TOFUH – Chapter 144.1 – Wen Yingniang is getting married

Wen Yingniang was not a person with a good temper, and at the moment, she was really angry with the Liao family.

Liao Qinghe was writing poems and creating paintings; not only did he portray himself as a pathetic love saint model, but he kept belittling her!

This person even wrote a poem to remember their past, stating that the peony had somehow become a thorn, and he missed its gentle touch as he was pierced by the thorn all over his body.

Damn thorns!

Originally, Wen Yingniang wanted to go back to Minnan after disposing of her estate in Fucheng, but since the Liao family made such a big fuss . . .

If she were to leave at this time, it would seem that she was being driven away and had to flee!

Also, the whole of Fucheng actually thought that she would have a miserable life in the future.

Wen Yingniang was unable to swallow her anger.

Moreover, she was also a little worried about how she would live after she went to Minnan.

Her brothers already had their own families, and her sisters-in-law did not hate her before. However, if she moved back, they might no longer like her. The same could be said for her parents.

Although Wen Ming didn’t say much, she knew that her parents wanted her to go back and marry, but if she married, who could guarantee that she would marry well?

She was already old and couldn’t have children; she had a reputation of being a jealous woman and for being divorced. It was estimated that only a widower with children would want to marry her for the sake of her big dowry.

If she never marries . . . her reputation was so bad, it may also affect the marriage of several of her nieces.

“It might be good to find a man who has nothing but a face. Anyway, I don’t need to live using other people’s money!” Wen Yingniang said. She was going to find someone she could handle, but if she was still not satisfied . . . the worst thing that could happen was divorce.

She was already divorced once, so she no longer cared about it!

“Miss, her ladyship will certainly not agree,” Wen Ming said immediately.

“If I tell you to find someone, you just need to find them. It’s better to find someone I can control than to marry someone and not know what would happen next,” Wen Yingniang said. She felt that Zhao Jinge’s current life was quite good; it’s just that a man like Jiang Zhen was not quite easy to find.

“Miss, do you really plan to do this?” Wen Ming asked.

Wen Yingniang nodded.

Wen Ming then suddenly said, “Then, miss, what do you think of me?”

Jiang Zhen guessed correctly; he really liked Wen Yingniang. Such a good-looking young lady, what was there to not like?

But his and Wen Yingniang’s statuses were too different. Even if the Master and her Ladyship liked him very much, it was still impossible to marry Wen Yingniang, so he didn’t even dare to think about it before.

This time, he saw a good opportunity.

He was a servant of the Wen family, but the Wen family did not have his deed of sale. While he had made a lot of money for the Wen family over the years, they had also given him a lot of money. Though his family fortune was not too much, it was still two or three hundred thousand silver.

A sea merchant’s profession was always profitable.

It was still impossible for him to marry her, but if she was hot-headed and wanted a husband who could marry into her family . . .

Wen Ming knew that he could certainly convince her to choose him; he was very clear about his young lady’s temper.

“You?” Wen Yingniang looked at Wen Ming in surprise. She really didn’t expect that Wen Ming would propose this.

“Miss, if you choose me, it will be easier for your ladyship to explain to Master and Madam,” Wen Ming said.

“You should know that I can’t have children,” Wen Yingniang said. She found a doctor to heal her and took medicine every day for several years but still could not conceive. Meanwhile, Wen Ming still had no heirs.

“Miss, I hurt myself when I went out to sea. This . . . the doctor said it would be problematic for me to have an heir,” Wen Ming directly said.

Wen Yingniang looked at Wen Ming with a complicated gaze. “You . . .”

“If Miss doesn’t really want to get married, we can do a mutual cover up while also looking good in front of the Liao family.” Wen Ming calmly looked at Wen Yingniang.

Wen Yingniang thought about it carefully and suddenly found that Wen Ming was indeed a good candidate.

She knew that he was absolutely trustworthy and knowledgeable, and since he told her that he also couldn’t have children, she wouldn’t need to worry about his child robbing her property in the future.

She wondered why a man in his thirties was still unmarried, so it was because of this.

Wen Yingniang felt some sympathy for him.

Recently, Fucheng has been very lively.

After the divorce and destitution of the Liao family, first, Liao Qinghe wanted to get married, then the divorced Wen Yingniang, unexpectedly, also wanted to get married. She would not marry into the groom’s family, instead she found a husband to marry into her family!

When the news first came out, everyone scoffed at it, thinking that Wen Yingniang was unable to get married and had no choice but to think of such tricks to fight the Liao family.

Soon, they found that things were quite different from what they thought.

The Wen family was too powerful.

No one knew how they got it, but they bought Xinyuan, a very famous garden in Fucheng.

He Xingfu was once a high-ranking official who served under three generations. After he resigned from his post, he returned to his hometown and built Xinyuan. His son was also extremely outstanding and expanded Xinyuan Garden, which eventually became one of the three most famous gardens in Fucheng.

The family was in decline, so for them, hiring someone to manage the garden was a huge expense. They wanted to sell the garden, but the price was too high. Although they have long made it known that they wanted to sell it, no one had ever bought it.

But Wen Yingniang has bought Xinyuan.

How could Wen Yingniang be so rich?

People who had sympathized with Wen Yingniang before were soon shocked. They already knew that she should be very rich, but they didn’t expect her to be so rich.

This was just the beginning.

Wen Yingniang’s shops, which had been closed, suddenly opened again. Not only that, the stores also began to sell all kinds of exotic treasures obtained from overseas.

The prices of those things were all very high, but they still attracted the dignified families of Fucheng to scramble to buy them. They were even two families that almost fought for a clock.

Everyone in Fucheng was talking about the Wen family shops.

Wen Yingniang came from the Wen family in Minnan, and the Minnan Wen family was a family of sea merchants. Many people knew this, but they didn’t feel much about it until that moment. It was only at that moment that they suddenly realized that they really underestimated the Wen family.

Of course, these two things were not the only things that the Wen family did. The Wen family also brought betrothal gifts and dowry with great fanfare, and they only wanted the best of everything.

There were really only a few people in Fucheng who had such a large amount of money!

Although there were still some people who sarcastically said that Wen Yingniang was unable to find someone to marry so she could only get a husband to join her family, they couldn’t hide the jealousy in their eyes when they said so.


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