TOFUH – Chapter 116.2 – The Jiang Family And The Imperial Envoy

He looked absent-minded and even bumped into one of Zheng family’s servant girls . . . Feng Jingyuan, seeing this scene from a distance, showed nothing on his face, but his eyes flashed with a little bit of pride.

Shen Anxin had been thinking about Jiang Zhens heartlessness all day, which had already made Zheng Yi dissatisfied. Then after that . . .

“Mention more to people about Young Master Shen’s situation today. If he is like this, he may lose his footing and fall into the water later,” Feng Jinyuan said to the person next to him.

From the beginning, Feng Jinyuan did not put Shen Anxin in his eyes. Before, he was willing to tolerate Shen Anxin just to reassure Zheng Yi. But he also could not let Shen Anxin live a good life . . .

Looking at the distant Shen Anxin, Feng Jinyuan coldly snorted disdainfully. Before, in the capital, Shen Anxin was not able to stand even a bit of gossip, so at this time, he might not even want to live . . .

Feng Jing origin thought he knew Shen Anxin very well and thought that Shen Anxin might try to kill himself but did not expect that he really thought wrong.

Shen Anxin really cared about chastity very, very much. Although he was raised as a man, but his mother’s words and teaching always let him think of himself as a ger. After being violated, he felt like the sky was falling at him. At first, when he found that the sky was falling, he wanted Jiang Zhen comfort, but after Jiang Zhen ignored him, his thoughts completely changed. He was not doing well, so he wanted everyone to have a bad life.

Feng Jingyuan brought people to the south of the Yangtze River this time with him, so did Shen Anxin. Because he was doing business with Zheng Yi, he had resumed a familiar relationship with many of his father’s old friends. As a result, he knew one thing. The famous official Zhou from the capital was coming to the south of the Yangtze River.

Shen Anxin, who lived in the capital since childhood, knew official Zhou very well. He also knew that official Zhou was the most cynical and hated the officials of the Empress Dowager and he had a problem with the Zheng family for a long time.

Before Zheng Yi’s second uncle, official Zheng presented the cards for gambling, which made him extremely angry so official Zhou mercilessly wanted to get back at Zheng.

Of course, because the Empress Dowager hated him very much he not only did not participate in the official Zheng presentation which also made Empress Dowager very sympathetic to Lord Zheng, and privately subsidized him.

“Lord Zhou . . . ,” Shen Anxin muttered, then looked to the people around him and asked them to inquire when Lord Zhou would arrive.

“Young Master, what are you inquiring about him for?” Shen Anxin’s little servant asked in confusion.

“Why are you asking so many questions? Just ask around,” Shen Anxin said.

There was no expression on Shen Anxin’s face; seeing him behave like this. the little boy servant did not dare to ask any more questions.

Shen Anxin sent the young boy away and lay down and slept until the next day when it was already very bright outside. By that time, the boy had already found out about the news. “That Lord Zhou has already come to the south of the Yangtze River. He is now in Wanhe County. It’s about two days away from here.”

“Are you sure?” Shen Anxin asked.

“Young Master, I heard it from a servant of the Zheng family. I heard that Young Master Zheng had been paying close attention to him and asked people to keep an eye on him,” the young man said.

“Oh . . .” Shen Anxin nodded, took out a pen and paper, and wrote down a letter then handed it to another servant. “Take this letter to Official Zhou and give it to him. . . .When you go out, if the Zheng family asks, don’t say you’re going to Official Zhou. Just say you just want to send it to capital . . . Be careful on the way too. Don’t let anyone follow you.”

“Yes, Young Master,” the man answered, then he took the letter and left.

Between Shen Anxin and Feng Jinyuan, Zheng Yi was at ease with the former, thinking that although Shen Anxin lacked the means and experience, he was at least not a bad person, so in contrast, he was more wary of Feng Jinyuan.

If Feng Jinyuan suddenly let his men leave, Zheng Yi would definitely send people to keep an eye on them a little, but when Shen Anxin sent a person away, he did not care. However, he more or less thought that Shen Anxin. . . was a bit problematic.

He was looking forward to Shen Anxin’s development, so he cooperated with Shen Anxin, but as a result . . . after Shen Anxin came to the south of Yangtze River, he did not seem to do any business well. . . Zheng Yi suddenly thought about Shen Anxin but then let it go. Instead, he thought it was about to be the birthday of Jiang Zhen’s mother-in-law.

Jiang Zhen attached great importance to Zhao Jinge, as well as to Zhao Liu and Zhao Fugui. This time, for Zhao Liu’s birthday, of course, he would go over and send a good gift.

Zheng Yi used to give gifts to his elders, all of which were calligraphy, painting, jade, and so on, but then he thought that Zhao Liu might not able to appreciate these things.

“Have someone use pure gold to create a Guanyin (,” Zheng Yi said to his men.

Since the Qingfeng House in Fucheng would not be opened for a while, Jiang Zhen carefully prepared for Zhou Liu birthday banquet, making Hexi even livelier than before.

Jiang Zhen’s Jinzhen Escort Agency brought great changes to Hexi Village. Many people in Hexi found jobs at the docks, so the people of Hexi could have better live. Because of this, they were more and more grateful to Jiang Zhen. Since they were grateful to Jiang Zhen, they also were naturally less friendly to the Jiang family.

“Old lady Jiang, Zhao Liu life is so good now, but it is a pity that you drove Jiang Zhen away . . .”

“Yes, you have driven a golden Bodhisattva out!”

“Well, your family is now . . . If Jiang Zhen was still around, would your life still be so hard?


. . .


The people of Hexi said this to old lady Jiang.

Old lady Jiang used to be very, very angry when she heard such remarks, but this time, she lowered her head and then quickly returned home.

After she got home, old lady Jiang immediately looked at Jiang Chengxiang. “Chengxiang, what you say is true? Is there really a noble gentleman who is willing to help us meet the imperial envoy and complain?”

“Mother, it’s true!” Jiang Chengxiang said. “That noble gentleman is kind-hearted and will help us.”

“But . . . to officially complain.” Old lady Jiang was a little frightened at the thought of going back to the yamen to complain, only to be rejected at the door.

It was said that all officials protected each other; was it possible that the imperial envoy would also be on Jiang Zhen side? Jiang Zhen had a lot of money, so it would not be difficult for him to buy an imperial envoy, wasn’t it?

“Mother, I heard that this imperial envoy is very jealous of evil and likes revenge! This gentleman said that he would help us!” Jiang Chengxiang said.

Jiang Chengxiang’s courage had long been frightened out by Jiang Zhen. When that man put forward such a request, he did not dare to go for fear that Jiang Zhen would know and he would eventually lose his life.

But the dignitary advised him again and again, telling him that this imperial envoy hated the Zheng family very much, so he still agreed.

Jiang Zhen was so unfilial to his parents, so they can sue him for a crime of unfilial piety!

Once upon a time, the Jiang family had the idea of suing Jiang Zhen, but it did not succeed, but soon they had this idea again. As long as they could sue Jiang Zhen and get his money, in the future, their family will be allowed to eat delicious food and drink spicy food.

Nowadays, most of the people in Hexi Village were on Jiang Zhen side and even some relatives of the Jiang family no longer paid attention to them. It could be said that in this village Jiang Zhen’s eyes were everywhere.

Worried about being seen by these people, the Jiang family packed up their things and went to the county town at night. When they were in the countryside Jiang Chengxiang and Jiang Chengwen seemed to be at odds with each other, but now that they have a common enemy, they got along a lot better.

When the whole family once again started to act affectionate, they went to the county town.

The Jiang family was having a very bad time these days. Because no one had time to wash clothes, all of them were wearing smelly and dirty rags.

Shen Anxin had never been in close contact with such people before, so as soon as he saw them, he could not help feeling disgusted. But what he hated even more were the faces that bore some resemblance to Jiang Zhen.

Shen Anxin also knew that what these people said was not necessarily true, but he was still eager to teach Jiang Zhen and Zhao Jinge a lesson. At this time, if he didn’t do something, he might go crazy.

All kinds of image flickered in his mind, Jiang Zheng and Zhao Jinge regretting this, Jiang Zhen having everything taken away from him, and he even imagined that he would die together with Jiang Zhen. In any case, he did not want to see Jiang Zhen and Zhao Jinge acting sweet again. When they were together, they were simply poking him in the heart with a knife.

“Young Master Shen, this is an imperial envoy. We do not dare to stop him. If we try to stop him, he might attack us, and we will lose our lives!” Chengwen said.

“Yes, Master Shen, there are old and small ones in our family . . . ,” Jiang Chengxiang also said.

Shen Anxin frowned at the two men, but at first, he could not react, but then they started to talk more and more. But then he also realized that they actually just wanted money.

He became more and more disgusted, but when he saw the ragged clothes of these people, he thought it was normal . . . He threw out ten silver. “Take it first. And tomorrow, I will ask someone to bring you 200 silver.”

Jiang Chengxiang hurriedly thanked him.

Meanwhile, Jiang Chengxiang also saw that this Young Master Shen, who had a grudge against Jiang Zhen, wanted to use them to deal with Jiang Zhen. But he didn’t care. As long as it could make Jiang Zhen miserable, even if he was taken advantage of, so what? This Young Master Shen was from capital, and he might really have a way to help them bring down Jiang Zhen!

Seeing Jiang Chengxiang like this, Shen Anxin started to hate him even more. He got up and said, “You can buy food with this money, but you can’t buy clothes or change your clothes!”

Jiang Chengxiang nodded and answered quickly. The more he thought about it, the more excited he became.

On the other side, the imperial minister threw a letter on the table. “How outrageous! In this world, there are still such unfaithful and unfilial people!”

“It is also in Hecheng Country where the Zheng family can cover the sky with one hand, so there is no way for these people to ask for help!”

The author has something to say: In yesterday’s chapter, many people were angry and left negative comments. The explanation is here:


First of all, Shen’s experience has nothing to do with his idea of becoming a mistress. So I hope no one will think he deserved it because of this, and don’t say anything about “When the mistress has to be ** too much” or somehow derived from “just like the protagonist has to be **” These two things have nothing to do with each other. Like the protagonist, from the beginning to the end, also had nothing to do with him, these two things also have nothing to do with each other.

This matter actually has foreshadowing. He already has some conflict with Feng Jingyuan before he knew Jiang Zhen and Zhao Jinge. Before he took a fancy to Jiang Zhen, Feng Jingyu is the son of Feng Chenglin who tried to harm him before (Jiang Zhen saved him then.)

It had nothing to do with him from beginning to end, and I foreshadowed it when I wrote about what was happening in capital.

Jiang Zhen also warned him to be careful before.



Second, it has nothing to do with the theory that girls are victimized because they wear less.

This was a deliberate attempt to harm him.

It doesn’t even matter whether he is a ger or a woman. Even if he was a man? Would Feng try to hurt him after having a grudge with him?




In the final analysis, it is character that determines his fate.

Feng Jingyuan used this method to harm him because Shen Anxin cared about this. If Shen Anxin didn’t care about this, there would be another method used.


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  1. Momo

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    It’s annoying, don’t he understand the meaning of NO?
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    If the author really wanted to do this story line, give us another character besides Shen Anxin, and maybe contrast the two of them, gers living as men who have chosen to make different decisions.

    I was hoping for another example of a gender non-conforming ger besides Zhao Jingge, to add more diversity and realism to the story, but I feel like I’ve been slapped in the face, tbh.

    1. Moongodess76

      My feelings exactly, I’ve already put him in the same group as the empress dowager and Jinge, gets that go beyond their genders … it’s a big disappointment for this great character to end up like this

    2. durangoh

      Realism and diversity? Zhao Jingen and this other ger are anomalies, in that ancient time of this story the normal thing was that the woman or her) only waited to be married, be filled with children and be exploited in the field and the house with a body ruins by giving birth to rugrats.

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  11. Son

    No actually I disdain your weak “explanation” 🚮 That so called foreshadowing took some suspension of disbelief as is. As others have stated and I’m repeating: it’s weak writing. That’s it. Nothing more to it. Frankly the best representation for gers in this novel have been that Zhao that was picked up by JZ, and the unseen Empress Dowager. Even ZJG’s insecurity had been dragging (nvm that all of this is compressed into two years) I would’ve preferred the stereotypical “career focused business mogul who struggled to find a relationship” over this friggry. Massive L.

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