TOFUH – Chapter 41.2 – Jiang Zhen comes to take the wife by force

“You people from Lijia Village will not give up? Then let them come to me!” Jiang Zhen pushed Li Zugen’s eldest son, who was trying to get up and escape, to the ground. “When they come to my turf, they will need to play hard with me. To death if necessary!”

“This . . . are you Eldest Jiang?” asked Li Zugen’s mother, Li Liushi, who had been around all the time. She was shocked before, but at this point she finally returned to her senses, recognizing Jiang Zhen and remembering the rumors going around about Jiang Zhen that she had heard in Hexi these days. Jiang Zhen was an ominous star, and they . . . they shouldn’t provoke him!

“You are clever,” Jiang Zhen sneered. “Who are you and what are you doing near my house? You’re in the way to my home, don’t you know?”

“This . . . This . . .” Li Zugen’s mother was actually a very outspoken person, but the shock she experienced at that moment made her look really terrible. She didn’t dare provoke him at all and could only explain, “We are from Lijia Village. We came to the Zhao family today to propose marriage, and we really didn’t want to block your way.”

Jiang Zhen didn’t recognize these people before. After all, Eldest Jiang was a man who rarely left his own village. But now, after hearing Lijia Village several times, he had already guessed the identity of these people. Aren’t they . . . the family Zhao Jinge used to be engaged to?

Lijia was not far from there, and Li Zugen would also come to Hexi to play when he was a child. When he played with others, every time he accidentally lost in the game, he would immediately run back to cry to his mother. Then his mother would go to the other children’s houses and accuse the other children of bullying her son . . .

However, Eldest Jiang also had an impression of him, because the Jiang family had also been visited. Of course, it was not him who had bullied Li Zugen, but Jiang Chengwen. God knows how Jiang Chengwen, who was six or seven years younger than Li Zugen, had bullied him . . .

Jiang Zhen had always known about this family, but he never paid attention to them before. When Zhao Jinge was twelve or thirteen years old, the Li family annulled the engagement. Li Zugen didn’t even count as Zhao Jinge’s ex-boyfriend, so there was nothing to care about. As a result, the family unexpectedly came to visit!

Jiang Zhen subconsciously glanced at Zhao Jinge, and saw Zhao Jinge’s face full of uneasiness . . . Zhao Jinge had a good temper and he was probably frightened by the Li family. As the current boyfriend, it was necessary for him to kill this ex-boyfriend who was trying to get between them.

Jiang Zhen cheered up and planned to teach this Li Zugen a lesson, but he didn’t know that Zhao Jinge’s uneasiness was mainly caused by him.

When he first saw Jiang Zhen, Zhao Jinge was very surprised and happy, but after a while he became worried. He’d entangled the just-returned Jiang Zhen in this mess. Will Jiang Zhen feel unhappy? There used to be a beautiful woman in the village who was pestered by a bachelor from another village, and as a result, her husband beat her up and started disliking her for attracting bees and butterflies. In the end, this made the woman not dare to go out.

He and Jiang Zhen weren’t married. If Jiang Zhen felt unhappy, he might directly marry someone else. Zhao Jinge grew more and more uneasy as he thought about it and regretted not ending this matter earlier.

Jiang Zhen didn’t know what Zhao Jinge felt or thought. He just sneered and said to Li Liu, “Haven’t you already annulled this engagement a long time ago? Your son already has so many children, and he still comes to propose marriage?” At first sight, he knew that the four children were that shortie’s offspring.

“Their mother already married another . . .”

It turned out that this was the case—his wife ran away and he wanted to start over! Jiang Zhen glared and hit Li Zugen’s leg with the pole. “What a beautiful idea!”

“Eldest Jiang, you can’t hit people like this. We haven’t provoked you.” Liu Li felt worse when she saw her son being hit than if it were her being hit. She felt so distressed that she was full of resentment towards Jiang Zhen.

Getting in his way? . . . The countryside was full of muddy roads. Where people trod a lot on, these areas would be called paths. In fact, as long as you didn’t step on other people’s crops, you could walk anywhere. It was clear that this man was looking for a random reason to mess with them!

“Who said you didn’t mess with me? You are pissing me off,”  Jiang Zhen declared. “I like this ger, but you even want to rob him from me!”

Before, Jiang Zhen thought about concealing his relationship with Zhao Jinge because he was afraid of Yang Jing’s revenge and the villagers treating the Zhao family like outcasts. But these days, he became sure that Yang Jing would never dare to take revenge against him. As for the villagers . . . these people even wanted Zhao Jinge to marry someone else . . . He would rather prefer they excluded the Zhao family. Anyway, his father-in-law worked outside all day, and his mother-in-law took care of the five ducklings every day. In fact, it didn’t matter if they didn’t interact with the villagers. If someone tried to bully them . . . it’s not like he can’t help out!

This . . . the ger Eldest Jiang likes? Eldest Jiang . . . does he have a crush on Zhao Jinge? I never thought . . .

The people in the village were a bit dumbfounded, but the Li family quickly accepted it. No wonder this man hit them as soon as he showed up. It turned out he wanted Zhao Jinge to be his concubine!

“Do you like Zhao Jinge?” Li Zugen asked in disbelief when he heard Eldest Jiang. The current situation was very strange to him. How could such a powerful figure fall in love with Zhao Jinge? He could easily snatch any woman to be his wife, couldn’t he?

“Yes, I like Zhao Jinge,” Jiang Zhen said. “I have a preference for gers with strong bodies.” He said it all. Although Zhao Jinge was too thin, he had gained some flesh, which made him more and more satisfied.

So Eldest Jiang took a fancy to Zhao Jinge for his strong body? Also, if he married such a ger, he would be able to throw all the work in the family to him from now on. This Eldest Jiang didn’t do any work each day. They knew at a glance that he was not willing to work. And right now, he was trying to get someone to help him with his work! And . . . the body was sturdy and would be resistant to beating . . . Maybe he wanted to find someone he couldn’t kill off easily by accident.

Elder Jiang and Zhao Jinge had no contact before. These days, they also communicated very privately, so the people in the village didn’t know that they had already been meeting secretly.

Thinking that the Zhao family had always been good-tempered, the villagers even started sympathizing with Zhao Jinge. Then everyone saw that Zhao Jinge stood still, like he was made of wood, as if he didn’t know what happened. Zhao Jinge was really unlucky . . . He was to be pitied, but actually, Zhao Jinge was quite happy.In the past, he and Jiang Zhen had to meet secretly, which made him feel insecure. He had always been afraid that Jiang Zhen would go back on his words, but now . . . Jiang Zhen admitted his relationship with him. And… Jiang Zhen likes my strong body. Should I start to train more?

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