TOFUH – Chapter 179.1 – A stranger in Modern Times (part I)

Zhao Jinge died one day after Jiang Zhen. 

After Jiang Zhen’s sudden death, he sat dumbfounded for a day before losing consciousness himself.

Zhao Jinge knew very well that he was dead, but to his surprise, he became alive again. 

He was reincarnated into a completely new world, as a man, and was named Zhao Qi’an.

The science and technology here was very developed. If the Republic of China developed for another few hundred years, it might also become like this. However, what shocked Zhao Jinge the most in this place, was that there were no gers, only men and women.

Also now he was a real man. 

A long time ago, after his brother died, Zhao Jinge wished to become a man, but after meeting Jiang Zhen this thought disappeared. After that, he never wanted to be a man again.

Yet now he became a real man, but he didn’t know where Jiang Zhen was. 

For the first few years, Zhao Jinge was so confused, and he felt that he didn’t know what to do.

Jiang Zhen was not here, what should he do?

In the course of being together with Jiang Zhen, Zhao Jinge learned a lot and grew up. It was no problem for him to be alone, but without Jiang Zhen, he felt that life was meaningless. 

Why was he reincarnated?

However, Zhao Jinge was only at a loss for the first few months. At that time he was just born, so he was mostly only eating and sleeping.

Having raised three children and brought up a grandson, Zhao Jinge was very good at playing the role of a baby and figured other things out after a few months.

Although he didn’t know why he was reincarnated, it had already happened, so maybe Jiang Zhen was also reincarnated.

Therefore he will definitely live a good life and find Jiang Zhen.

Even if he can’t find Jiang Zhen, he definitely has to take good care of his parents in this life.

However, if there was no Jiang Zhen, in this life he definitely wouldn’t get married. 

This was Zhao Jinge’s initial thinking but later, he found that even if he found Jiang Zhen they wouldn’t be able to get married.

He was in a country where men and men could not be married.

Knowing this, Zhao Jinge became very frustrated but it didn’t last long. Since he still didn’t find Jiang Zhen, thinking about this stuff was pointless. 

With the memories of his previous life where he learned a lot of things from Jiang Zhen while also ruling a country, Zhao Jinge became a genius from childhood. 

His parents originally ran a small business but under his guidance, this small business took advantage of the rapid economic development of the country and became a very big business.

Later, Zhao Jinge also discovered the thing called the internet. 

In his previous life, when they were older, Jiang Zhen would tell him some things about the future. At that time, Jiang Zhen said that there would be a network connecting the whole world in the future, and that everyone would be able to buy things online. 

At that time, many people thought Jiang Zhen was talking nonsense, but he always believed Jiang Zhen. 

Moreover, even if Jiang Zhen was really talking nonsense, as long as it was said by Jiang Zhen, he would still keep it in mind. 

This network will certainly develop better and better in the future! 

Zhao Jinge always believed in Jiang Zhen words and naturally recognized opportunity. Coincidentally, his parents opened a supermarket, or rather a chain of supermarkets in a large city. 

When Zhao Jinge was sixteen, he convinced his parents to make a website online with the name of their family supermarket to sell things online. 

As soon as someone from the same city ordered something from their supermarket online, he would have the clerk help deliver it to his home and collect the money.

At first, everyone thought he was fooling around, supermarkets were everywhere but very few people owned computer… if you wanted to buy something you would go to the supermarket, who would use computer to buy things?

However, it turned out that Zhao Jinge decision was correct. 

At first only a few people would buy things from their supermarket online but now that more and more people had computer and bought things using it they become their city most wealthy business group. 

This was a very good start, and then Zhao Jinge thought of the online payment mentioned by Jiang Zhen…. 

Jiang Zhen has said that people in the future would only need to bring their mobile phones when they go out, without taking psychical money with them. 

Zhao Jinge suddenly had the idea of making online payments.

In fact, if Jiang Zhen was beside himself, Zhao Jinge might not make such risky decision and be so impulsive, but Jiang Zhen was not with him… 

He really wanted to find Jiang Zhen. 

Zhao Jinge felt that he must stand in high position, so that Jiang Zhen could see him. Naturally to stand high he must make more money first. 

Zhao Jinge went abroad and came back, while at the same time officially establishing his own company.

The Internet developed rapidly, at the beginning of the 2000 when Zhao Jinge first sold things online, few people bought them but now only ten years later relying on this website let him become one of the billionaires in his country.

This was something that Zhao Jinge himself did not expect.

Still, he quickly adapted well to his new identity. He had been an emperor for decades, could becoming a rich man be very different?


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