TOFUH – Chapter 179.2 – A stranger in Modern Times (part I)

Zhao Jinge was  not satisfied with just becoming rich, after all he still hadn’t found Jiang Zhen. 

He left a lot of information online. There was a subsidiary named after Jinzhen Escort Magnet that engaged in a lot of activities and often mentioned the things he did with Jiang Zhen, and he even especially asked people to develop a game using the background of the Republic of China. 

In order to pass the audit, as well as to make the people here accept it better, he needed to change all gers to women. He did so while gritting his teeth, as it was still the Republic of China he remembered. There was still He Cheng County, and Hexi village that were exactly the same as in the world he once lived in. There was also Jiang Zhen, Zhao Jinge, the Jinzhen Escort Agency, Zhao Mingzhu and Zhao Chengyu.

He did a lot of things, but unfortunately he still couldn’t find Jiang Zhen.

Was it because Jiang Zhen didn’t see the message he left, or Jiang Zhen was never reincarnated in this world in the first place?

At the thought of the latter, Zhao Jinge’s heart clenched and his facial expression became ugly. 

“Mr. Zhao, are you all right?” Lin Ruicheng, Zhao Jinge’s assistant, looked at his boss anxiously. 

“It’s all right. Drive,”  Zhao Jinge replied. He’d just finished a business meeting and was heading home.

His family home was a little far away from the company, so on the way Zhao Jinge took out his cellphone to check the news. 

Although he was not an artist, because of his high value, he was also a well-known celebrity on the Internet known as a diamond bachelor. So there was a lot of news about him. 

However, he only glanced at those links casually before subconsciously searching for “Jiang Zhen.” 

There was a well-known academician named Jiang Zhen. In addition to him, the most related news was about the game character they developed. 

After taking a deep breath, Zhao Jinge decided to read other news. 

Suddenly, a news update appeared on the site. Just this morning a group of thugs suddenly attacked people on the street. Just when people were panicking as they ran away, a young man was shot after taking down seven or eight thugs.

There was a thug with a child in his hands, and that young man let himself be shot to save the child. Later those thugs took out a crossbow. 

Now, according to the news update, all the thugs have been arrested by the police. The young man who saved the child and other people was seriously injured and his life or death was still uncertain. 

There were only a few pictures in the news so after Zhao Jinge glanced at them he stopped looking and closed his eyes to take a nap. 

Soon after, Zhao Jinge returned to his residence. 

He was a man with strong family values, so even though he was successful, he still lived with his parents. When he opened the front door he saw his parents and sister waiting for him to eat dinner together.

Zhao Jinge came out to his parents when he was 12 or 13 years old. 

In the social environment at that time, most people didn’t even know what homosexuality was, so he didn’t know how to tell his parents that he wanted to be with a man in the future. 

At that time he saw a report about transgender people and after reading it, he went to talk with his parents, saying that he had always thought he was a woman too.

His parents were taken aback and could not believe that their son, who had always been their pride, would have such thoughts. But their child was always particularly well-behaved and still young, so they just thought that they should educate their child properly. 

As a result, Zhao Jinge showed that he cared more about this matter than they did, acting very pitiful and not eating or drinking for several days. 

Their son was laying still without eating and drinking, what else could they do?

Parents who love their children will always bow to their children. Zhao mother and father loved their son, so they finally could only accept the matter, intending to make even more money so in the future their son could have the sex change surgery.

Later, the Zhao couple gave birth to another child, a daughter, Zhao Xinan. 

Ever since Zhao Jinge threw a huge curveball at the Zhao couple, Zhao mother and father were worried. They worried that one day their son would want to have a sex change operation. However Zhao Jinge never had this intention and his various actions were very masculine. At least, he was not interested in skirts and cosmetics at all. 

Because of this, later the Zhao couple started to think he talked nonsense because of his young age only to be quickly corrected by Zhao Jinge. He said that he was mistaken and he was not a woman at heart but actually a homosexual, a man who liked other men.

With their experience from before, Zhao’s parents accepted this very quickly. Their son just liked men, it was definitely better than their son changing his sex!

Later, when Zhao Jinge become more and more powerful, Zhao’s father and mother would not interfere in his love life. Of course, it was inevitable that they would still say something. 

Their son was in his early thirties but still didn’t have a partner. 

No it was not even about a partner, he clearly has never fallen in love before. Zhao father and mother started to think that their son might not even be gay but asexual. Since their daughter grew up, they have been exposed to a lot of knowledge by her. 

“Brother, you’re back!” Seeing Zhao Jinge, Zhao Xinan jumped up at once. 

Zhao Xinan was a 16 year old high school student this year and the person she adored the most was her brother Zhao Qi’an.

“Mm-hmm.” Zhao Jinge smiled at her. He also liked his sister very much. Rather than a sister, she was more like a daughter or no…a granddaughter.

“Brother, today we prepared your favorite dishes, come and eat!” Zhao Xinan spoke again. She was already very hungry, so after greeting her brother she hurriedly sat at the table.

Zhao Jinge smiled and sat down. All the dishes on the table in front of him were Jiang Zhen’s favorite dishes. 

The Zhao family was used to talking as they ate, so Zhao Jinge mentioned the news he saw earlier about some troublemakers attacking people. “Mom, Dad, Xinan, you should be careful, and make sure to take bodyguards with you when you go out in the future, so you don’t get into an accident.”

 “Brother, I will!” Zhao Xinan nodded and then added, “Those thugs are really hateful! Fortunately, they met someone who was righteous. That person’s skills were very good. Its said that he is a veteran. I really hope that he is okay.”

Zhao Jinge nodded, he also appreciated such behavior. 

After talking about this matter, Zhao Jinge no longer paid attention to it and in the evening posted on his “Zhao Jinge” weibo as usual. 

His current name was Zhao Qian so he could no longer use the name of Zhao Jinge but on internet all his net names were called Zhao Jinge. 

Also his weibo, in order to make it easier for Jiang Zhen to find him. He also applied under this name as his secondary account. He didn’t pay much attention to other people on his account and only had a few fans, as he often posted. 

“Jiang Zhen, I miss you very much. I also miss Mingzhu and Chengyu.”

Zhao Jinge always waited for someone to contact him, however it never happened. 

He sighed and scrolled through the popular Weibos until he saw a reposted video of the brave man saving lives today. The video was said to have been taken by a car’s driving recorder nearby.

Zhao Jinge clicked on that video. 

The video was blurred so the face of the man was not very visible but his fighting style was still captured. 

It might be nothing but… 

That man’s movements looked too familiar! 

Zhao Jinge didn’t think twice as he called his assistant: “Lin Ruicheng, help me check this person.”

That person’s fighting style looked very similar to Jiang Zhen’s fighting style. Although Zhao Jinge felt that this investigation might bring nothing, he still asked for Ruicheng to check. 

Of course, the information couldn’t be discovered at 01:30 in the morning but Zhao Jinge couldn’t sleep. 

Where was Jiang Zhen?

After tossing and turning, he wasn’t able to fall asleep so Zhao Jinge went on the internet and watched the news again. 

The Internet had some information about that person, but because of the focus on privacy they didn’t expose his real name. After searching for a long time, Zhao Jinge learned nothing new. 

He was really baffled. If that person was Jiang Zhen, how could he not come to him?

Putting down his phone, Zhao Jinge went back to his bed. 

Although he thought he made a crazy request, when he saw Lin Ruicheng in the company the next day, Zhao Jinge still immediately asked: “Lin Ruicheng, what I asked you to check last night, did you find anything out?”

“Mr. Zhao, I’ve already looked into it.” Lin Ruicheng replied. “That person used to serve in the special forces, so a lot of his personal information is confidential. I could only learn that his name is Jiang Zhen.”

Zhao Jinge eyes opened wide as his whole body trembled. 


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