Spare Tire is Gone – Chapter 63

What? Jiang Zhaoyan once told the crew of “Legend of Youth” to “take good care” of Qi Cong? Jiang Zhaoyan also placed his fiance in the crew?

The netizens who saw this revelation couldn’t believe it, and then flew into a rage! In their hearts, those who were depressed by the blog posts and didn’t know how to express their feelings all found a breakthrough.

The originally deserted comment area ushered in an explosion of comments. Jiang Zhaoyan’s persistent and pervasive pestering and control over Qi Cong, as well as his excessive bullying, together with his fiance, poked too many people’s pain and anger spots. More and more people began to curse Jiang Zhaoyan and countless people said that they wanted to hammer Jiang Zhaoyan’s dog head!

This emotional resonance also made another voice grow louder. Under these two layers of comments, they followed the words of ‘Keyboard of Justice’ about the suspicious bullying and paying the gossip accounts to mislead the public. All of this was to try to prevent Qi Cong from debuting, and all done by Jiang Zhaoyan. This made the public so excited that they followed the recent revelations and mentioned what they thought were Jiang Zhaoyan’s reasons.

For example, some of them felt it was more likely that Jiang Zhaoyan would think starting with Qi Cong’s illness to sway public opinion would be better than other suspected subjects. Jiang Zhaoyan was very familiar with Qi Cong’s condition and knew that it would be the worst place to start from for Qi Cong.

Also, it was mentioned that all the bad news about Qi Cong appeared after Yanhuang started sponsoring the “Legend of Youth”. Also, after Jiang Zhaoyan took his fiance to the set of “Legend of Youth” in  Hengcheng, he stayed at the same hotel as the crew.

There were also many people saying that of all the people who were suspected, Jiang Zhaoyan’s motive for blocking Qi Cong’s debut was the biggest and most urgent. If Qi Cong makes a successful debut and becomes a public figure, then Jiang Zhaoyan and his company Yanhuang will always be the talk of the public; ridiculed and whipped from time to time as their black history would never be forgotten. This could make their company never develop well again.

Some people, inspired by the blogger’s long blog post, suspected that Jiang Zhaoyan didn’t want to let Qi Cong debut for reasons other than revenge and interest. There was his abnormal desire to control Qi Cong. Moreover, part of the previous smear campaign accusing Qi Cong of using Gu Xun and Shen Jia was also quite like a means of social isolation. The whistleblower seems to want to alienate Qi Cong from people who give him a helping hand….




The more reasons were given, the more people became swayed and convinced. All of this was coupled with the continued fermentation and spread of the long blog article.  The condemnation of Jiang Zhaoyan on Weibo gradually became louder, corresponding to the weakening public suspicion of other people.

Weakening doesn’t mean disappearing completely. After the long blog article moved to the first spot on the trending list, some netizens who suspected that other people were framing Qi Cong asked: “Can anyone prove the authenticity of ‘Keyboard of Justice’s revelations? What if the information is fake and the real culprit behind everything is throwing out a diversion?

This remark reminded some netizens who were led by the long blog article to calm down a bit. They were about to discuss this possibility when a new statement from the official Weibo of “Legend of Youth” answered some of their questions.

The new statement issued by the official Weibo of “Legend of Youth” was very brief, with only two points.

The first point explained the information that netizens were discussing that day about Jiang Zhaoyan placing his fiancé into the cast. The official Weibo said that, with the dissolution of the partnership between Yanhuang and the crew, Mr. An Xiahe, who had joined the Art Direction Team of the crew as a consultant, automatically left.

The second point warned people again from randomly leaking the crew’s inner matters, stating if something similar happens again, the crew will take legal measures to defend their rights.

This statement directly confirmed the truth of what ‘Keyboard of Justice’ posted and expanded the revelation that was made. Many people who only followed drama information felt curious after seeing this statement and went to the blog post before also checking the doctor’s long article. There they saw the doctor analysis and revelations in the comment section.

The number of people who cursed Jiang Zhaoyan increased and even their curses became more aggressive.

Maybe it’s because of the atmosphere, maybe it’s because of the popularity of the topic, but not long after this, other influential Vs came out one after another, saying that they also think that Jiang Zhaoyan was trying to prevent Qi Cong from making his debut, because Jiang Zhaoyan had already been doing that for a long time.

They mentioned again that Jiang Zhaoyan and the Jiang family had tried to blame the company crisis on Qi Cong and analyzed in detail the way Jiang Zhaoyan and the Jiang family framed and induced the public to attack Qi Cong in that incident by creating false evidence, starting false rumors, personal attacks, and quoting out of context.

During the analysis, they also highlighted the purchase of gossip accounts and the water army Jiang Zhaoyan and his family hired at that time. This implies that Jiang Zhaoyan was very experienced in buying gossip accounts and water armies.




Public opinion became completely skewed and they no longer tried to condemn the crew of “Legend of Youth” for trying to make a big deal smaller. There were also not many left trying to analyze “who was trying to smear Qi Cong” since most of them have decided that the person behind it was Jiang Zhaoyan.

People were now busy looking for more evidence that Jiang Zhaoyan was behind it and no longer thought of other possibilities.

There were still some people who insisted that Jiang Zhaoyan might not be responsible for provoking public opinion to boycott Qi Cong but their voices couldn’t be heard amidst the anger against Jiang Zhaoyan brought by recents posts.




At the Huaxia Hotel, Qi Cong put down his tablet and looked at Zhao Zhenxun who was sitting across from him.

Zhao Zhenxun said, “As I said your enemies will have bad luck.”

Qi Cong frowned. “That statement from the crew….”

“It’s bringing the rhythm so that the public will take their eyes off the cast and turn to Jiang Zhaoyan.” Zhao Zhenxun gestured with his chin to the tablet in Qi Cong’s hand. “Didn’t you notice? The volume of people suspecting Lian Pengxing on the internet has become  much lower. “

Of course he noticed it.

Qi Cong bowed his head and flipped through the so-called “analytical” blog posts posted by verified accounts of entertainers.

“This is just the beginning. After this, the public relations team of the cast members will come out one after another, and public opinion will become even more disadvantageous to Jiang Zhaoyan. In order to thoroughly clear suspicion, everyone won’t spare any effort to dump all the blame on Jiang Zhaoyan. The crew will also smoothly push the leak of the crew’s information to Jiang Zhaoyan in order for the drama’s filming to continue without any problems. This way they will give you and Gu Xun an explanation without needing to dig deeper into the matter. After all, Jiang Zhaoyan really has a vendetta. “

Qi Cong put down the tablet again without saying anything.

Seeing this, Zhao Zhenxun asked, “Are you not willing? This is how the entertainment industry is. People don’t care about the truth, they only care about staying on the surface.”

Qi Cong shook his head. “I’m not unwilling and I understand that this is probably the best outcome.”

“Then why do you look like that? Don’t tell me you sympathize with Jiang Zhaoyan. “

Of course, this wasn’t the case. Qi Cong wasn’t a saint and didn’t have any compassion to sympathize with his enemy’s impending bombardment of public opinion. He looked at Zhao Zhenxun and said, “I am wondering when this matter will be completely over.”

With the release of “Heaven Asked?” coming up, he didn’t want this crap to keep hanging around on the internet and indirectly affect the box office. Even if it only might have a small impact.

Zhao Zhenxun looked again at Qi Cong’s expression and replied, “It won’t be long. The real mastermind and all the people who have taken the opportunity to stir up muddy waters won’t want to take part in it for too long.”

Then he got up, took out a notice from his bag and handed it to Qi Cong. “Additionally, the shooting time for your first scene is set for the day after tomorrow at 7:30 p.m., at the courtyard of Prince Rui’s mansion. It’s your second to last scene. Take these two days to practice and if you don’t understand something, ask the acting teacher of Jia Jia. Don’t dwell on it by yourself and don’t get stuck on something for too long.” With that Zhao Zhenxun closed his bag and left the room.


The door closed and Qi  Cong was once again the only one left inside.

He looked down at the official shooting notice on the table, put down the tablet and picked it up.

The paper was very thin but the meaning it represented was very heavy.

Qi Cong carefully read every word on the notice sheet, and then froze in afterthought when he saw the column of the shooting date.

Wait, the day after tomorrow? Isn’t that the day of the premiere of “Heaven Asked?”?




While Qi Cong was nervously making all kinds of preparations for his first scene, public opinion on the internet, as Zhao Zhenxun suspected, united against Jiang Zhaoyan.

After the verified celebrities came down and swayed the public, several revelations about Jiang Zhaoyan, Jiang Tian, Jiang Zhaoxiang, Jiang’s father and mother broke one after another.

First of all, about Jiang Zhaoyan, some inner executives that left Yanhuang were interviewed and according to them, Jiang Zhaoyan recently frantically liquidated his assets and he also contacted a few public relations companies.

The second, about Jiang Tian and Jiang Zhaoxiang. Someone screenshot Jiang Tian’s words in a small chat group that threatened to retaliate against Qi Cong and Qi Cong’s parents.  In the screenshot, Jiang Tian said that he would use “small means” to make Qi Cong suffer heavy losses and become a street rat everyone could kick. Then a classmate of Jiang Zhaoxiang released a screenshot of Jiang Zhaoxiang’s circle of friends. It turned out that after Jiang Zhaoxiang’s KTV recording was released, he had cursed and spewed dung on his moments, saying that he wanted to find the troublemakers and make them pay. He also called out Qi Cong, saying he shouldn’t think that he could turn over a new leaf by relying on Shen Jia, since the most he could be was their Jiang’s family dog.

Lastly, Jiang’s father and mother. Someone anonymously reported that Jiang’s father and mother had brought someone to their neighborhood to inquire whether a middle-aged couple surnamed Qi had recently moved in. Their tone was so bad that it was suspected that they wanted to do something to Qi Cong’s parents. The source also provided a candid photo of Jiang’s parents leaving by car after fruitlessly inquiring.

These revelations almost poked all the anger points of the netizens! It also seemed to indirectly confirm everyone’s speculation that Jiang Zhaoyan and his family weren’t ready to let go of Qi Cong and they were actually going as far as finding trouble with Qi Cong’s parents!

Despicable! Shameless! They have no bottom line!

The public was furious.

After that, there were some real and fake materials released about Jiang Zhaoyan buying gossip accounts and water armies. There was also a big Verified blogger who came out and rationally analyzed that it wasn’t necessary for other people to hurt Qi Cong, but it was necessary for Jiang Zhaoyan to hurt Qi Cong. Finally, under the efforts of all parties, Jiang Zhaoyin successfully transformed from the netizens’ object of suspicion, into a definite sinner.

Public opinion was thus finalized. Jiang Zhaoyan was pointed out by thousands of people while others were left unharmed.




The day before the premiere, Qi Cong, who had finished a day of practice, received a phone call from Gu Xun before going to bed. This was the first phone call between the two since Gu Xun returned to Beishi.

“Cong.” Amidst the sound of car horns and a talking crowd,  Gu Xun’s voice came, low with exhaustion and vaguely coquettish. “I wish you could be at my side now.”

Qi Cong changed the phone to his opposite ear, raised his hand to cover the ear that was just attacked by his voice and looked at the huge cat mascot on the windowsill of Gu Xun’s hotel room in the opposite building. He asked, “Are you done?”

“Mm-hmm. Just waiting for the premiere to be over tomorrow and then I can go back to you.” After hearing the sound of a closing car door, the sound of honking and a crowd all disappeared. Gu Xun’s voice became clearer. “Cong, I remember your first scene will be soon, when will it be?”

The first scene.

Qi Cong looked at the script and the filming notice on the small table.  He raised his hand and touched the fuzzy outline of the cat mascot on the window glass, hesitated and then replied, “It’s the day after tomorrow, 7:30 p.m.”

Gu Xun’s voice immediately became happy. “That’s great, I was afraid that I would miss it, but fortunately I won’t.”


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