Spare Tire is Gone – Chapter 35

The corridor was very quiet and only Qi Cong’s footsteps could be heard.

Just when Gu Xun’s hand was about to break away from Qi Cong shoulder, Gu Xun finally made a move. He stepped forward and held Qi Cong shoulder to keep him from moving forward. He approached Qi Cong from behind and stretched his head forward, his face less than ten centimeters away from Qi Cong’s face.


Water droplets fell from Gu Xun’s semi-wet hair, hitting Qi Cong on the shoulder and neck.

Qi Cong’s body trembled slightly and his head moved sideways.

“Cong Cong… did you and  Jiang Zhaoyan meet?”

Gu Xun’s voice was very low and deep as he slowly increased the strength of the hand holding Qi Cong’s shoulder, as if he was afraid that Qi Cong would run away. Qi Cong looked at the shadow of the two of them that were very close together and raised his hand to remove Gu Xun’s hand. He then turned around to look Gu Xun in the face.

There was not enough light in the corridor. Gu Xun’s eyebrows were wrinkled in a frown and half of his face was bathed in shadow. He was like a fierce beast infuriated by invaders, full of a cold and cruel sense of self-restraint that was completely different from the emotion shown in his voice.

Qi Cong froze and opened his eyes slightly.

Gu Xun quickly lowered his eyes and then raised them to look at Qi Cong and smiled. The ferocious beast disappeared, and it was once again gentle Gu Xun. He asked carefully, and with some sadness, “Cong Cong, I have been afraid to ask you. Do you still like Jiang Zhaoyan? “

It was like a stab to his heart.

Qi Cong regained his senses and shook his head vigorously. “I don’t like him. I will never like him.”

“That’s good.” Gu Xun suddenly took a step forward, stretched out his arm to hold the back of Qi Cong’s head, leaned forward and carefully rubbed his hand against Qi Cong’s hair. “That’s good.”

The body temperature and breath belonging to another person surrounded him closely. The back of his head was gently supported, his body half held by the other person’s strong arms. His ears were rubbed by his semi-wet hair, like that of a small animal that had to be rubbed affectionately and carefully. Qi Cong froze as his heart started beating faster and faster.

Even when their relationship was at the most ambiguous three years ago, the two of them had never been so close. In the past, his relationship with Gu Xun was polite and hazy, and Gu Xun would never do such a thing to him.

Obviously it was just a hug that could be easily pushed away, but Qi Cong seemed to be stuck in the same place and unable to move. He unconsciously held his breath and froze for a while, then suddenly raised his hands and tentatively grasped a hem of Gu Xun clothes.

Gu Xun sensed it and moved the hand on the back of Qi Cong’s head as if he wanted to lower his head.

Qi Cong grabbed Gu Xun clothes. “Gu Xun.”

Gu Xun didn’t move.

“I…” Qi Cong paused, closed his eyes hard and continued, “After re-establishing contact, you never asked me about Jiang Zhaoyan. I never asked you about the past three years either and we kept silent about everything and instinctively avoided it.”

Gu Xun’s hand on the back of Qi Cong’s head tightened.

Qi Cong bowed his head. “This won’t work. Gu Xun, what I really want to tell you is that although I don’t like Jiang Zhaoyan now, I’m not sure if I won’t like him again. I —— “

Gu Xun wanted to move again.

“——I forgot!” Qi Cong hurriedly finished his words, his other hand also pulled on the hem of Gu Xun’s clothes, very hard. “My memory breakpoint was before I met Jiang Zhaoyan, so I don’t like him or even hate him, because I didn’t know him at all. For me now, he is a bastard who has ruined my family. But in case….. In case I remember the past three years again, or if I forget the memories of the first twenty years again…. You don’t know how absurd, crazy and stupid I have been in the past three years. I was completely different from what you know. In case – “

“Not the case.” Gu Xun suddenly reached out to hold Qi Cong in his arms. He gently touched the back of Qi Cong’s head with one hand and tightly circled Qi Cong’s body with the other. His voice is gentle, tone affirmative and down-to-earth. “There’s no what if, there won’t be a what if. Cong Cong, don’t be afraid, there won’t be any what ifs.”

The tense body was drawn into a wide and reliable embrace, the force of the caress on the back of the head was very light, and Qi Cong shut up. The uneasy fear in his heart seemed to be wiped away by this touch. He blinked, stopping the feeling of wanting to cry and said, “Gu Xun, it’s not fair to you.”

“It’s only unfair to me if you’re going to push me away because of it.” Gu Xun turned his head sideways, his breath spraying over Qi Cong ear and his lips rubbing over it. “Qi Cong, three years ago, I had a lot to say that I didn’t have time to tell you. After three years, you won’t give me that chance either?”

Qi Cong Adam’s apple slid fast and he was unable to speak.

His body was suddenly released, and Gu Xun’s face reappeared in front of him. He raised his eyes and looked at Gu Xun’s face tenderly.

“It’s the first dinner after our reunion so don’t cry.”

Qi Cong was busy avoiding his gaze and shook his head. “No, I didn’t…”

“I can’t stand it.” Gu Xun raised his hand to gently rub at the corner of Cong’s eyes, then tilted his head toward the entrance to the building, “I think, we should talk about this somewhere else . It’s dark and narrow here, which is not worthy of your courage now.”

Qi Cong reacted with hindsight and looked at the unsheltered corridor where anyone could enter. His heart sank, and he hurriedly looked up around to see if there was a camera.

“Don’t worry, there are no cameras and no one is peeking. Kevin is behind me. He will keep an eye on the hallway for us.” Gu Xun rubbed Qi Cong’s eyes and then he suddenly asked, “Do you have the two poems I asked for?”

Qi Cong couldn’t keep up with Gu Xun’s change of topics and his attention was diverted. He shook his head and nodded. “I forgot. No! When I went out, I forgot the poems. I brought them to Hengcheng, they are in my room.”

“Can you go and get them? I want them now.”

Qi Cong agreed he started back upstairs. After two steps, he stopped and looked back at Gu Xun.

Gu Xun stood in the same place and smiled at Qi Cong. “I will wait for you here. I happen to have something to say to Kevin.”

Qi Cong’s eyes swept over Gu Xun’s gently smiling face, turned and ran upstairs.

When he came down with the poems, Qi Cong saw Gu Xun standing sideways on the eleventh floor, saying something to the other person with his mobile phone in his hand. Probably because of the light, his expression looked a little cold, and the emotion in his eyes was deep and heavy, which made him look a little ruthless.

As if he heard a sound, Gu Xun suddenly turned his head and looked over. The light illuminated most of his face, which was clearly just a normal expression. He smiled and waved to Qi Cong saying, “why don’t you move? Come down, I’ll introduce Kevin to you.”

Qi Cong returned to his senses and walked downstairs quickly.

Kevin was standing in the corridor outside the entrance of the building, also holding a cell phone in his hand. Upon seeing Qi Cong he took the initiative to greet him then pulled out his business card and handed it to Qi Cong saying, “Hello, Mr. Qi Cong, I’m Kevin. In the future, if you can’t contact the boss, you can contact me instead.”

Gu Xun added, “I often can’t bring my phone with me when I’m at work, so if you can’t reach me, you can ask Kevin for my schedule.”

The atmosphere of this introduction was a bit….

Qi Cong took Kevin’s business card and politely replied, “Hello. I am sorry but I don’t have a business card. “

Kevin smiled and waved his hand. “It’s okay. The boss has already given me your phone number.”

“Alright, time to go, the snack stand will be closed soon.” Gu Xun pressed Qi Cong’s shoulder again and turned him around, while turning his head sideways towards Kevin. “You go back to rest.”

Kevin agreed, nodding at Qi Cong who looked over his shoulder and turned to leave.

“Let’s go.” Gu Xun pushed Qi Cong down and asked as he walked, “Thinking of something to eat? Or should I recommend it? It’s late, so how about some porridge? Nourish your stomach.”

Qi Cong looked back at Gu Xun’s gentle as usual expression, and his heart that had been uneasy since he knew Jiang Zhaoyan had reappeared slowly calmed down. He nodded. “Good.”




Qi Cong was taken by Gu Xun to the most famous food street near the Film and Television City, into a warmly decorated two-storied porridge shop at the end of the street. The wind of late summer and early autumn blew over, sweeping away the heat and fatigue of the day, and bringing them a slight coolness.

Gu Xun helped Qi Cong arrange his chopsticks and cups and explained, “This place was recommended to me by a writer from the same drama group. The porridge is well cooked, and the dishes and snacks are also very good. You can try more later.”

Qi Cong withdrew his gaze from the bustling street below and looked across to Gu Xun, whose hair was being stirred by the wind. His eyes followed Gu Xun’s gently drooping eyebrows and straight nose, swept across his smiling mouth and fell on Gu Xun’s strong and slender arm. His eyes slid along his arm, all the way across the broad and smooth shoulder line to finally return to his face.

He was really good-looking, even though his hair was just combed back after a washing and he was just wearing a simple T-shirt and casual pants, he still looked good. He was a glowing, good-looking man.

How could he have really believed three years ago that a man with such remarkable temperament, good upbringing and confidence so obviously fostered from wealth, could really be a child from a poor family.

Gu Xun suddenly locked eyes with Qi Cong and asked with a smile, “What are you looking at? Did I get something on my face?”

Qi Cong regained consciousness, only then realizing that he had watched Gu Xun in daze and become somewhat embarrassed to withdraw his gaze. He picked up the paper bag beside him and handed it to Gu Xun, saying, “I originally wanted to frame the poem myself, but you needed it in a hurry, so if I did it myself, it would be too late. I found someone outside to frame them. Take this and I’ll write you two more when I’m free,” he said, his voice a little lighter. “Then I’ll frame them by hand for you, so it can last longer. “


Gu Xun smiled and reached for the paper bag, his voice getting gentler by the minute. “Good, I’ll wait for you to finish.”

Soon the porridge was brought up along with the small dishes and snacks, and Qi Cong tasted it, finding that it all tasted really good and was very suitable for his taste. He looked at Gu Xun, who was unwrapping the tissue, and called out, “Gu Xun.”

Gu Xun raised his eyes and handed two tissues to Qi Cong. “Huh? Take this and pad the porridge bowl. Don’t burn yourself. “

Qi Cong thanked him for the paper towels, put them under the thin porcelain porridge bowl, rubbed his fingers over the rim and said, “About the past three years…”

Gu Xun stopped placing the paper towels and looked at Qi Cong. Then with a serious expression, he said, “Cong Cong, we can take our time. You don’t have to rush to tear up the things you don’t know in the past three years. I only believe in you, in the Qi Cong I know. It won’t affect my perception of you.”

These words poked at the most frightened part of Qi Cong’s heart, and he stopped talking and looked straight at Gu Xun.

Gu Xun smiled and placed his arm on the table, leaning over to look at Qi Cong. “You can take your time sorting out your career, your life, and…Jiang Zhaoyan. You can take your time to sort it all out. Tell me when you’re done, or don’t tell me when you’re done. I respect your choice. I can also slowly tidy up and explain to you why I lied to you before, what I’m really like and everything about me. We should both take our time, only look at each other and not listen to other people’s comments about each other. I will give you space and time, and you will give me opportunities and tolerance, okay? We’ll start from scratch. “

The cool wind blew late at night, wrapped in the aroma of sweet-scented osmanthus and food. Qi Cong looked at Gu Xun and seemed to be in a trance. He seemed to have become the fool who was sitting in front of the coffee shop, waiting for him three years ago.

From the beginning to the end, the person he likes has the most gentle look in the world.

He raised his hand to cover his eyes and asked, ” If I forget you again….”

With a sudden warmth on his head, a hand came up and gently rubbed his hair. Qi Cong moved his hand away, and met Gu Xun’s line of sight.

“Nothing.” Gu Xun smiled without a care in the world, “At worst, you become a lunatic again.”

Qi Cong lowered his head abruptly, pulled up the tissue that was below the bowl and pressed it to his eyes. The paper towel was a bit hot from the heat of the porridge bowl. Some traces of water melted into the paper towels, and though it may be only an illusion to Qi Cong, he felt that the warmth on the paper towels swept along his eyes and straight into his heart.

“I’m sorry.” He didn’t know if he had made a sound. He felt humiliated, and tried very hard to make himself clear, “I’m sorry … Thank you…. Thank you, Gu Xun.”

The noise of the hustle and bustle of the street could be heard, and at a glance, there were young people talking and laughing loudly and fooling around. Gu Xun looked at Qi Cong,  who bowed his head and tried desperately to calm down his emotions. His other hand under the table clenched into a fist and drew blood on his palm.

Other people were laughing, why was only his baby not and he couldn’t even cry freely.

He loosened his grip a little, got up and went to sit beside Qi Cong. He stretched his arm over Qi Cong’s shoulder and then looked over at the endless night outside the window.

“It’s fine.” He gently patted Qi Cong on the shoulder, hiding his expression in the night. “It’s going to change, this wind is blowing randomly, making the sand land in people’s eyes. It’s all right, I will be all right in a minute.”




That night, Qi Cong had the best sleep since he woke up.

When he woke up, the morning light just fell into the room. He picked up his cell phone, and there were already two unread messages on WeChat. He clicked on them and then laughed.

Gu Xun: Good morning.

Gu Xun: Today’s breakfast is noodles with soybean paste. I don’t think the porridge is as good as last night’s porridge.

Qi Cong turned over, touched Gu Xun’s cat avatar and replied by typing.

Qi Cong: Good morning.

There was no reply to the message and Qi Cong put down his phone and got up.

After arriving at the filming site, he took advantage of the emptiness of Shen Jia’s shooting schedule. Qi Cong read the script of “Legend of Youth” and then looked at two pages given by Zhao Zhenxun yesterday.

What was written on the first page was the basic information about his character, which was pitifully small with only a few simple lines.

You Changqing, the brother of You Changfeng, was the second son of Prince Rui whose mother was a singer from a different country. He was born prematurely, poisoned in the womb so he was born disabled and had trouble walking. Because of the different-colored eyes inherited from his mother, he was not liked by Price Rui so he wore a mask since childhood. When he was an adult, he was bewitched by another nation to try to betray Prince Rui. He also wanted to frame Prince Rui’s son You Changfeng. But his plot to betray Prince Rui was uncovered and he was tortured by poison, which caused him to bleed from his seven orifices and his internal organs were corroded to death. Before he died, he struggled to write the nursery rhyme he heard from his mother when he was a child and it became the key clue to You Changfeng discovering the secret of the “Ancient Sword”.

On the second page there were three scenes in which this character participates.

In the first scene, Yun Liuguang and You Changfeng explored the enemy’s lair at night. In a group of negotiating villains, they saw a figure dressed in a brocade that only the aristocrats in the capital could wear; this figure was none other than You Changqing.

In the second scene, after the imperial examination was over, Yun Liuguang, as examination champion, saw You Changqing surrounded and ridiculed by all the sons of important families at the banquet. He went to stop it but was called away by the Emperor.

In the third scene, the mastermind behind the plot against Prince Rui was exposed and the capital was in turmoil. You Changqing was exposed as the person behind the scenes and died suddenly in his own courtyard that night. Before he died, he left behind a nursery rhyme, which became the key for Yun Liuguang and Youchangfeng to find out the mastermind and the secret of the ancient sword in the future.

It was such three scenes that basically summed up the life of You Changqing.

Qi Cong put down the scene papers and put himself in the position of You Changqing. He was trying to build a specific shape to this character, which only had a small trace in the whole plot.

“Qi Cong.”

Qi Cong returned to his mind, covered the papers and tilted his head up.

Zhao Zhenxun came over with his mobile phone and extended it out to Qi Cong. “Look at this.”

Zhao Zhenxun’s expression was a little bit strange, making Qi Cong puzzled. When he took a look at the phone, he saw that it was a news article, and the content of this article….

It was a news report on the problems with Yanhuang products and after-sales chaos?

He looked up at Zhao Zhenxun in surprise.

“The news broke in the early hours of yesterday morning. Jiang Zhaoyan left overnight. He should have gone to deal with it.” Zhao Zhenxun took back his phone, clicked on it and handed it over again. “Look at this, too.”


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