Spare Tire is Gone – Chapter 77

Another person with a blurred face appeared, standing very close, holding a glowing object in his hand, and said, “Go on, after the ‘seeds’ are raised, I will come to get you.”

Qi Cong found “himself” nodding, then he took the glowing object, and stepped into a door emitting a white light.

His vision was all white for a moment, and then began to jump and flash at high speed. Qi Cong saw a nursery. There was a young couple arguing and a crying baby lying in the crib. After the scene paused for two seconds, time moved forward as if controlled by some magic. The baby soon grew into a child, a teenager, and a youth through his parents’ divorce. It continued through his parents rebuilding their  families, and so on. Finally after the youth’s 25 birthday, the time progression stopped.

After the scene from the perspective of God stopped, Qi Cong once again discovered the existence of “himself”. He saw himself holding a ball of light in his hand, wandering around the youth in a translucent manner for a few days. Then he put the ball of light into the chief designer of the company to which the youth belonged.

The screen was dark, then bright again. Qi Cong opened his eyes and found himself sitting at the desk instead of the chief designer. He naturally got up and went to the bathroom to look into the mirror.

The chief designer’s face appeared in the mirror.

Qi Cong was shocked, perhaps due to his emotions the original smooth image suddenly shook and dissipated, followed by a distortion then another image appeared.

He saw “himself” wearing ancient robes, crying and shouting at a young man in royal clothes. “I have been thinking about you all my life. For you, I gave up my future, betrayed my family, broke my marriage contract, and now you’re telling me that you’re going to marry my enemy?”

The youth frowned slightly, seemingly a bit annoyed, but still said patiently, “It’s just a show. Don’t make a scene.”

The image changed again and Qi Cong found “himself” standing in the corner of a wedding hall. At the center of the hall, a couple was worshiping the heavens and the earth with great enthusiasm.

Then there was a sudden change and an assassin rushed in. Qi Cong saw “himself” as if he had known that the assassin would appear and ran over to the youth ahead of time, helping the youth block the assassin’s fatal blow. After spitting blood he fell into the arms of the youth who was full of disbelief.

The picture began to change frequently and quickly as Qi Cong saw “himself” in a variety of strange worlds, watching one by one as a baby grew into a young man, and then again and again throwing that ball of light at someone and becoming that person. With the identity and resources of the person he threw the ball of light at, he would give his all to a young man with different faces, but the same unfeeling heart. Tormented by their own bruises and scars he would eventually die, become disabled or fall into madness, only to dig out the remaining bit of consciousness and feelings from the youth’s unfeeling nature. All this to make the always paranoid youth fall in love with him.

These images were so depressing and terrible that Qi Cong felt that his soul had been hurt time after time. He couldn’t help but struggle to break free of these flickering and pulsing images.

Perhaps his efforts had an effect, as the clutter of images suddenly all disappeared. In a completely blank world, he saw “himself” again holding a ball of light, appearing in front of a glowing door.

Someone with a blurred face leaned over and asked with concern, “Are you still holding up?”

“Yes, I am.” Qi Cong heard “himself” answer. “The eight world’s seed is almost raised and his feelings are no longer difficult to catalyze, making the difficulty much less.”

“Then congratulations.”

An ear-piercing alarm suddenly sounded, as the pure white world began to distort and shake. Qi Cong sensed that “him” and a person with a blurred face were panicking as they asked each other “what was going on?” and “what is happening?” and then hurriedly enter behind their respective doors.

The screen distorted and then stabilized again as a room appeared.

It was a familiar process from the God perspective. The start of time progression, the rapid growth of babies, the stopping of time after the child became a youth. Then he would throw a light ball into someone and cross paths with the youth as that someone.

Finally, it was over.

The scene changed again and a person with a blurred face looked at him from the side and asked, “This is your last task, right? Is it possible to unbind after doing it?”

These words were familiar, I’ve heard them before. Qi Cong was vaguely aware of that, so while  listening to his own reply, he focused his attention on the ball of light in his hand.

If everything just now wasn’t just a strange dream he had when his consciousness was blurred, but something else beyond his perception of what was real….

He remembered that in the scenes he saw before, “he” would enter other people’s bodies with a ball in light. In each world he would pretend to lose his memory after occupying other people’s bodies. He then thought of the three years he had forgotten, and of all the things that had gone wrong since he woke up. He remembered the apartment that felt so wrong everywhere. Obviously he couldn’t sense his own body, but there was suddenly a feeling of his heart skipping a beat.

If…it wasn’t memory loss, then if he wasn’t sick….

It’s this situation. It must be this. Also Jiang Zhaoyan….

“By the way, the reason for the last turbulence in the ‘soil’ was found. The host’s body from a high-level world was so self-conscious that it overcame the control and woke up. They regained physical control of their body and killed the person tasked with control. They also broke in here along with the ‘controller’ to destroy the place.”

Qi Cong suddenly returned to his senses and looked at the person who spoke opposite “him” and asked, “Wiped out?”

“Yes, alas, be careful. Remember when choosing the host body, to not pick a soul that is too restless and tenacious. Mission failure is a small matter, but being wiped out isn’t good.”

Qi Cong heard “himself” indifferently laugh twice, wave his hand and say, “I’ve been to a higher world, but this time I am going to a lower world. There’s nothing risky about it.”

“It’s always better to be careful. The last turmoil was resolved, but it still had an impact. That high level soul is a monster, it actually damaged our main control system and got away with it. Now the ‘host’ can no longer be repaired at will, so after the person is used it’s gone. The most important thing is that the loophole caused by the last upheaval is too big to fix, and that person may come back at any time”

“He” stopped smiling and asked solemnly, “Is the main control system broken?”

“Well, I heard that the exchange system is closed, not because it is being upgraded, but because it has been completely scrapped.” The blurry-faced person suddenly lowered his voice and came closer. “Anyway, think of a good way out early. We do these tasks just for a resurrection. I intend not to come back this time after going to the new world anyway. I died of cancer. The points from nine worlds are enough for me to get my body well. I also don’t ask for the ultimate reward of “winners in life”and the “high world newborn”. I just want to come back to life with a healthy body and my own identity to live an ordinary life with my family. Don’t be too obsessed with it. We’re all sinners. We’re already lucky to be resurrected. Don’t ask too much. “

Qi Cong  found himself silent for a long time, as if he was contemplating something, until the person with the blurred face asked something and he finally opened his mouth. “I can’t, I must complete my task. I want to reverse my fate from the heavens. I can’t change my life until I raise a good seed. “

“That’s too hard, you–“

The sudden sound of an ear-splitting alarm silenced the voice of the person with the blurred face. As the alarm sounded, Qi Cong found that the pure white world he was in suddenly began to stir.

“Not good, that person is coming again!”

Due to chaos everywhere, the world gradually distorted and even the light door began to twinkle vaguely, as if about to disappear.

“Passage! Quickly go, the door is going to disappear!”

Qi Cong found “himself” suddenly pushed by the panicked shouting talker, then grabbed the ball of light that began to twinkle after the door started to disappear. Afterwards “he” quickly rushed behind the vanishing door.

The picture reappeared after a moment of total whiteness. In an old room in the countryside, a young woman was holding a crying baby, coaxing it. Then a man stepped in and said to the woman, “His name is ready. Zhaoyan, let’s call him Jiang Zhaoyan. My mother said that the word Yan sounds good.”

Jiang Zhaoyan.

It was as if a giant hammer fell and hit his head. Qi Cong was wide-eyed as his emotions stirred violently. All this suddenly shattered like glass, his brain hurt, and his eyes opened suddenly.

“Doctor, why is Brother Cong still not awake? Is he really all right?”

Shen Jia’s worried voice came to his ears, removing Qi Cong from all kinds of chaotic images. With a nervous heart, he hurriedly sat up and looked at the sound.

At the door of the cleanly decorated ward, Shen Jia was dressed in a tracksuit and stood with his back to the room. In front of him stood a doctor in a white coat.

“Having a nightmare?” A hand suddenly reached out from the side and pressed against his forehead, gently wiping the cold sweat seeping out of his forehead. “Don’t be afraid, it’s okay.”

Qi Cong finally returned to his senses and with hindsight, he found that there was someone else next to him.

Gu Xun, dressed in a black shirt and pants, sat on the chair beside the hospital bed. Seeing that Qi Cong was awake, he got up from the chair to sit on the side of the bed and reached out to hold Qi Cong’s right arm that was propped up on the bed. “Don’t push this hand, your shoulder has – “

Qi Cong suddenly turned sideways and hugged Gu Xun, tightly. He turned his head and put his face to Gu Xun’s ear and neck. Sensing Gu Xun body temperature it was still not enough, so he moved his head down to the lower side of Gu Xun’s neck, to sense Gu Xun’s pulse.

At the door of the ward, Shen Jia and the doctor, who heard the noise, turned to look, and then both stared.

Gu Xun froze after being hugged, then hurriedly tightened his arms around Qi Cong. He soothingly stroked his head while using his eyes to signal Shen Jia and the doctor to not to come in. Meanwhile he coaxed in a low voice, “It’s okay, don’t be afraid, you’ve come out of the lake.”

Qi Cong’s movements suddenly stopped.

Below the ear, through a layer of warm skin he could feel a steady beating pulse.

It was Gu Xun.

The living Gu Xun.

Gu Xun was still there.

He was still himself.

Qi Cong suddenly relaxed and slid down, but was  caught by Gu Xun in time. He reached out and grabbed Gu Xun’s clothes and tried to talk to him. His mouth opened, but a sudden explosion of pain in his brain suddenly came, and his consciousness began to blur.

No. No.

No way.

This was his body, this was his life.

Qi Cong raised his hands to grab his head in pain, pulling his hair tight, and his eyes were wide open as he tried to stay awake.

No matter if it was all a dream or not, no, no, don’t even think about it!

“Cong, what is happening to you?” Gu Xun noticed that there was something wrong with Qi Cong, and hurriedly loosened his arms and put him back on the hospital bed. Seeing Qi Cong’s eyes open wide as he pulled his hair like a crazy person, Gu Xun frowned fiercely and forcefully pulled away Qi Cong’s self-mutilating hands. He shouted towards the doctor, “Come here quickly, he’s not right!”

Shen Jia and the doctor realized something was wrong, and already gathered around the bedside.

His hands were pulled away and pressed down. Without that little reminder of the hurt and blockage, the pain in his brain became more and more unbearable as his consciousness began to drift once again. Some of the things in front of him began to be confused and distorted.  Qi Cong insisted on staring wide-eyed, panicking, hating and feeling unreal. Before he was about to be defeated by the pain, he struggled to find the direction of Gu Xun and said with difficulty and desperation, “Let go of me…please.”


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