t feel uncomfortable, he just thought… Gu Xun was so good, he didn’t know how to pay back his goodwill. He shook his head and continued to unwrap messy cables. “I was just thinking about how to thank him.”

Zhao Zhenxun looked at Qi Cong’s expression and nodded with satisfaction. “I’m glad you think like this. Also, if you can, I’d like you to contact your parents and ask them to get me some information about Sanmu’s past charities or residential welfare projects.”

Qi Cong finally realized something and looked up. “Mr. Zhao, you are thinking of ……”

“If you want to make your debut, it is inevitable that your past would be dug up, so instead of waiting for others to dig and write something randomly and act passive in front of public opinion, it’s better for us to reveal what we can and set the tone of public opinion early. Sanmu was an older brand of Haicheng, and its reputation has always been good. If we start with information about public welfare and support projects, other people’s negative comments about your parents’ bankruptcy will lessen. The public resistance to your entry to the entertainment industry will be shallower, making people treat you more kindly.”

It would be great to have less negative comments about his parents’ bankruptcy. Qi Cong was quick to respond: “Okay, I’ll contact my parents right now.”


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