TOFUH – Chapter 138.1 – Moving and Beating Up People

There was a proverb that said, “You might have never eaten pork, but you have seen pigs run.”

In the eyes of modern people, it sounded strange because modern people were never like this. Basically, they have all eaten pork but have never seen pigs run. However, in this day and age, many people have seen pigs run but have never eaten pork.

In the past, in Hexi Village, children would cut grass for pigs every day and check them every day. But in the end, when these pigs were slaughtered, they actually weren’t able to eat even a few pieces of meat. Not to mention these salt workers.

From time to time, they could find some time to catch fish to eat, but pork.

Hongjiang Salt Farm people never gave them pork!

Zhu Erlin could be considered as part of the rebel party; for his crime, nine generations of his family would be killed and as a matter of fact . . .  he hadn’t even eaten pork yet!

In contrast, it was the villagers from small fishing villages who sold salted fishes and kelp to outsiders and exchanged with them who had eaten pork, and several large village families even raised pigs.

The huge sea-going ship stopped near the island, and then all kinds of things were carried to the island under the command of Jiang Zhen; livestock was the first to be carried down.

These days, pigs were not fat, and basically, they only had about 50 kilos of pure meat. Jiang Zhen this time bought a lot, so he also got a good price. Some even sold him their families’ 60 or 70  kg pigs, but the pigs of this weight were not easy to catch.

After Zhu Erlin boarded the ship, he also carried a pig off the ship alone.

The poor pig carried on his back screamed so loudly that it looked pitiful.

Jiang Zhen: “. . .” 

These salt households on the island were in no position to bathe properly, so they were not much cleaner than those pigs and did not dislike these pigs at all, but Jiang Zhen, who stood far away, made up his mind to not touch those pigs.

If there was a smell on him, his Mingzhu would not hug him!

The pigs, chickens, and ducks were all locked up in the house by Zhu Erlin, and then he got someone to kill a few of them before starting to cook the meat to eat.

Jiang Zhen was very considerate of these people, so in addition to the livestock and medical herbs, he also brought them some seasonings, including soy sauce. Finally, they decided to make a simple roast pork.

Of course, their cooking of braised pork was not very good. They just chopped the pig meat into smaller pieces and put it into water to boil, then they added soy sauce. But even so, the meat taste was still there, and it was very, very fragrant.

Zhu Erlin set up dozens of large pots and slaughtered a total of twenty pigs for cooking.

The original residents of the island had always rejected these people who suddenly appeared. Had it not been for the large number of Zhu Erlin’s group that they absolutely would not be able to defeat them, they would probably try to drive Zhu Erlin and the others out.

But at that moment, they were attracted by the fragrance of pork, so even their hostility was reduced.

The original residents gawked from far away, at this sight and for a long time. Then finally, a man went to Zhu Erlin and the others and tried to exchange some planted vegetables and sun-dried seafood for the pig.

Zhu Erlin accepted the vegetables and planned to save them for dinner. As for the seafood, he gave them to Jiang Zhen.

Even if seafood was given to them, they didn’t want to eat it, but Jiang Zhen took it. He should be able to sell it for money.

This seafood could indeed be sold for money, even for a lot of money. Jiang Zhen saw that he could have two or three hundred kilograms of seafood and only felt that he had made a lot of money.

Inside, there were even some sun-dried sea cucumbers and abalone!

The Qingfeng House in Fucheng was about to open, so he could sell seafood there in the future.

On this day, those who were settled on the island by Jiang Zhen were all as happy as if there was a festival.

They cooked a lot of white rice, and each person was given a large bowl. After carrying a bowl filled with white rice to the line, they also got a spoonful of roast pork with soup and meat.

The roasted pork really smelled good; it was especially delicious!

The fishermen and salt workers who seldom ate meat or had even never eaten pork before soon felt that pork was the most delicious food. Some people who ate rice with pork couldn’t even shed tears for how delicious it was!

A child of only four or five years old took a bite of the meat and looked at his mother with anticipation. “Mother, can I eat such delicious food again?”

“Yes, definitely,” the child’s mother said.

The child smiled happily. “That’s great . . . Mother, let’s save some for Dad to eat. Dad would be very hungry when he came back from fishing.”

The child was thinking of leaving some meat for his father, but the child’s mother suddenly started crying.

Her man was gone. Killed. The only good thing was that they could live.

Holding the child, the wife dried her tears. They had been terrified before, but in this moment, she finally had a feeling of regaining their lives.

Zhu Erlin ate the meat with an intoxicated expression on his face. So this was the legendary pork!

“You can buy a pig for one silver outside, so you can eat this every day from now on,” Jiang Zhen gave him a look and said. He had been eating and drinking well for the past few days, so naturally, he couldn’t look at the pork that was just cooked casually.

What Jiang Zhen put in front of him was Cook Li’s home-cooked braised pork, which has gone through many complicated processes, and its taste was definitely much better than what Zhu Erlin and others had.

Knowing that he could not keep too much silver, Zhu Erlin gave most of the silver to Jiang Zhen and Zheng Yi, but even so, he still had a lot of boxes of silver in his hand. This meant he and his men could eat pork until they became old.

When he found this, Zhu Erlin was immediately excited.

“What are we going to do in the future?” Looking at the excited Zhu Erlin, Jiang Zhen asked if he needed to continue to stay on the island. Even if he had silver he had no place to spend it.

“This time I will take some people back first, as for you guys, it will take some time to arrange,” Jiang Zhen said.

Jiang Zhen was not capable of bringing back more than ten thousand people all at once to settle down, so this time he only intended to take away a few hundred people he saved with his own hands.

Those people had been with him for a long time and trusted him a lot. They were also very obedient, so he planned to bring them to Fucheng and settle them down on the hill that Zhao Jinge brought.

There was a great shortage of manpower there, but if these people go there, there should be enough manpower then.

Jiang Zhen rented the ships and stayed on this island for two days.

During that time, Jiang Zhen helped the islanders build pig pens and exchanged food, chickens, and ducks for seafood, pearls, and corals with the island’s original residents.

These things were worthless in the eyes of the original residents while sea merchants did not put these small things in their eyes, but for Jiang Zhen, even the mosquito leg was still the meat.

He brought a lot of medicinal herbs for Zhu Erlin and the others; those things were not cheap and cost a lot of money, but naturally, he also earned a little bit.

Jiang Zhen left with almost a thousand people; some of whom he saved before, Some of them were sick and were no longer suitable for living on that island, so these people were those Doctor Hu asked Jiang Zhen to bring with him.

Doctor Hu was good at treating external injuries, so after learning that Jiang Zhen’s technique of sewing wounds, he also became an injury saint . . . Of course, he was also able to cure other diseases.

But actually, there were too many patients that he could not cure all of; them and the environment here was also not suitable for recuperation . . . Finally, he simply let Jiang Zhen take the patients away and take them to Fucheng to slowly recuperate.

A few of these patients were so sick that they died before they could reach Fucheng and their corpses had to be thrown to the sea.

Their families had expected it and accepted all of it. But when Jiang Zhen looked at the corpses being thrown into the sea, he felt it was a bit unpleasant. However, he soon realized that he was being a bit too pretentious.

Previously, in Hongjiang Salt Farm, countless people died, so compared to only a few that died now, it was nothing.

In this era, the medical conditions were also really too poor.

Jiang Zhen also remembered Zhao Jinge before he gave birth to their child. Then things were . . . but Zhao Jinge had good luck. Still, what about later?

This was the place where it was possible to lose your life if you were not careful!

Jiang Zhen had something on his mind, but Zhao Jinge was satisfied with everything at this time.

Zhao Liu was even more satisfied. Recently, she became the most respectable old lady in Qing Yang alley, and the people in Qing Yang alley finally knew what Jinzhen Escort Agency was all about.

The big families and businessmen in Fucheng all looked for Jinzhen Escort Agency to deliver their goods!


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