Spare Tire is Gone – Chapter 36.1

Qi Cong took his phone again. Looking down he saw a full-screen, zoomed-in photo on the screen.

The picture was not high-resolution, obviously, it was a candid shot. In the center of the photo, in the second-floor window of an antique-style decorated storefront, Gu Xun sat in front of a square table facing the camera. His face was slightly facing the street, his arm against the person next to him, eyebrows and eyes pointed down, making his expression obscure. The person he was hugging had his head down and his appearance was blocked by Gu Xun’s body and the window post. It could only be seen that the person was a boy with short hair.

Qi Cong felt his head buzzing as he hurriedly looked up at Zhao Zhenxun again.

Zhao Zhenxun signaled, “There is more than one picture.”

Qi Cong immediately looked back down at the photo. Under the photo there was also text sent out by the Weibo gossip account. It revealed that this Weibo post had six pictures in total.

He finished reading the text content posted by the gossip account. With a single glance, his head was no longer buzzing and just became dull. He managed to somehow stiffly flip through the photos below.

A total of six photos; five were of yesterday’s late-night snack. Respectively, the photos were him and Gu Xun walking down the street, him and Gu Xun walking into the congee store, him and Gu Xun together on the second floor, sitting, he handed Gu Xun the paper bag and another one with Gu Xun’s arm around his shoulder. The last photo was not taken during the midnight snack, but the day before yesterday when everyone was standing at the door of the hotel. At that time, Gu Xun had just helped him take his luggage out of the trunk and was leaning over to talk to him. Because of the angle of the candid photo, his face couldn’t be seen clearly, but Gu Xun’s smiling expression was clearly photographed.

Qi Cong zoomed out of the last photo and looked at the text posted by this gossip account.

Entertainment world: # Shen Jia’s assistant chasing star Gu Xun # direct fan chasing star scene, insiders revealed that this time “Above the Dynasty” and “Legend of Youth” crew live in the same hotel. Shen Jia’s assistant who was a Gu Xun fan took this opportunity to take the initiative and speak with him at the door of the hotel and then secretly follow Gu Xun to eat a midnight snack. After being discovered by Gu Xun, he successfully joins him and they eat together while also giving a gift of his love. Becoming almost excited to tears from receiving his idol’s comfort, happiness level MAX! However, Gu Xun seemed to feel a little troubled and embarrassed. Here I suggest that fans follow the stars in a sensible and moderate manner to not disturb their idol’s private life too much. After all, Gu Xun should be very tired after filming all day.

“Look at the comments.”

Qi Cong had already noticed something was wrong, so he hurriedly clicked on the comment area with more than 10,000 comments to take a look.

Hot comment one: Following him to eat midnight snacks? Can this still be considered star chasing? Isn’t that just star harassment? If someone with this kind of mentality can become Shen Jia’s assistant, then Shen Jia’s team is not picky.

Hot comment 2: It turns out that working as a star’s assistant can still bring this type of benefit :). Can some people control their own assistant please? Gu Xun might have had a smile on his face when he met his fan at first, but his inner expression was obviously ugly. He is tired, don’t bother him like this, okay? This could even be considered stalking, not sure which one it was.

Hot comment 3: So this is the good brother of Shen Jia? Hehehe it’s enough for you to get popularity from your brotherhood, there is no reason to rub off of Gu Xun’s popularity. Really, I originally had a good impression of Shen Jia, but in the end he couldn’t even manage his own assistant. Oh, no, not an assistant, but a “brother” to protect. [Manual goodbye]

Qi Cong’s frown deepened as he looked up at Zhao Zhenxun.

Zhao Zhenxun didn’t look worried or angry, but just asked, “What do you see?”

Qi Cong was not stupid so he quickly replied, “The direction of the comment section is too strange. Someone wants to use me against Jia Jia?”

“You are not stupid.” Zhao Zhenxun took back his phone. “Don’t worry, this is easy to handle. But you should be careful in the future that you don’t ruin your reputation before you even start. I have no objection to you getting along with Gu Xun, but I suggest you keep a low profile. Such as going out to dinner, you better not choose this kind of open and easy to peek at the location, understand?”

This store was chosen by Gu Xun, Qi Cong at that time also felt that sitting by the window was not quite appropriate, but Gu Xun said he had been filming all day and wanted to get some fresh air, Qi Cong’s heart softened so…

He nodded silently and said, “Sorry, it was an oversight on my part. Is this really easy to deal with?”

“It’s easy to deal with.” Zhao Zhenxun frowned, his tone was incoherent, “Gu Xun will solve it.”

Qi Cong became somewhat disturbed by Zhao Zhenxun’s expression and tone.

What was with this tone? Gu Xun will solve it? Meaning that Gu Xun’s side will find someone to clarify with PR and help Shen Jia explain?

Half an hour later, Qi Cong saw Gu Xun’s solution.

He opened Gu Xun’s Weibo home page.

Gu Xun retweeted the gossip account’s Weibo with the text: Stalking a star? Why don’t you just write that my romance is exposed?


Qi Cong touched his ears not feeling quite comfortable and looked at the different Weibo Gu Xun had just posted.

Looking Back on the Flowers V: Qi Cong and I met three years ago, earlier than all of you know me. Instead of waiting for the hotel car, Shen Jia let me take the car with them. Filming is really tiring, but I don’t feel tired at all when I eat with Qi Cong. In addition to midnight snacks, I also want to have breakfast, lunch, dinner and afternoon tea with him. In the future, you will have many opportunities to see me eat with him. The knowledgeable person who broke the news wanted to slander Shen Jia directly. But he shouldn’t take advantage of my relationship with Qi Cong, this is my minefield, don’t touch it.

The phrases “breakfast, lunch, dinner and afternoon tea” and “this is my minefield, don’t touch it” were repeatedly jumping in front of Qi Cong eyes, his expression stressed.

“Want to slander Shen Jia directly…” Shen Jia, who no one knew when he had finished filming the scene, returned to the rest area and crouched next to Qi Cong. Turning the fan to blow at his face, he took out his mobile phone and quietly asked, “Brother Cong, do you think what he said is appropriate?”

Qi Cong uncomfortably put away the mobile phone and took out a honey lemonade from the mini-refrigerator. Adding the straw, he handed it to Shen Jia and changed the topic. “Drink something”

Shen Jia took a big sip and let out a big pleased breath without embarrassment. Then he leaned over and asked in a low voice, “Brother Cong, have you made up with Gu Xun?”

“Not yet.” Qi Cong looked around with little embarrassment and replied honestly, “We decided to start over.”

Shen Jia sniffed, “Oh” and then winked and smiled. Halfway through, he stopped and suddenly raised his eyes to look in one direction, staring. “Yuan Yuan, what are you shooting?”

When Qi Cong heard his words he turned around and saw Yuan Yuan standing about two meters away pointing a camera phone at them.

Yuan Yuan didn’t panic when she heard Shen Jia’s question. She put away her phone and confidently replied, “Brother Zhao asked me to shoot it, saying that from now on I can share some of the crew’s daily routine to Weibo and other major video platforms from time to time to help you stabilize your popularity. Otherwise, once you finish shooting in a few months, your fans are going to climb the wall.”

Shen Jia grunted, deliberately posing with a fierce expression. “Then you should say it in advance. You should also not record what I just said to Brother Cong.”

“I capture the details of the dynamics, but don’t record the sound. I know the rules and you guys talk so low that I would need to get closer to record any sound at all.”

Shen Jia was satisfied with this and withdrew his sight. Regardless of Yuan Yuan, he approached Qi Cong and asked, “Brother Cong, when will your part be filmed? Do you want to try to practice the scene before shooting? What do you want to do? I want to see it.”

Yuan Yuan held up her cell phone again.


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