Spare Tire is Gone – Chapter 20 – Novel information updated successfully (R)

After shutting down the live broadcast, Qi Cong uploaded all the evidence mentioned in the live broadcast to Weibo, and then shut off the computer.

Shen Jia excitedly pounced on Qi Cong and said happily, “Gu Xun was good just now–“

He became silent after seeing Qi Cong’s expression.

Qi Cong adjusted his mood. He smiled peacefully at Shen Jia before looking at Zhao Zhenxun and saying sincerely, “Agent Zhao, thank you for your time. Thank you for your help today.”

“You’re my artist. It’s my job to help you deal with these things.”

Qi Cong was stunned.

Zhao Zhenxun got up and looked at his watch. “It’s late, I have ordered takeout for you. Go to bed early after eating. Set your alarm clock, tomorrow you have to get up early to catch a plane. Don’t get up late.”

Qi Cong returned to his senses, and also stood up. “Won’t Agent Zhao stay and eat together with us?”

“No, I have something else to do. Also, you can call me Brother Zhao like Jia Jia.” When Zhao Zhenxun looked at Qi Cong, he used to frown but now the frown loosened, showing a rare kindness. “Don’t browse Weibo tonight, I will help you control the follow-up. Qi Cong, now I believe what Jia Jia said, you’re really not bad. Work hard. I hope you will never remember Jiang Zhaoyan and the memories of these past three years.” With that he turned around and left.


The door closed.

Qi Cong stood still for a long time and then looked at Shen Jia beside him. “You…”

“Brother Zhao accepted you! He’s willing to help make your debut! ” Shen Jia pounced on Qi Cong again, excited like a madman. “Brother Cong, I knew that everyone would like you. You’re so good, many people will like you!”

Qi Cong looked at Shen Jia’s excited appearance, and his gloomy heart suddenly dispelled some of its dark clouds. He held on to Shen Jia, who was so excited that he kept moving, and the corners of his mouth hooked slightly, revealing a shallow smile.

Lost some, but also received some, life is actually fair.


His eyes fell on the mobile phone next to the computer. Suddenly there was a strong impulse to call Gu Xun. He wanted to hear Gu Xun’s voice. He wanted to thank him for his help and protection… wanted to…simply say a few words to Gu Xun.

The originally quiet mobile phone suddenly vibrated, and a call from the person he was thinking about in his heart flashed on it.

Qi Cong’s heart pounded. With a slightly urgent speed that he didn’t even realize, he released Shen Jia, went around the coffee table, picked up his cell phone and put it near his ear.

“I bought you a mango cake. It should be arriving soon.” Gu Xun’s voice immediately came out, gentle, tolerant and extremely reassuring. It was somewhat different from before…more…but also the same. “I don’t know if your taste has changed now. Don’t think about the things on the Internet for a while and have a good night’s sleep after eating. “

The noise in Gu Xun’s background was a bit loud, and a muffled voice seemed to urge Gu Xun to do something. Gu Xun’s voice pulled away to answer, after which his voice leaned in again and became clear.

“I have work to take care of and have to hang up. Are you…sure you want to keep quiet?”

Only then did Qi Cong realize that he hasn’t spoken all this time. He opened his mouth but choked out a few coughs because he had unconsciously held his breath for too long. Somewhat embarrassed, he covered the mic on his phone to adjust his breathing, then uncovered it and said, “Thank you for today.”

Gu Xun’s voice sank a little. “What was this cough just now? Sick?”

“No, it was…I choked on some water. ” Perhaps because he was not used to lying, Qi Cong felt uncomfortable. Instinctively, he flattened his voice, “and thank you for the cake.”

Gu Xun was quiet for a few seconds, before his voice softened again. “Don’t be so polite with me… I’ll hang up then. Have a good dream. Good night. “

Qi Cong called out, “Gu Xun.”

Gu Xun immediately responded. “Hmm? I’m still here. “

“… Good night.” Qi Cong palms were a little sweaty and his mind was in a mess. He didn’t know what to say and unconsciously repeated again, “Good night.”

With a smile of satisfaction, Gu Xun also said good night again before hanging up his phone.

Qi Cong stood still for a few seconds before he put down his mobile phone.

A head peeked out from behind him stealthily, eyes twinkling with gossip.

Qi Cong regained his senses and hurriedly put away his mobile phone and turned to Shen Jia. “Takeout is coming soon. Wash your hands first, and then you can eat.”

Shen Jia smiled, and decided to no longer embarrass Qi Cong. He obediently turned to go wash his hands.



Two takeouts arrived one after another, one was digestible porridge and several plates of snacks and side dishes, and the other was a 6-inch mango cake with a card attached to the cake box.

Qi Cong opened the card.

[Won’t you feel better if you eat something sweet? Gu. ]

The card should have been written by the clerk on behalf of him. The handwriting wasn’t very good looking, but it was written very carefully.

Qi Cong looked at the last word “Gu” for a while before putting down the card. He picked up his mobile phone, clicked on WeChat to open the dialog box with Gu Xun, and typed:

Qi Cong: I received the cake. Thank you.

Qi Cong: Is there anything else you want as a thank you gift?

Qi Cong: In addition to eating.

Gu Xun didn’t reply to his WeChat, so he should probably still be busy. Qi Cong put down his mobile phone, took a look at Shen Jia, who was holding a bowl of porridge beside him and secretly opened his phone camera to take a picture of the cake and card on the table.



Before going to sleep, Qi Cong picked up his phone again and looked at it.

The WeChat icon was empty, Gu Xun still didn’t reply to his messages.

Qi Cong looked at the time. It wasn’t early already.

Was he still busy? Or did he just go to bed after work?

He pointed at Gu Xun’s WeChat avatar and then put down his mobile phone. He lied down, and closed his eyes hoping to sleep, but his mind was full of what Gu Xun said when he helped him in the live broadcast today. He couldn’t sleep at all. He opened his eyes again and looked over at the hard disk and notes on the bedside table shining in the moonlight from the window.

After a while, he sat up and turned on the lamp. Picking up the top notes, he opened the notebook.

A line appeared on the front page of this notebook, filling his eyes.

[In the windy moon and rain, I live in the West of Diaotai.  If you are afraid of selling fish near the city gate, are you willing to go to the depths of the world of mortals?].

This was a poem he liked very much. When he first named the protagonist of “Chivalrous Bones”, he  immediately thought of it, and then almost instantly determined the name of the protagonist.

Wind moon. (As name it’s read as Feng Yue)

Rain during the windy moon, wind and moon.

Qi Cong could also recall his own passion and expectation for the work of “Chivalrous Bones” when he wrote this line. He imagined that one day his work would be completed and put on the big screen. He imagined that the character of Liu Fengyue would come to life and be known by many, many people.

He thought about it a lot, only he didn’t expect… that Liu Fengyue would become someone else’s Liu Fengyue.

Perhaps it was the late night that made people act impulsive. Qi Cong suddenly covered his notebook, got out of bed and went to the living room to take the laptop back to his bedroom.

He opened the laptop and logged in to the old website of, selected the management interface and directly deleted all the updated contents of “Chivalrous Bones”. Then he edited the article information and deleted the three words of Liu Fengyue in the main character column one by one.

Liu Fengyue’s surname was chosen casually by him after he settled on the main character’s name.

Also, a hidden hermit who was charged with murdering his family may not want the world to know his real surname.

Thin white fingers on the keyboard gently tapped before pressing enter.

Novel information updated successfully.

Work: “Chivalrous Bones” 

Protagonist: Fengyue (风月 chinese characters for Wind(风) and moon(月))

Author: Murmuring water

Words: 0

In Collection (library / favorite) : 219054

Since the relationship with Gu Xun can start from the beginning, would this also be possible?

After three years can he start to dream again?


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