TOFUH – Chapter 130.2 – Marriage Proposal And Weirdness

Then, he handed over all affairs there to He Chunsheng after Zhao Jinge took a few people to Fucheng.

There were a lot of things waiting for him to deal with at the moment.

When Zhao Jinge went to Fucheng this time, he took Zhao Fugui and Zhao Liu with him.

On one hand, it was because of Zhao Mingzhu. Zhao Mingzhu has slept with him and Jiang Zhen since she was a newborn and was very unhappy that Jiang Zhen disappeared for several days. If he also left her alone, what a sad child she would be.

Although people these days thought that it was okay for a child to cry, Zhao Jinge was reluctant to let his daughter cry. Zhao Liu and Zhao Fugui had been looking forward to having a granddaughter for so many years, and they were equally reluctant to see their grandchild unhappy. Therefore, Zhao Jinge, who decided to go to Fucheng, planned to take Zhao Mingzhu with them.

Of course, there was another reason for them to do this: Zhao Jinge was a ger after all.

It was okay for Jiang Zhen to go out with Zhao Jinge, but it was inappropriate to go out alone. It would still be okay if they were with him.

Before, Jiang Zhen and Zhao Jinge lived in Zheng family’s house, but this time, in order to avoid suspicion, Zhao Jinge didn’t live there and spent money to buy another house.

“Child, you’ve really become a bit extravagant,” Zhao Liu commented when she saw Zhao Jinge buy a house without even blinking an eye and couldn’t help but add, “Will Jiang Zhen be unhappy if you spend money like this?“

“Mom, he won’t.” Zhao Jinge was sure.

Zhao Jinge was so sure that Zhao Liu was relieved. “Also, Jiang Zhen is very kind to us. He will not care about such a trivial matter.”

Everyone from the Zhao family came to Fucheng. Zhao Mingzhu was looked after while Zhao Jinge was busy.

During the passing days, he was basically away from home all the time, busy with things at the brick kiln or looking for someone to build chicken coops or duck coops. He also handled the business of the Jinzhen Escort Agency on the other side of the city, and in the evening, he went home to accompany Zhao Mingzhu.

He kept himself very busy so that he wouldn’t worry about Jiang Zhen and think about him all day. As a result, what he did made the businessmen around him have a good attitude towards him.

In this way, Zhao Jinge received a number of new clients and developed a lot of new businesses.

The people who did business outside were basically men while the people in charge of family affairs, etiquette, and managing the servants were the women and gers. These people also needed someone to escort them or to transport goods.

That day when Zhao Jinge went to the shop where the Jinzhen Escort Agency was taking business into the capital, he was stopped by a young maid about seventeen or eighteen years old. “Excuse me, are you Zhao Jinge from the Jinzhen escort agency?”

“Yes.“ Zhao Jinge nodded.

The little maid instantly smiled, revealing two dimples. I am from the Xu family. My madam wants to talk to you about some business.”

It turned out that the main wife of Xu family wanted to visit her mother’s family, but she was afraid of the danger on the way and had a lot of things to bring . . . After thinking about it, she wanted the Jinzhen Escort Agency to escort her. The reason why she had such an idea was related to Zhao Jinge being a ger.

It was said that Jinzhen Escort Agency was recently run by a ger so he wouldn’t harm her.

Zhao Jinge took the business and found a suitable boat to take the wife of Xu family along with all kinds of furniture she wanted to bring back to her mother’s house for her niece in Wexing Province. After that, he received a number of similar businesses.

For example, the wife of a family wanted to bring all the grain from the village in some other places to the city for sale, so she asked Jinzhen Escort Agency to help transport the goods; or for example, if the wife of a certain family found some goods for her daughter, she would ask Jinzhen Escort Agency to help deliver it.

Among the large families in this city, not every family has a lot of servants with big ships. Also, sometimes, it was not cost-effective to use big ships for small errands. In contrast, it cost less to ask the Jinzhen Escort Agency for help . . .

As a result, more and more people went to find Zhao Jinge.

After a wife sought out the Jinzhen escort agency to help with something and they did well . . . Gradually, even the heads of the family, though they had no intentions to use Jinzhen Escort Agency’s services, they still remembered its name.

Zhao Jinge had been busy outside all day, but Zhao Liu and Zhao Fugui had been living in seclusion.

They had never left Hecheng County before, so Fucheng was very strange to them at first.

In this place, they couldn’t even tell the difference between east, south, and west, so how could they dare to go out casually? As a result, Zhao Liu did not dare to talk to her neighbors even until she had been in the city for more than ten days already, but still , she didn’t dare speak about their family affairs, for fear that they would be targeted by villains.

Jiang Zhen was not there, so their family was without a pillar. What if they are bullied by people who found out about their situation?

Zhao Liu was worried about this and that and completely forgot that Zhao Jinge had arranged for people to take turns protecting him and his family.

After all, Zhao Jinge was not the kind of person who liked to spend a lot of money, so the house he bought in Fucheng was not big. His neighbors were also not very rich, and there were even some families around that didn’t even have any servants.

Because of this, after Zhao Liu began to get in touch with her neighbors, the two sides had a good chat. However, what Zhao Liu didn’t expect was that after getting to know them for just a few days, someone would come to be a matchmaker for Zhao Jinge.

“I haven’t seen any daughter-in-law . . . Is there no one? In this case, your son is really pitiful, and you should find another one . . . Would you like to meet my niece? Maybe meet her?” the wife of the family on the left of the Zhao family asked Zhao Liu.

Zhao Liu: “What!”

“My niece is eighteen years old, she is beautiful and elegant. Your son will not lose anything by marrying her,” the wife added. She had been observing them for some time. Although the Zhao family came from out of town and she didn’t know what they did, they were definitely rich.

Although Zhao Jinge was married before and had a child, the wife was not there, so she was probably already gone. As for a child, it was just a girl.

Her nice family was very poor, so marrying into such a family, even as a concubine, would definitely be a good thing.

Zhao Liu: “. . .”

When Zhao Jinge came home that day, he met one of his neighbor and said hello, but he was only glared at.

What’s going on? Hasn’t this aunt always been very warm to him before?

“Mother, what’s the matter?“ Zhao Jinge looked at Zhao Liu in bewilderment.

“She wants her niece to become your wife.“ Zhao Liu was a little embarrassed. After she explained that Zhao Jinge was a ger, the women became angry.

Zhao Jinge: “. . .“

Jiang Zhen didn’t know that when he was not around, someone introduced a beautiful little girl to Zhao Jinge.

At the moment, he was hiding near a group of people from the Hongjiang Salt Farm to listen to some news and planned to ambush this group.

One of the ger in this group was from Fang Qi’s village, so if there were no accidents, the village Fang Qi was from, was massacred by this group of people.

Not only that, they were also talking about robbing another village. Hongjiang Salt Farm had been completely messed up, so they planned to get more money before starting their own business.

Jiang Zhen stepped back slowly, leaving the area where their camp was located and came to the place where his men were staying. Then he immediately looked at Fang Qi. “A group of people dressed in weird clothes with strongly shaved hair, do you know who they are?”

He actually saw someone who was not a Daqi citizen among those people!



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