Spare Tire is Gone – Chapter 36.2

Qi Cong wasn’t used to being targeted by the camera all the time, but looking at Shen Jia’s calm appearance, he also learned to ignore Yuan Yuan behavior as much as possible, and replied, “It depends on your shooting progress. My scenes can be chaotic. It’s close to ‘Prince Rui’. My first scene should be a death scene. It depends on the coordinator and the director’s arrangement.”

Shen Jia nodded, glanced at Qi Cong and asked, “Then are you nervous, Brother Cong? If you are nervous, I have a suggestion for you.”

It would be the first time Qi Cong would act. Of course he was nervous so he nodded. “What advice?”

“Gu Xun’s acting back then was one step at a time. He was obviously a newcomer, but he was very old-fashioned. It was a great miracle in the film industry. Perhaps you should go learn from him.” Shen Jia winked again. “It will also help you deepen your understanding. You haven’t seen Gu Xun’s acting and his movies, have you? I’m telling you, it’s handsome and charming. Gu Xun’s fan composition is also a wonderful thing in the entertainment industry. He has more male fans than female fans. He has more younger brother fans than girlfriends and boyfriends fans, which is particularly magical. “

Qi Cong indeed hasn’t seen any.

Perhaps he subconsciously didn’t want to come into contact with those parts that were completely different from the Gu Xun he knew. Since their reunion, Qi Cong has been consciously or unconsciously avoiding all the news about Gu Xun on the Internet. He also never searches for the movies that Gu Xun acted in to watch. Even Gu Xun’s Weibo, he obviously followed it, but he didn’t take a long look.

As if he were clinging to something. He insisted on contacting Gu Xun only on WeChat and on the phone, as if as long as he maintained such a private contact, Gu Xun would always be the Gu Xun he knew.

But Gu Xun has indeed always been the same Gu Xun that he knew.

Qi Cong remembered what Gu Xun said yesterday. After the uneasiness swept away, an impulse to know more about Gu Xun rose vaguely. He wanted to know about Gu Xun, all of it, in all aspects.

He tried to ask casually, “Really? Have you seen the movie Gu Xun was in?”

“I’ve seen it, and my acting class teacher assigned it as homework. Not only to watch it but also analyze and write a review.” Shen Jia’s expression looked miserable. He wanted to continue to speak, but there was a shout from the filming location that the next scene was going to be filmed.

Shen Jia shut up, stuffing his drink and fan into Qi Cong’s hand before getting up, tidying his clothes and walking toward the filming location. Yuan Yuan also put down her mobile phone and ran after Shen Jia with her makeup case.

Qi Cong watched Shen Jia leave, took out his phone and pressed the screen. He looked at Gu Xun’s Weibo while trying to imagine his acting appearance, but after trying for a long time, he could only remember the poster of “Heaven Asked” that he had seen in the elevator.

Now thinking about it, that appearance of Gu Xun… was also very good looking.

His mobile phone suddenly shook. A new message came in. He returned to his senses and looked down to open his WeChat.

Gu Xun: I will solve the matter on Weibo, don’t worry.

Qi Cong lowered his head further down and typed.

Qi Cong: I’m not worried.

Qi Cong: Brother Zhao got the director to give me a small role but I have no experience in acting.

Qi Cong suppressed his expression and continued typing: Can you teach me?

After sending the message, he immediately shut off his screen and looked around like a thief.

The phone vibrated and another message came in. He straightened his back unconsciously, waited two seconds and then opened WeChat, and lowered his head.

Gu Xun: I’ll find you after work.

Was that a yes? After work… did they have an appointment at the corridor entrance again?

Qi Cong suppressed the corners of his mouth that wanted to quirk up and briskly typed back.

Qi Cong: I’ll wait for you.




The revelation that “Shen Jia’s assistant chased after Xing Gu Xun on Weibo quickly disappeared after Gu Xun’s own Weibo post. The gossip account also deleted their own post and apologized. Zhao Zhenxun’s public relations followed up with the gossip account to reveal the details of Gu Xun’s car ride that day, to further wash away the negative impact of the previous news on Shen Jia and Qi Cong. Then he found someone to keep a close eye on the reaction of the public and Gu Xun fans to the “Gu Xun knew Shen Jia’s assistant” news.

The matter was resolved smoothly, but some things had to be paid attention to.

During the break after lunch, Zhao Zhenxun took Shen Jia and Qi Cong to Shen Jia’s personal lounge and while letting Xiao Han guard the door he asked, “Who do you think the ‘insider’ of the revelation is?”

Shen Jia, who didn’t like this kind of black trampling in the entertainment industry, but knew everything that needed to be known, frowned. “From the same crew, either Lian Peng Xing or Qin Zhengjue.”

Zhao Zhenxun looked at Qi Cong. “How about you?”

Qi Cong and Shen Jia had the same guess, but there was one thing he couldn’t figure out. “I have the same idea as Jia Jia, but…”

“Just tell me if you have any ideas.”

Qi Cong directly said, “But I don’t quite understand. The “Legends of Youth” just started shooting and all actors have to bear the risk of unpopularity together. At times like this, any blackened actor would affect the broadcast of the drama. If the drama didn’t become popular, won’t it affect everyone’s interests? “

“So the ‘insider’ only revealed that Shen Jia’s assistant chased after Gu Xun and didn’t make it more exaggerated and excessive. He just wanted to guide Gu Xun’s huge fan base to resent Jia Jia and destroy some of Jia Jia’s popularity, not completely to get rid of Jia Jia. That person was also afraid that writing too much would offend Gu Xun. Also, this drama would take about a year from filming to airing. A year is enough time for any black material to become history, but the Internet has a memory. When the drama is aired, any black history would be dug up. Then it would affect Jia Jia’s popularity. This is a kind of roundabout explosion-proof.”

Qi Cong frowned at that.

Zhao Zhenxun mentioned, “The entertainment industry is like this, we can never know where a pair of eyes are hiding and watching us. Qi Cong, I will say it now, I don’t oppose you and Gu Xun getting along but you have to keep something in mind. If you plan to go further with Gu Xun in the future, you have to be prepared.”

Qi Cong looked at Zhao Zhenxun.

“The Weibo message posted by Gu Xun in the morning will cause a series of complicated chain reactions. The impact caused by him saying he knew you and Jia Jia saying he also knows you will definitely not be of the same magnitude. You’d better be prepared to have your past all dug up.”

Qi Cong froze, then frowned deeply.

“But you don’t have to worry too much, the company will help you control the public opinion.” Zhao Zhenxun with rare gentleness reached out to pat Qi Cong’s shoulder: “Gu Xun will too.”




Qi Cong didn’t expect that the gossip accounts would move so fast. Gu Xun only posted on Weibo that morning that he knew him. Yet, before dinnertime it was already dug up that he and Gu Xun met in Haicheng three years ago.

Not only that, his personal information, such as his photo taken in some activities three years ago, his ID photo when he was at school, which university he attended, what major he studied, what class he was in, and whether he lived on campus or went to school from home was also dug up.

Qi Cong kept browsing his cell phone uncontrollably.


When the behind the scenes staff sent out for dinner and called everyone when dinner arrived, he finally saw they had dug up the information that he didn’t want outsiders to know except for Jiang Zhaoyan.

Gossip Jun: Surprise! Shen Jia’s assistant Qi Cong turned out to be the only son of Qi Yin, the owner of the big furniture brand Sanmu in Haicheng! Sanmu went bankrupt because of poor management at the beginning of this year. Qi Yin become unemployed at the second month of this year while Qi Cong, at the beginning of this month because of unbearable pressure attempted suicide and was saved by Shen Jia who sent him to Haicheng City Hospital for treatment. Soon after he was discharged, Qi Cong, together with Shen Jia, went back to Beishi and Qi Cong revealed the intention of debuting. The former wealthy second generation fell into the entertainment industry to make a living, it’s really saddening ah.

There’ve been more than a thousand comments under this revelation. Qi Cong’s fingers clenched and just as he was about to open them, his eyes were suddenly covered from behind.

“It’s time to eat.”

The familiar voice rang in his ears. His hands became empty and the hands covering his eyes moved away. Qi Cong hurriedly turned around.

Gu Xun, dressed in a low-key black t-shirt, trousers and a cap, stood behind Qi Cong with a takeout box. He stood up straight with Qi Cong’s mobile phone in his hands and locked it directly. Then he turned to the opposite side of Qi Cong and pulled over a small stool before shaking the takeout box held in his right hand. “I’m off work. I came to give you an extra meal.”


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