Spare Tire is Gone – Chapter 30.1 – It’s Not Okay To Walk Without Looking At The Road (R)

Take a selfie and change his avatar.

Qi Cong followed Zhao Zhenxun out of Teacher Yuan Yuan’s studio and got into the car parked at the door. After getting in the car, he took out his cell phone and frowned slightly.

This is the second time that Zhao Zhenxun has mentioned this matter.

Previously, when he was in Nancheng, Zhao Zhenxun told him to practice taking selfies and changing WeChat avatars in his spare time. But since then he had been busy with various things, and his cell phone was forced to be turned off for a while because of Lin Xiaozhi, so he never did it.

During this period, he was pulled over by Shen Jia to take several selfies with Shen Jia’s mobile phone, but in three years, the mobile phone photo software was much more developed than three years ago. Although Shen Jia patiently explained a lot of knowledge about photo software and beauty filters to him, he, in fact, didn’t quite understand it.

 The effect of some beauty filters seemed to be too exaggerated.

How about just using the original camera that came with the phone to take the picture?

“By the way, don’t take pictures with the front camera of your phone. The original camera of the mobile phone brand you use is too bad. People who are good-looking will look very lethargic. Remember to take pictures with special software.” Zhao Zhenxun in the front seat suddenly turned around and instructed him.

Qi Cong stiffened and said yes.

When the car started, Zhao Zhenxun withdrew his sight.

In the meantime, Qi Cong relaxed and then frowned again. He pressed his mobile phone, and his eyes gazed at the WeChat icon on the interface. Then, he remembered that he had not replied to Gu Xun and hurriedly opened Wechat.

Several new unread messages have been accumulated on Gu Xun cat avatar and the time was all before three o’clock in the afternoon.

Gu Xun: I’ve finished my meal. There is a very good snack called glutinous rice cake in Cangcheng. It tastes sweet. You should like it.

Gu Xun: Have you finished your meal?

Gu Xun: Busy again?

Gu Xun: I have another interview. I’m going to be busy.

It was followed by emojis with a sigh from the cat.

There hasn’t been news since.

Qi Cong looked at the long list of  messages sent by Gu Xun that day and the last emoji with a cat sighing, and his eyebrows twisted into a knot because he was very upset.

How come he forgot to reply?

He began to type back.

Qi Cong: I am sorry.

Qi Cong: I was in class this morning and had lunch with Brother Zhao as well as styling this afternoon. I’m really sorry I haven’t replied.

He paused when he got to those words and his input speed slowed down.

Qi Cong: Although it’s a little late, you can ask Kevin to buy you a coat and put it on for a while.

Qi Cong: Keep warm and don’t get sick.

Qi Cong paused and typed again.

Qi Cong: I’m ready to go home. I have finished my work.

After the message was sent, Qi Cong waited for a while, but Gu Xun didn’t reply.

Was he still busy?

He went back and re-read the messages sent by Gu Xun. Then he forced himself to exit the app and began to seriously study the photo software that Shen Jia mentioned.

From the time Qi Cong returned home and finished his dinner, Gu Xun still hadn’t replied. Zhao Zhenxun had left. Shen Jia’s work that day wouldn’t be finished until about 10 o’clock. Qi Cong was the only one in the house.

He sat in the empty living room and looked at the clock on the wall.

It was seven o’clock already. From three to seven, what kind of interview takes that long?

He bowed his head to scroll through WeChat for a while, then gathered his thoughts and first called Qi Yin asking about this situation. Then he opened and downloaded photo software and tried to take a few selfies.

Since he wasn’t very good at adjusting the beauty parameters and filters, he simply minimized all the options and turned off all the filters. Even so, the effect of the photos taken with the photo software was much better than with the original camera of the mobile phone.

After taking a few pictures, he picked out ones that weren’t smudged or showed his eyes closed and sent them to Qi Yin. He chatted with Qi Yin for a few minutes and then his eyes were drawn to Gu Xun’s cat avatar.

If he changes his avatar, Gu Xun will see it.

His fingers rubbed against the back of his cell phone and clicked on his profile, then he carefully chose a selfie where he was leaning against the sofa.  Both the temperament and the feeling were more like his own self from three years ago, and he used this to replace his avatar.

After that, he immediately put down his mobile phone and rubbed his face as if he was hiding something. Then he went to his room, took out his computer and set it up on the coffee table. He arranged the cushions and sat on the ground to write the fourth chapter of “Chivalrous Bones” while waiting for Shen Jia to come back as well as Gu Xun to reply.

Time passed very quickly when writing and after more than an hour, Qi Cong stopped typing. He twisted his stiff neck, picked up his mobile phone and pressed the screen.

It was almost nine o’clock but Gu Xun still hadn’t written back.

He clicked on Gu Xun’s Wechat avatar with his thumb, put down his phone and looked at his computer again. Then he began to sort out the manuscript he had just written.

Half an hour later, when the manuscript was finished, he opened the old Jiangwang website and uploaded the fourth chapter onto it.

While determining the title of the chapter, he paused, glanced at the contents of the chapter and typed in a few words.  After that, in the Author’s words column, he solemnly thanked everyone for their encouragement and rewards, and promised to finish “Chivalrous Bones” as soon as possible. Finally, he sheepishly added that everyone didn’t have to smash tickets, and then he completed his note. He clicked ‘Ok’ and the chapter was successfully put into the manuscript box. The update time and date was set at midnight that night.

After doing this, he looked at the increasing number of comments, tightened his hold on the mouse and clicked into the comments area.

The first three chapters of “Chivalrous Bones” were updated at a time when Lin Xiaozhi was making trouble and although many people clicked on the new chapters, everyone’s focus was on cheering him on, and not many people paid attention to the updated content.

Now that almost two days have passed, some people will start to notice the plot.

The comment area jumped out, and the first page appeared. There were indeed fewer people smashing tickets, but the rest was basically all about cheering him on and expressing support.

No one discussed the plot.

Qi Cong’s expectations were disappointed as he clicked to the next page.

After reading several pages of “Come on!”, finally, a comment related to the chapter appeared in his field of vision. Qi Cong hurriedly stopped the mouse and looked at it carefully.

Visitor mkj77: Fengyue? Why did you get rid of his last name? Don’t understand the meaning of this change, is it just to distinguish it from Water Without a Trace’s “Chivalrous Bones”? I don’t think it’s necessary. Liu Fengyue’s name was originally very feminine, and now his surname is removed. It’s curious.

It wasn’t a good evaluation, but it was still concerned about the plot.

Qi Cong continued to scroll with the mouse.

After turning a few more pages, another comment about the plot popped up.

Visitor bb5489: Shit! Immortal writing! The language is concise, but the picture is full. With a few strokes he depicted a small town full of fireworks. Although the plot is already known, the feeling is totally different from Water Without a Trace. Hahahaha, it turns out that Liu Fengyue was a fisherman when he lived in seclusion, and his fishing skills were so bad, I almost died of laughter.

Qi Cong’s eyes brightened when he saw this comment and he unconsciously leaned forward.

Yes, he was a fisherman. This was a small setting Wu Heng ignored, but in fact it was foreshadowing, in Liu Feng–.

Qi Cong’s excited mood suddenly choked.

It wasn’t Liu Fengyue, it was Fengyue.

He sat back slowly and glanced over the reactions under the comment.

Visitor gh345: I’m not sure what you are talking about. Anti-plagiarism is anti-plagiarism but you can’t brag about it.  I still think the “Chivalrous Bones” written by Water Without a Trace is better.  I have read the three chapters before the newcomer rewrote it and it wasn’t a novel but an outline.  This newly written version is also strange. Anyway, I feel that Water Without a Trace wrote it well and after removing the surname, Liu Fengyue has no internal flavor. Good play though.

Visitor ty567: play + 1

Visitor gho23: play + 2




Visitor cx456: Is the upstairs group a bunch of Wu Heng fans pretending to be some kind of passers-by with formation? Wu Heng wrote Liu Fengyue as a hermit, but it was as if he was only pretending to be one. Obviously the newcomer’s Fengyue is much more dynamic and realistic. A group of people who have been dragged down by Wu Heng’s bad writing, get out!

Visitor ty567: Who are you scolding for pretending to be a passerby? You’re the ****, you ****!

Visitor cx456: Scolding you Wu Heng fans! Your god is about to be terminated by Jiangwang, why don’t you hurry and go cry in mourning?

There was a quarrel at the bottom of the page, Qi Cong frowned and was no longer in the mood to read the comments. He was about to close the comment section when the website sent him a notification that he received a short message. He collected his thoughts and moved the mouse to open it.

Editor Cold Wind Like a Knife: Just finished a meeting and I saw your reply. The signing channel has been opened for you, please fill in the information first. I will mail the contract to you after the information has been filed.  Pay attention to your express delivery these days and sign it, then send it back as soon as possible after receiving the contract.

Qi Cong hurriedly replied that he understood, and then according to the link given by the Cold Wind Like a Knife, he entered jiangwang’s new website to fill in the author information before quickly filling it out and clicking submit.

Another message was sent.

Editor Cold Wind Like a Knife: Add my contact information.

A penguin number was attached at the bottom.

After Qi Cong woke up he didn’t have time to apply for a new Penguin account. After reading the message, he hurried to get a new one, and then added Editor Cold Wind Like a Knife as a friend.

After the friend request was accepted, Editor Cold Wind Like a Knife sent a lot of notes about signing the contract first, and then gave an order.

Editor Cold Wind Like a Knife: Before the end of the first plot arc, don’t look at the comment area. People in the industry can quickly see that your writing and rhythm are building the frame, but the readers won’t be so aware of this and only think it’s dull. I read your first three chapters, they are very good. Write well and don’t be affected.

Having received praise from a professional, Qi Cong’s mood was slightly restored and he typed back.

Murmuring Water: I will, thank you.

Cold Wind Like a Knife: Try to get better every day. If you are busy, it is better to take a day off.

Murmuring Water: Okay

Cold Wind Like a Knife: Good night then.

Then Cold Wind Like a Knife logged off.

Qi Cong was stunned and then laughed.

Brother Knife seems very interesting.

The mobile phone placed on the coffee table suddenly vibrated, and when he came back to his senses and reached for the phone, he saw the screen flashing with a WeChat video call invitation from Gu Xun.

Video call?

Qi Cong was confused, and reflexively turned his head to look at the floor-to-ceiling window.

The window reflected a figure sitting in front of the coffee table. His hair wasn’t messy and his clothes were neat and tidy. Everything was good, but he felt a little strange. He hasn’t been able to get used to his new look.

Qi Cong retracted his gaze to the phone screen, got up from the floor and turned around.

Did Gu Xun see his new avatar? Did he request a video call because he saw it? Gu Xun…. What would he think of his new look?

The vibrations stopped abruptly, and the video call was cut off automatically because of the delay in answering.

Qi Cong stopped spinning in circles. He felt a little regretful but there was also a sense of relief. Just as he was trying to type back to Gu Xun, his mobile phone started to vibrate again – Gu Xun made another video call request.

His heart beat a little faster as he looked at the cat avatar on the phone screen. He gritted his teeth, and answered the call.

Gu Xun’s face appeared on the screen, with the backseat of a car in the background. He had probably just finished attending some event because his hairstyle looked a bit formal, and he was wearing a light-colored printed shirt that was on the formal side. The camera was zoomed in on his face, as well as his expression.


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