TOFUH – Chapter 180.3 – A stranger in Modern Times (part II)



Jiang Zhen’s comrades-in-arms talked one after another. 

Chang Ping glanced at them and then said faintly, “Sister-in-law is the president of Zhenxing Technology.”

Everyone became dumbfounded too. 

After a while, someone said: “Brother Zhen…is really powerful….” The President of Zhenxing Technology was unexpectedly caught by Brother Zhen! 

Chang Ping led these people all the way to Jiang Zhen’s ward in silence. When they came in, they saw Zhao Jinge feeding water to Jiang Zhen.

“You can’t drink too much water, let me just wipe your lips more to moisten them.” Zhao Jinge looked at Jiang Zhen tenderly. Because Jiang Zhen’s internal organs were hurt, he couldn’t drink water so he only wiped Jiang Zhen lips with a cotton swab.

When Jiang Zhen’s comrades-in-arms saw this, they immediately felt more respect toward Jiang Zhen. 

Their brother Zhen was really good! He hasn’t found a wife for more than 30 years, but when he finally found one, it was such a powerful person!

Zhao Jinge had already noticed these people, so he stood up and greeted them instead of Jiang Zhen. 

“Sister-in-law, we can do it ourselves.” When they saw that Zhao Jinge unexpectedly pour them water, someone immediately told him that, and then immediately wanted to slap himself. 

He actually called Zhao Qi’an sister-in-law! Will someone like Zhao Qi’an destroy him? 

Although Jiang Zhen was very powerful, Zhao Qi’an was a figure that could even talk and make jokes with national leaders!  If their Brother Zhen and Zhao Qi’an got together, they really didn’t think that Jiang Zhen could prevail.

“Since you called me a sister-in-law, what does it matter if I pour you a glass of water?” Zhao Jinge wasn’t aware that this person was afraid of him, he just replied with a smile. 

He really liked being called sister-in-law!

Jiang Zhen’s comrades-in-arms started admiring Jiang Zhen even more. 

Jiang Zhen realized from their reactions that his Jinge seemed to be very powerful now.

This wasn’t that bad!

Jiang Zhen’s comrades didn’t stay for long. After they left, Jiang Zhen looked at Zhao Jinge and asked, “Jinge, when did you come?”

“After I died, I was reincarnated here.” Zhao Jinge replied. 

Jiang Zhen was stunned, but then held Zhao Jinge hand. ”Jinge, I’m sorry.” Just how many years has Zhao Jinge been waiting?

“I was fine waiting for you.” Zhao Jinge kissed the lips that he previously wiped several times with cotton swabs.

Jiang Zhen looked at Zhao Jinge and smiled. 

After a while, Jiang Zhen said, “Jinge, I was Jiang Zhen from beginning to end.”

In his previous life, he didn’t tell Zhao Jinge about possessing the Eldest Jiang’s body since he recognized himself as the Eldest Jiang at that time.

However, he wanted to say it now. 

After Jiang Zhen finished speaking, he fell asleep while Zhao Jinge, who looked at him, finally understood why the Eldest Jiang in his previous life suddenly changed so greatly.

That was Jiang Zhen, the only one he loved.  

Jiang Zhen had become a big hero, so after recuperating for two days, he was interviewed by a television station. 

They wanted to ask him for an interview a long time ago, but were all stopped by Zhao Jinge. But this was a national TV station that came for an interview, so he didn’t stop them.

Reporters and photographers soon came to the ward and saw Jiang Zhen and the person next to him, who was pouring juice.

That person looked very much like  Zhao Qi’an. These reporters were all well-informed, so they couldn’t help looking at Zhao Jinge closely, thinking that he just looked like Zhao Qi’an. 

There were many people who were similar-looking in this world. 

They didn’t ask many questions, and Jiang Zhen didn’t say much about it, so the interview was quickly completed. Then it was broadcast on TV that night, and put on the Internet.  

“That man looks like Zhao Qi’an!”

“Yes, he really does!” 

“But it shouldn’t be, right? I can’t imagine Zhao Qi’an squeezing juice.”

“Definitely not!”




People on the Internet felt that the other person in this video looked like Zhao Qi’an, but they all wouldn’t believe it could be him.

Except Zhao Xinan. 

She could recognize her own brother. The brother-in-law her brother found for her couldn’t be Jiang Zhen, right?

Although their relationship developed very rapidly, no one in the Zhao Family was opposed to Zhao Jinge and Jiang Zhen being together.

Zhao Jinge made a fuss, saying that he was a woman at the age of 12 or 13. Twenty years later, he finally found a partner. No matter who that partner was, Zhao father and mother were very happy. 

At least their son won’t have to be a monk all his life. 

After Jiang Zhen was discharged from the hospital, he followed Zhao Jinge, becoming his assistant and bodyguard. 

He might have been knowledgeable in ancient times, but in modern times… 

He had forgotten a lot of knowledge, and his education was not a lot from the beginning, so he couldn’t be anything except a bodyguard. 

Of course, he was also not without merit. He, who once had very ugly handwriting, could now become a calligrapher! 

Therefore, although he was a bodyguard, he was also an educated bodyguard. 

Zhao Jinge and Jiang Zhen become inseparable, making many people in their circle aware of them. Since they didn’t make their relationship public with some great fanfare, others didn’t say much. 

Later, people on the Internet saw Jiang Zhen in a photo with Zhao Qi’an. 

Wasn’t that the person who fought the thugs that the TV station had interviewed before? Why was he now beside Zhao Qi’an?

Wait a minute, the person who looked like Zhao Qi’an in the ward back then couldn’t have been the real Zhao Qi’an, right?

Some people become dumbfounded.

 There were many different kinds of news and gossip about them on the internet, but neither Jiang Zhen nor Zhao Jinge took them seriously.

They just wanted to live their own lives. 

More and more of Zhao Qi’an’s photos started to have Jiang Zhen in them.

Zhao Jinge was reluctant to let Jiang Zhen only be his bodyguard. After following him for a long time, Jiang Zhen knew how to deal with some matters within the company, so he wanted Jiang Zhen to become a general manager.

However, Jiang Zhen refused. 

He didn’t like this type of work, nor was he good at it. Compared with being a general manager, he still liked being a bodyguard better. The type that can press his boss down at any time. 

He already worked hard for one lifetime, so now he just wanted to eat and drink while living in comfort!

Jiang Zhen and Zhao Jinge were in the same photo frame for more than a decade, so there were all kinds of speculation about their relationship on the Internet. 

However, Zhao Jinge was not a celebrity so he didn’t care about this gossip. After all, he was really Jiang Zhen’s partner. 

Because his attitude was too carefree, in the end people on the Internet thought that they should be good brothers, or affectionate employer and employee, instead of a couple. 

After all, Jiang Zhen looked very ordinary, just very tall. He couldn’t be Zhao Jinge’s sugar baby right?

With the passage of time, almost everyone felt that Jiang Zhen and Zhao Jinge weren’t in an ambiguous relationship.

Then the same-sex marriage law was passed.

One the first day after it passed, Zhao Jinge and Jiang Zhen got married.




“Didn’t they say they were good brothers? How come they got married?!”

“I told you they must be having an affair!  I still have the video of the initial interview with Jiang Zhen, where Zhao Qi’an acted very virtuously!”

“We know now that we were fed a mouthful of dog food.” 

“After being inseparable for so many years, this is definitely true love!” 

   “Absolutely true love +10086. When my husband and I go on vacation we get tired of each other after one day. Within three days we get bored with each other’s company, so we spend time alone, but these two people stuck so closely together for so many years.”




Jiang Zhen looked at the rumors on the Internet and then looked at Zhao Jinge. “They all say we are in a true love relationship.”

“We are.” Zhao Jinge said with certainty.

“I also think so.” Jiang Zhen said. “How about this? We go to the island you bought last year for a honeymoon to celebrate? Not just five days like last time but for full month?!  Of course, the rules are still the same as last time.”

Zhao Jinge: “……”

Last time, he was not allowed to wear clothes for five days and this time it would be for a whole month…in a row?

Was Jiang Zhen not afraid of kidney deficiency?




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