TOFUH – Chapter 177.2– Extra About The Eldest Jiang

Jiang Zhen decided to study in Hexing City. 

It was a sub-provincial city of Xingguo, and it was very large and prosperous. There were many schools, including public and private ones. 

Jiang Zhen came here to find himself, wanting to leave his overly luxurious living environment for a while. He changed his name to Zhao Zhen and went to a public school.

The school was fairly good, but not top-notch. It was just a public high school in Hexing City, which was very ordinary in all aspects. 

The things that students learned in Xingguo was different from what students learned in the Republic of China. Jiang Zhen always went to the best schools and received the best education in China. 

After he arrived at this school, he was not used to it at first, but after half a semester, he had already caught up with the coursework and gained first place in school.

In the meantime, he found that his parents didn’t expect him to come home every week. Over the past decade or so, his parents had paid so much attention to him that they didn’t have too much time to spend alone together. Now without him, they had a second newlywed period, even renewing their wedding vows and going on vacation from time to time. 

Jiang Zhen simply reduced the number of times he went back and used his free weekends to go to He Cheng County, where Hexi Village was located. 

He walked from place to place and saw many sites related to Jiang Zhen, and at the same time his previous life, and he slowly found himself. 

He was no longer Jiang Zhenwei nor was he Jiang Zhen. He was now Jiang Zhen. 

“Jiang Zhen is so handsome!” 

“Jiang Zhen got first place in the exam again!”

“He won the first prize in the city for the math competition, how great!”

“He’s my male god!”

“He is also my male god! But he’s too aloof! It’s hard to get in touch with him!”

“Yeah, yeah, no one dares to confess to him.”




Jiang Zhen occasionally heard some comments from others, and saw some comments about himself on the school forum which made him more clearly understand himself.

He was Jiang Zhen. 

However, although he was Jiang Zhen, he was still a bit uncomfortable with his honored status in the Republic of China. He preferred to study hard in school rather than attending various banquets. 

The food in the canteen was not delicious, but he didn’t hate it and would still eat everything on his. The school uniform was also not of high quality but it still felt good enough. 

Without the restrictions of his status, he even made some friends.

Of course, he also encountered some disturbances, such as, surprisingly, someone confessed to him in front of a large audience.

“Zhao Zhen, I like you!” An ordinary-looking ger showed a sunny smile as he shouted to Jiang Zhen. 

Jiang Zhen froze.

When he was still living in the Republic of China, he was young and devoted to studying so he never thought about his feelings at all. The people around him were of high status or rich, so even if they had a crush on him, they would never be so frank. He also never received any love letters. 

When he arrived here, he became anonymous, and concentrated on his studies and looked aloof. Therefore, although many people liked him, there were not a lot of people who would dare to express their love to him. There were only a few of them, and all of them wrote love letters. 

So this was the first time Jiang Zhen has been confessed to in public. 

He was stunned, turning right and left, however the ger behind him relentlessly chased after him. “Zhao Zhen, I really like you! Even if you don’t accept me, I won’t give up!”

Jiang Zhen’s heart started to  beat faster and faster. 

He knew that ger. He always sat opposite him when he ate and would meet him head-on when he walked around the school. 

This ger was named Ning Qi and he launched a passionate pursuit of Jiang Zhen, taking care of every aspect of him. Since he met him, Jiang Zhen hadn’t even had a chance to eat in the canteen since he would receive all kinds of delicious breakfasts, lunches and dinners from him. Jiang Zhen didn’t like to waste food. 

What’s more, a lot of this food was made by Ning Qi himself.

Jiang Zhen could feel that Ning Qi was genuinely fond of him and he inevitably began to like this ger. After Ning Qi pursued him for a month, the two of them got together.

The number one student being so quickly caught undoubtedly stunned some people, but inevitably, there were also people who were sour and felt that Jiang Zhen must have got together with Ning Qi for his money. 

Ning Qi’s father was a nouveau riche so he had a lot of money, but Jiang Zhen was different; no one thought that this quiet boy that lived in the dormitory and ate in the canteen had any money.

What’s more, Ning Qi had nothing except money. No matter if it was in appearance, temperament or achievement, he wasn’t worthy of Jiang Zhen. 

He also spent money to attend this school. 

Therefore it was widely believed that Jiang Zhen and Ning Qi got together only because Ning Qi had money! 

Each time Ning Qi heard these kinds of words he would roll up his sleeves and rush towards those who gossiped, waving his fists as he hit people. After that he would still carefully look at Jiang Zhen. “Although my grades are not good, I am still very virtuous and ethical! Really!”

Then he would add, “Zhao Zhen, I really like you!”

Jiang Zhen would just smile. “I know.”

His life had completely changed, and it was very good. 

Then, because of Jiang Zhen’s declining grades, Ning Qi’s parents were called by the school. 

Jiang Zhen didn’t accept Ning Qi before, so the school turned a blind eye to it, but now that the two of them are openly dating… 

After being together openly, Jiang Zhen’s grades went down unexpectedly! 

Ning Qi’s grades from the beginning were not very good, so it wasn’t a big deal to the school if his grades were not good, but Jiang Zhen was the best student in their school! He mustn’t be brought down!

In a public school that especially cared about the enrollment rates, of course parents would be called when such a thing happens.

As for why they called Ning Qi’s parents, teachers felt that Jiang Zhen was led astray by Ning Qi!

Jiang Zhen was caught off guard when he met Ning Qi’s parents, who were a fat-bellied middle-aged man and a chubby middle-aged woman. 

After learning that their son was pestering the best-performing student in school and causing his grades to drop, they were very ashamed. 

“Don’t worry teacher, we will educate him properly!”

“Sorry classmate, we will not let him pester you in the future!”

“This kid Ning Qi has grown so bold! How dare he lead others astray!”

Jiang Zhen: “…”

After meeting Ning Qi’s pitiful eyes, Jiang Zhen gave the teacher a promise that his grades would never drop again while also promising to supervise Ning Qi’s studies.

Ning Qi’s parents were instantly grateful, and after seeing Jiang Zhen’s outstanding looks and temperament and learning of all his brilliant achievements, they secretly sighed that a good cabbage had been wasted by their own good for nothing pig son. 

A long time later, they were shocked to find out that this was not just an ordinary high quality cabbage, but a golden cabbage, no a diamond cabbage!

They couldn’t figure out why such a rich and powerful person would see in their son. 

They also didn’t know that after Ning Qi confessed his love, their whole family was actually investigated upside down by Zhao Yihui and his wife. 

Zhao Yihui and Jiang Nana would not let people with bad intentions get close to their son! 


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