TOFUH – Chapter 180.2 – A stranger in Modern Times (part II)

Zhao Jinge became extremely excited. 

The person in the hospital room, could it really be Jiang Zhen?

Chang Ping was still saying something, but Zhao Jinge no longer had time to listen to his words. Taking a deep  breath, he pushed open the door of the ward. 

At the sound of the door opening, Jiang Zhen opened his eyes again. 

Seeing a complete stranger standing by his bed, he frowned slightly and thought – who was this man? Among his comrades-in-arms, there wasn’t someone so good-looking. Was it someone he saved before?

His eyes were full of doubts, but Zhao Jinge just called out, “Jiang Zhen?”

“Hmm?” Jiang Zhen responded. 

Zhao Jinge took a deep breath and then asked: “Do you know Zhao Mingzhu?” 

Jiang Zhen suddenly opened his eyes wide. “Jinge?”

“Jiang Zhen!” Zhao Jinge called out again. 

Although their looks have changed, they’ve been together for the past few decades so they could confirm each other’s identities in just two sentences. 

After confirming it, Zhao Jinge wanted to cry with joy. However, before he could cry a doctor came in. “The patient’s heartbeat has become abnormal!” 

Zhao Jinge, Jiang Zhen: “…” 

Jiang Zhen no longer could talk with Zhao Jinge.

The doctor put an oxygen mask on Jiang Zhen, and then examined Jiang Zhen carefully from head to toe.

His heartbeat suddenly became faster, but his body was fine, so after checking him over, the doctor gave a few instructions and then left. The doctor’s reassurance made Zhao Jinge feel relieved. 

He wanted to hug Jiang Zhen, but he had so many wounds that he didn’t dare. 

He wanted to ask Jiang Zhen why he hadn’t come to him before, but Jiang Zhen was in low spirits at the moment so he couldn’t ask. 

 As long as Jiang Zhen was here and not with someone else, everything else was not a big deal. 

With this in mind, Zhao Jinge called his assistant and told him to pack his luggage and make the necessary arrangements. He was going to stay in the ward to take care of Jiang Zhen.

 “Mr. Zhao?” Lin Ruicheng suspected that he had heard wrong. What did Boss Zhao just say? He was going to personally take care of Jiang Zhen?

His boss earned tens of millions of dollars every minute, so how could he have time to take care of others in the hospital? He could hire a hundred of the best nurses for the money he earned with his skills.

“Why aren’t you going?!” Zhao Jinge asked.  Now that he knew that that person was indeed Jiang Zhen, of course he personally wanted to take care of him. He hadn’t even seen this body yet, so how could he let others see or touch it!

Lin Ruicheng immediately went out, while Chang Ping came inside with some toiletries.

“Chang Ping, you don’t have to stay here. I will take care of Jiang Zhen.” Zhao Jinge smiled and looked at Chang Ping. Because he had found Jiang Zhen, his smile at this moment was especially sincere.

“Mr. Zhao, although the nurse is good, it is better to have a familiar person around.” Chang Ping said. He thought that when Zhao Jinge said that he would take care of him, he meant that he would hire a professional nurse. 

He was aware of his Brother Zhen’s family situation. Hiring a nurse would be good since Chang Ping was careless even with himself and couldn’t take care of people. Still, even if there was a nurse, he wanted to stay. Even if he couldn’t help in any way, he could at least talk with Brother Zhen. 

“I know Jiang Zhen very well, I’ll stay.” Zhao Jinge said.

“Huh?” Chang Ping froze.

Jiang Zhen added. “He will stay, you go back.” He used to have a good relationship with Chang Ping, but decades have passed since then and he has long become a stranger. Even if this wasn’t the case, he wanted to flirt with his wife so how could he let Chang Ping and third wheel?

“Brother Zhen, do you really know Mister Zhao? I never heard you mention him!” This was Zhao Qi’an! Brother Zhen, a man who was like his own family, knew Zhao Qi’an!

Chang Ping’s face was full of disbelief, but Jiang Zhen just threw another bolt of lightning. “Of course I’m familiar with him, he is my wife!”

“Wi, wi, wi…wife?” Chang Ping became dazed.

Jiang Zhen liking men was something that should shock him, but how could this compare to Jiang Zhen’s boyfriend being Zhao Qi’an? 

Zhao Qi’an, this was Zhao Qi’an!

Brother Zhen dared to say that Zhao Qi’an was his wife!!!

Chang Ping shivered as he glanced cautiously at Zhao Qi’an.

Will Mister Zhao become angry after being called a wife by Jiang Zhen?  If he gets angry, is it possible he will slap his Brother Zhen to death?

 Thinking like this, Chang Ping’s whole body shivered. 

However, Zhao Jinge didn’t get angry. He even smiled and looked very happy. 

He had finally found Jiang Zhen!

Zhao Jinge sent the confused Chang Ping out, and then came back to Jiang Zhen’s bedside to keep him company. 

He didn’t get to stay with Jiang Zhen for long. Jiang Zhen was seriously injured, so after being awake for a while, he fell asleep again. 

Even if Jiang Zhen was sleeping, Zhao Jinge didn’t want to leave him.

Looking greedily at Jiang Zhen’s sleeping face, Zhao Jinge felt his heart beat faster and faster, making him want to lower his head and kiss Jiang Zhen’s lips. 

However, before he could kiss Jiang Zhen, his cell phone rang.

Zhao Jinge snapped out of his daze and was going to hang up the phone at the first opportunity, only to find that the call was from his sister Zhao Xinan.

Walking outside, Zhao Jinge answered the called from Zhao Xinan.

“Xinan, what’s up?”

“Brother, where have you been the past few days?” Zhao Xinan asked. Her brother suddenly left a few days ago and nobody knew where he went. Since she kind of missed her older brother, she called him to ask .

“I’m in H City.” Zhao Jinge said.

“Brother are you on a business trip?” Zhao Xin’an asked again.

“No, I’m looking for a brother-in-law for you.” Zhao Jinge said. 

“What?” Zhao Xinan suspected that she must’ve heard wrong, a brother-in-law? Her brother said he was looking for a brother-in-law for her?

She had known that her brother liked men and was always curious what kind of male sister-in-law her brother would find for her, but her brother was looking for a brother-in-law for her?

Did her brother just indirectly admit that he was a bottom? How could he be so honest? 

Besides, what kind of person was worthy of her brother?!

“I found the person I want to spend my life with. He is not well now, but when he gets better I will take him back with me.” Zhao Jinge said again.

Zhao Xinan dizzly hung up on her phone.

At this time, Chang Ping was telling their fellow comrades-in-arms about Jiang Zhen’s waking up in the hospital. 

These days, Jiang Zhen’s comrades-in-arms have all actually been to the hospital to see him. It’s just that they all are married and/or had jobs, so they couldn’t stay at the hospital 24 hours a day. So, after visiting Jiang Zhen, they all returned home. Now that Jiang Zhen was awake, they immediately said that they wanted to go to the hospital. 

The group of people quickly met at the gate of the hospital and saw Chang Ping looking dumbfounded.

“Chang Ping, what’s wrong with you?” A man tapped Chang Ping’s shoulder. 

 “I’m just a bit overwhelmed.” Chang Ping said. He was still frozen. 

“What’s so overwhelming? Tell us.” The man asked curiously.

“Brother Zhen found us a sister-in-law.” Chang Ping said.

 “Brother Zhen finally found a sister-in-law for us?” The people around all become very happy. 

“It’s a guy.” Chang Ping added. 

“A man?!” They all become dumbfounded.

“Sister-in-law’s name is Zhao Qi’an.” Chang Ping finally added. 

“Zhao Qi’an, this name is quite familiar, huh?”

“Of course this name is familiar, the president of Zhenxing Technology has the same name.”

“The name of our sister-in-law is very domineering!” 




Next chapter will be the last. 


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