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Five minutes later, Gu Xun updated his Weibo.

Looking Back on the Flowers V: I just said that I know Qi Cong and you guys have to dig out all of Qi Cong’s past, recklessly publish his past photos and personal information. If I say that I became an actor for him, would you guys check his genealogy as well? Just stop it.

This Weibo was accompanied by two photos, similar to the format of the two Weibo posts that Shen Jia created with Qi Cong before. Which was to post one current and one past photo at the same time.

In the current photo, Gu Xun was wearing a black t-shirt and stretched out his arms to hold Qi Cong who was dressed in white t-shirt. Their heads were very close to each other. In the photo, Qi Cong looked at Gu Xun with a confused expression, while Gu Xun looked at the camera with a smile.

In the past photo, Qi Cong was dressed in a light-striped shirt and light-colored jeans. He sat in a warmly decorated coffee shop window seat, with an open laptop in front of him. Behind him, Gu Xun, dressed in a waiter’s uniform and short-cut hair, stood slightly bent over. The sunlight spilled in from the window, illuminating the bright and expectant light in the eyes of Qi Cong as he looked at the computer screen. It also illuminated Gu Xun’s gentle gaze, as he looked at Qi Cong while slightly tilting his head.

In the nearly three years since his debut, Gu Xun has never posted past or private photos on Weibo. He was very concerned about protecting his privacy. So, when a gossip account dug up a photo taken with his family when he graduated from college wearing a graduation toga and posted it on Weibo, that same night the gossip account received a letter from Gu Xun’s lawyers.

There were paparazzi who secretly took a photo of Gu Xun and his family at a gathering and posted it online, but the same paparazzi deleted the photos the same afternoon and issued a formal apology.

There were also paparazzi who were finally able to dig up Gu Xun’s residence in Beishi by following Gu Xun, and then took several photos of Gu Xun taking his friends for dinner and posted  them online to make hot news about him. This time, the matter became even more serious, and the paparazzi who secretly took and posted photos became even more unlucky, having a showdown with Gu Xun for a long time. After that no one could dig up Gu Xun’s new residence information and the paparazzi didn’t even dare to dig.

In short, Gu Xun told everyone with his actions: I am here to do the job of an actor, not to become a star. You should do less digging in my private life and past.

But if such a person who always protected his private life and the past without allowing any leakage would suddenly take the initiative to post his past photo…. 

Moreover, in this photo Gu Xun, who is known to be born with a golden spoon, was wearing the uniform of a coffee shop employee with an unusually gentle and amiable expression. This was completely inconsistent with his usual personality.  How could it not make the public curious?

Weibo exploded in excitement.




In the lounge, Qi Cong held his mobile phone and looked at the photo of the past posted by Gu Xun. His eyes stayed on the familiar Gu Xun, whom he knew in his bones for a long time. Then he calmed his emotions and looked up at Gu Xun. Although his temperament has changed greatly, Gu Xun was still familiar to him. “When was this photo taken? I don’t remember us having taken such a photo together.”

“The boss took it.” Gu Xun came over to look at the photo with Qi Cong, his hand on the backrest of Qi Cong’s seat, almost holding Qi Cong in his arms. “He always secretly took photos of his employees. This photo was taken spontaneously when he was cleaning his camera. I saw it and asked him for it. Last time I chatted with him, he also asked me about you.”

Gu Xun said boss, referring to the owner of the coffee shop where Gu Xun worked back then.

Qi Cong was surprised. “You’re still in contact with the boss?”

“Well, after the transformation of Huaibei Street, he simply switched to photography, and now works abroad as a travel photographer. He even has his own photography channel, which is very popular. Do you want to watch his channel? I can send you a link.”

So it turned out to be like this.

Looking at the familiar coffee shop in the photo, Qi Cong suddenly felt at ease.

Before this, the change in all the things around him and the change in Gu Xun’s would often leave him with a feeling of being suspended in midair. After all, apart from his memories, there was no one and nothing that could prove that he had ever known Gu Xun, who was completely different from the Gu Xun that everyone saw.

Such a fragile connection always made him feel unsettled. But it was different now.

He touched the coffee shop counter that appeared in the photo, making the fluctuating emotions in his heart feel like they had suddenly found a foundation and had the ability to take root and survive.

It was nice. The traces of his acquaintance with Gu Xun didn’t disappear with the transformation of Huaibei Street. There were still people and things that could prove the old days between him and Gu Xun existed. There was also something that proved that the Gu Xun next to him was the same Gu Xun he knew in the past.

Qi Cong looked sideways at him. For the first time since they met, he felt numerous burdens lifted that were previously weighing on their bodies. Then he showed a light smile that rose straight from his heart and nodded in response. “Okay, I’ll wait for you to send me the link.”

Gu Xun’s expression suddenly froze as he looked straight at Qi Cong. His gaze became darker and more dangerous, as he approached him

“Gu Xun?” Qi Cong wondered.

Gu Xun grasped the back of Qi Cong’s chair, his gaze fixing on the corner of his mouth before he could retract his smile. He raised his other hand and touched his face. “Cong, you -”


Zhao Zhenxun put his mobile phone on the table with a bang. “Mr. Gu, let’s continue to discuss the follow-up public opinion handling. Qi Cong, go outside and inform Xiao Han to replenish the honey water in our mini-fridge.”

Qi Cong broke from Gu Xun’s burning gaze and pulled back, only to remember that Zhao Zhenxun and Shen Jia were still next to him. Stiffening, he reached out to push Gu Xun, who was leaning too close to his side. With a quick glance at the expressionless Zhao Zhenxun and Shen Jia, who was pretending to not be there while he sipped his drink, Qi Cong got up and said, “Alright.” 

Then he hurried out of the lounge.

With his arms empty, Gu Xun slowly sat up straight, raised his hand and pressed the corner of his lips, looking at Zhao Zhenxun.

Zhao Zhenxun’s eyes were full of warning. “Gu Xun, I hope you haven’t forgotten our last conversation. We agreed that priority should be given to Qi Cong’s career. Your Weibo has disrupted my pace. His past could’ve been revealed to the public in a more gentle and appropriate way.”

Gu Xun asked rhetorically, “Why should it be gentle? Everything he has was taken away from him in a despicable and underhanded way, he is a victim.  As his past is made public he deserves the public’s love and support, as opposed to certain people who must receive their due retribution.”

Shen Jia suddenly choked, coughing twice before looking incredulously at Gu Xun, who looked very different from his previous gentle appearance. He was full of coldness and hostility. Shen Jia’s eyes widened.

Gu Xun looked at Shen Jia. “Don’t tell Cong.”

Shen Jia’s fingers trembled. “You, you….”

“Grow up. Gu Xun is not the gentle old man you think he is.” Zhao Zhenxun pushed the water in front of Shen Jia and looked at Gu Xun. “What are you planning?”

Gu Xun picked up the cup that Qi Cong had just drunk from and after turning it around, he brought it to his lips. “I’m planning how to tell the public everything they want to know in a way that is the most painless for Cong and the most painful for those bastards.” 

After saying that, he took a shallow sip of water and hooked his lips. “Pretty sweet.”

“Hiss.” Shen Jia gasped. “Why are you doing this? That’s Brother Cong’s cup.”

Gu Xun smiled at Shen Jia. “It’s mine now. He will be mine in the future, so you better take less advantage of him.”




After Qi Cong instructed Xiao Han and then came back, he then found that the atmosphere in the lounge was a bit odd. Gu Xun and Zhao Zhenxun were gossiping about some industry prospects and such, while Shen Jia buried his head to slowly eat his rice. His movements looked very mechanical. The strangest thing was that when he wanted to pick up his cup to drink water, Shen Jia, who was mechanically eating rice, suddenly looked up and over, his expression changing before he lowered his head again. He looked like he wanted to say something but was holding back.

Qi Cong frowned. “Jia Jia, what’s wrong with you?”

“…… nothing.” Shen Jia picked up two more mouthfuls of rice, his words becoming vague. “I…I’m full. I have to change my clothes for the evening scene. I will go first.” With that, he suddenly put down his chopsticks, got up and ran. He ran so fast, it seemed as if ghosts were chasing him.

Qi Cong frowned, becoming a little worried. “Brother Zhao, Jia Jia… “

“It’s alright, I guess he is under too much pressure due to filming.” Zhao Zhenxun lied without changing his expression. “Just let him take his time.”

After dinner, Zhao Zhenxun and Gu Xun continued to chat in the lounge. Qi Cong, who was worried about Shen Jia, didn’t accompany them and just went out to observe Shen Jia filming.

About half an hour later, Zhao Zhenxun and Gu Xun walked out of the lounge together. Zhao Zhenxun went to talk to Shen Jia, who had just finished filming a scene, while Gu Xun sat on the small bench next to Qi Cong.

Qi Cong looked at Gu Xun.

“I suddenly have something to do, I’ll have to go first.” Gu Xun paused before lowering his voice. “Cong, I’m sorry, it’s all because of me that people went digging into your private life.”

Qi Cong shook his head. “I don’t blame you… sooner or later if I choose to debut these things would be known. Are you going back to the hotel?”

“No, going outside to meet a friend.” Gu Xun looked at Qi Cong, and then suddenly reached out to gently put his hand on Qi Cong’s head and rub his hair. “Don’t worry, it will all work out.”

After Gu Xun finished speaking he went away. Qi Cong watched as Gu Xun disappeared behind the set and only then slowly withdrew his gaze. Raising his hand he touched his hair and then took out his phone to open Weibo.


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