TOFUH – Chapter 180.1 – A stranger in Modern Times (part II)

When Zhao Jinge heard this name he lost some of his control, but after a while he managed to calm down. 

“Lin Ruicheng, please make arrangements for me. I want to see that person this afternoon.” Zhao Jinge said. 

Lin Ruicheng was Zhao Jinge personal assistant, mainly responsible for Zhao Jinge’s various personal matters, so he quickly nodded and went to make the arrangements. At the same time, Zhao Jinge found people from his own company to free up his schedule.

That afternoon, Zhao Jinge took a plane to the city where he was located. After getting off the plane, he immediately got into a car and went to the hospital.

The man stayed in the Armed Forces Hospital and was still in the intensive care unit after his operation, and no one was allowed to disturb him. However, Zhao Jinge spoke with some people from the hospital and managed to arrange it so he could stand right outside the intensive care ward.

Through the glass, he saw a person who was completely different from the Jiang Zhen he remembered.

“How is his condition?” Zhao Jinge asked.

“The injuries are a bit serious and he lost a lot of blood, so he is still not out of danger.”Jiang Zhen’s attending doctor said.

Zhao Jinge nodded, and after asking the doctor some questions, he asked Lin Ruicheng to book a nearby hotel.

A young man with a flat head came running from a distance. “Doctor, how is Jiang Zhen doing? Is he okay? I’ve already paid for the surgery, is there anything else I should be aware of? Should we get someone to take care of him?”

“The patient is still in the intensive care unit so we don’t need extra people to take care of him,” the doctor said. 

“Okay, okay.” The man nodded his head repeatedly.

“You’re Jiang Zhen’s relative?” Zhao Jinge asked, before sizing up the person in front of him. 

It was a young man in his thirties with quite an ordinary appearance, but his arms and legs were very muscular. This person must be very strong. 

“No, I’m his comrade-in-arms. Brother Zhen doesn’t have any relatives. Who are you? ” The man looked at  Zhao Jinge and asked, a little puzzled, “You look kind of familiar to me.”

“My name is Zhao Qi’an.” Zhao Jinge smiled.

“My name is Chang Ping.” Chang Ping said and just after he spoke his eyes widened in surprise. “Zhao Qi’an?!”

 He only thought the young man in front of him looked a little familiar at first. After all, he didn’t care much about economic news but… 

Zhao Qi’an, this man was actually Zhao Qi’an!  

Even if he couldn’t recognize Zhao Qi’an’s face, the name was definitely familiar to him!

A big shot on the Internet, a rich man who often appeared on CCTV news, why would he suddenly appear here? Chang Ping wasn’t hallucinating, right? 

“It’s me.” Zhao Jinge smiled. “I admire Jiang Zhen’s actions and I happened to be in town for a few days so I stopped by to take a look.”

“Oh.” Chang Ping froze as he responded, looking at Zhao Jinge with eyes full of disbelief.

Lin Ruicheng couldn’t help looking at his boss a little strangely. What did he mean he just happened to be here, you clearly come here after hearing the news. 

Still, why would Mr. Zhao suddenly come here? Was it for publicity?

The name of the brave man was Jiang Zhen, which was the same as the name of the big boss in the game that Mr. Zhao attached great importance too. This game made a lot of money for the company. 

Lin Ruicheng thought about it, and the more he thought about it, the more he felt that this should be the case.

Zhao Jinge didn’t notice his assistant’s thoughts since he was very distracted in this moment. 

Could the person in the sickroom be his Jiang Zhen?

With such doubts, Zhao Jinge chatted with Chang Ping.

He has lived back and forth for hundreds of years. Even though he was once quiet, over the years he became an old fox, easily learning a lot of things directly from Chang Ping’s mouth. 

Zhao Jinge didn’t say much, but even Chang Ping, who worked in special forces felt just after a few words that it was no wonder that this boss made his business so big. Chang Ping sighed in his heart and finally told Zhao Jinge all he could. 

Apart from some information about the Special Units, there was nothing that could not be said about his Brother Zhen. 

“You asked if Zhen has a family? No, he has never fallen in love. Last time I wanted to introduce him to someone, but he refused without even thinking about it, so I don’t know what kind of person he likes.” Chang Ping said. 

“He’s no longer young, right? There aren’t many people his age who have never been in love.”  Zhao Jinge added.

“Yes!” Chang Ping nodded. “There was once a very nice girl who liked him, but he didn’t react even after half a year of her flirting with him.”

Chang Ping talked about the emotional history of Jiang Zhen while Zhao Jinge listened very carefully, but Lin Ruicheng could not help getting upset. 

Boss Zhao has never been in love himself, but he has been complaining about Jiang Zhen’s emotional history.

After finding out  more about Jiang Zhen, Zhao Jinge went to a nearby hotel to take care of some work matters. After dealing with them he went to the hospital again. 

The man was seriously injured and lost a lot of blood, causing him to fall in a coma for two days. Fortunately, his condition was stable and he was finally out of danger. 

Jiang Zhen only felt that his whole body was in pain as if he was falling apart. 

What’s going on? How did this happen, did someone beat him up?

It didn’t make sense. In this world no one would dare to hit him except Zhao Jinge, right? Where was Zhao Jinge? Was he going to hit him again? 

After thinking about it, Jiang Zhen opened his eyes.

The vast expanse of whiteness in front of him made him quickly lose consciousness again, in a daze.

When Jiang Zhen was finally fully awake, he had been transferred to a general ward. Of course, the general ward he was living in was not ordinary, it was a single ward that Zhao Qi’an had paid for him. It was very luxurious in all white, making it look like a hotel. 

After Jiang Zhen opened his eyes, the first thing he saw was a white ceiling. 

This was not his residence, was this a hospital?

He had a health problem and was sent to the hospital by Zhao Jinge?

“Brother Zhen, you finally woke up!” Chang Ping, who was standing by Jiang Zhen’s side, immediately called out to him when he noticed Jiang Zhen waking up. 

Jiang Zhen looked over, but was unable to recognize the person in front of him. “Who are you? Where is Zhao Jinge?”

He was in the hospital, why wasn’t Zhao Jinge with him? Even if Zhao Jinge was not here, his son and grandson should be here. 

“Brother Zhen, you don’t have amnesia, do you?” Chang Ping looked at Jiang Zhen in surprise. His Brother Zhen couldn’t recognize him, and asked about some Zhao Jinge. Who was that anyway? It was just a few days ago that they drank together, but he didn’t hear Jiang Zhen mention anyone called Zhao Jinge!

Jiang Zhen felt that the person in front of him looked a little familiar. Then he turned his head and quickly noticed the surroundings.

There were a lot of high-tech products here which were not the same as those of the Royal Hospital of China that he established. They looked more modern? 

After decades in ancient times, Jiang Zhen had forgotten a lot of his memories from the modern era. Yet now, after living for more than 70 years, he has returned to modern times. 

Knowing that he was back to his original era, then the identity of this person in front of him…. 

Jiang Zhen thought for a moment and then called out tentatively, “Chang Ping?”

“Brother Zhen, you don’t have amnesia?” Chang Ping, hearing Jiang Zhen’s words, sighed with relief. 

“I was only injured, I didn’t fall on my head so how could I lose my memories?” Jiang Zhen said. He already realized his situation, and it made his mood very complicated. 

He never thought that he would come back. 

His children and Zhao Jinge were in another world, so he didn’t want to come back at all. 

Jiang Zhen tried to recall his previous memories, trying to understand his current situation better. Even after trying to remember, all he could really think about was Zhao Jinge.

He should be…dead, right?

He had already been an old man before, so it was normal that he died, but what happened to Zhao Jinge?

Jiang Zhen felt sick when he thought about it, and then dizzy. He closed his eyes, no longer wanting to talk. 

Seeing Jiang Zhen like this, Chang Ping left quietly. As soon as he went out, he saw Zhao Jinge. 

Zhao Jinge had been in the hospital for four or five hours every day for the past few days so Chang Ping had already become familiar with him. He greeted him: “Mr. Zhao! Brother Zhen, he’s awake!”

Zhao Jinge froze and then smiled. “Really? That’s good.”

Zhao Jinge really wanted to see Jiang Zhen. He wanted to know if this person was the one who had been with him for decades, but suddenly he was afraid to take a step forward.

He’s been disappointed too many times. Will he be disappointed again? 

With this in mind, Zhao Jinge stood still. 

Zhao Jinge didn’t respond, so Chang Ping kept talking. “Brother Zhen woke up for a while, but at first he was a little dazed. He couldn’t recognize me or say much of anything. He even asked me where Zhao Jinge was.”

“Zhao Jinge?” Zhao Jinge immediately looked at Chang Ping. 

“Yes, that’s the name! I’ve never heard Brother Zhen say it before, so I don’t know who it is.” Chang Ping said.


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