TOFUH – Chapter 177.1 – Extra About The Eldest Jiang

Jiang Zhen froze. He couldn’t believe what he had just heard. 

When he was still Jiang Zhenwei, he always felt that having enough to eat was the happiest thing in the world. At that time, he felt that he had no ability and no hope for the future so he couldn’t do anything. 

But, the other him, surprisingly under such circumstances was able to become powerful and even conquered a country.

It turned out that if he tried, he could also become powerful!

Jiang Zhen froze. 

“Little Zhen, what’s wrong? Is it because Grandpa didn’t speak well?” Zhao Bufan looked at his grandson worriedly.

Still dazed, Jiang Zhen just shook his head. 

 “Dad, why are you telling little Zhen this? It will only scare him.” When Zhao Yihui saw his son’s appearance, he knew that his son was already confused. He hurriedly went to hug Jiang Zhen, intending to carry him out of study. 

 In the past, Jiang Zhen would have obediently let his father carry him away, but at this moment, he didn’t want to go.

He wanted to stay here and continue to listen. 

Jiang Zhen hugged Zhao Bufan.

Zhao Bufan knew that his grandson was very fragile, so seeing him frozen, he planned to let his son take him away. Unexpectedly, his grandson took the initiative to hold him. 

His grandson has never done this before! 

Zhao Yihui also froze. His son has always been indifferent before and until this moment never expressed any wants. 

He didn’t take his child from his father, but he was so happy that his hands trembled with excitement. 

“Little Zhen, do you still want to hear Grandpa tell stories?” Zhao Yihui asked. 

 Jiang Zhen nodded, then looked at Zhao Yihui somewhat uneasily, afraid that Zhao Yihui would be unhappy and that Zhao Bufan would be impatient. 

But they weren’t. 

Zhao Bufan continued to speak, in high spirits. 

In the story, Jiang Zhen almost died in that thatched hut, but was saved by Zhao Jinge. Then his whole temperament changed. 

He knew Zhao Jinge. If Zhao Jinge found him lying in the thatched hut, he would certainly try to save him, but would he still be able to do that?

Jiang Zhen didn’t know what was going on and was not sure if that person was really him. Regardless, he envied that person and wanted to learn from him to become like him. 

“Little Zhen, our old ancestors were born in that kind of environment, so they built such a foundation. You have to go for it.” Zhao Bufan finally said after speaking for a long time. 

Jiang Zhen nodded. 

After that, Jiang Zhen began to change. He was still timid and introverted, not liking to talk to people, but he began to take the initiative to study, trying to learn how to read. 

He wanted to be able to read those big books and learn more about Jiang Zhen.

He envied Jiang Zhen in these books, even though he might never be able to do what he did.

Jiang Zhen wasn’t smart and was very ordinary but he wasn’t stupid. He also had an advantage that no one else could match.

He was able to bear hardship. 

Other children become bored after learning to write their name a few times, but Jiang Zhen wasn’t. If no one stopped him, he would continue to learn to write and read. 

He was now able to eat and wear warm clothes, what would it matter if he just study?

No matter what Jiang Zhen studied, he was always particularly serious. He was still not very talkative and did not like to meet with outsiders, but he was becoming more and more normal. 

Not only was he becoming more normal, but because he was especially willing to devote all his time to studying after he started kindergarten, he became a smart child in the eyes of the teachers!

How many children in kindergarten could read and write so seriously and so well?

Although this child has autism, it was a rare high IQ autism! 

Although he was very quiet, he was actually very smart!

It didn’t take long for everyone to understand this. 

Zhao Yihui and Jiang Nana were naturally overjoyed, and everyone around them was happy for them.

Meanwhile, Jiang Zhen, who was learning more and more, and had even moved up to elementary school, discovered that his parents would be happy if he was smart. They’d also be happy if he made a few friends. 

He began to work hard to reach out to the world, and also began to study harder. 

Studying was a very sacred thing for Jiang Zhen, who loved to read and study. 

With such a mentality, he became a person who didn’t find studying boring and naturally learned very well.  After he learns his curriculum thoroughly, he liked to learn even more. 

This was a virtuous never ending process.

When Jiang Zhen was in junior high school, he surprisingly became the school’s number one student. Not only that, he inherited a handsome appearance from Zhao Yihui and Jiang Nana. Together with his outstanding family background it made him the most striking presence in the whole school. 

The child who was once thought to be problematic and maybe even under-developed now became the best kid at school.

While Zhao Yihui and Jiang Nana were thrilled, Jiang Zhen was still a bit uncomfortable.

The twenty years of his previous life had affected him too much, making him feel that he was useless. So now that he had become a rich man, he had the feeling that he couldn’t find his original self.

He even gradually began to be a little confused. Who was he?

At the age of sixteen, Jiang Zhen made a request to his parents. He wanted to study in Xingguo, a country that was adjacent to the Republic of China and was on friendly terms with them.

In history, Daqi ceased to exist more than ten years after the founding of the Republic of China. The country was divided into two halves. 

The north was occupied by the Rong army, which established a great state, while in the south that was occupied by those who rebelled against Daqi, they established Daxing.

When the great state of Rong attacked Daqi, they had been wounded by firearms, making them afraid that people would use firearms to rebel against them. They learned the lesson of Daqi, and didn’t allow their people to become sea merchants and traders.

Their country was built on horses. As long as their cavalry was strong enough, they would be invincible!

Daxing was the opposite.

Daxing was founded with the support of many merchants, so after it was founded, the status of merchants became much higher. Many merchants still had close ties with the Republic of China and seeing the rapid change there, they also wanted to make changes in their own country. 

Later, the officials of Daxing and those merchants, also began to aspire to the same system of governing as the Republic of China. They no longer wanted to be oppressed by an emperor over them, or have an emperor decide their life or death. 

A hundred years after Daxing was founded, the Republic of China had already become very powerful, and at that time Daxing also decided to undergo an industrial revolution.

Later, the Daxing Emperor was beheaded and afterwards, although the Imperial Family still existed, it no longer had any real power. 

At first, the country of Rong treated it as a joke. They thought that the original Emperor of Daxing was really stupid. If he didn’t allow those merchants to do business in the first place, how could his royal descendants be judged and beheaded?

Later they were dumbfounded. 

Daxing began to develop rapidly, and soon after, it began to expand. 

The Great State of Rong was destroyed, while Daxing itself underwent several regime changes, and finally, even their Royal Family ceased to exist.

Xingguo was what remained when all was said and done, and this country followed behind the Republic of China to develop. 

China helped many of the people of Xingguo and gave them all kinds of technical support. Therefore, up to now, the relationship between the Republic of China and Xingguo was very good. This made them friendly neighbor countries and they grew extremely close.

When Jiang Zhen told them he wanted to go to Xingguo, Zhao Yihui and Jiang Nana were reluctant, but after careful consideration they agreed. After all, Xingguo was very safe. 

Of course, even if they agreed, they also asked that Jiang Zhen come home to see them on weekends. It didn’t take much time to travel between two places with a private jet. 

Jiang Zhen agreed. 

He liked his parents very much and was very happy to go home to see his parents on weekends! 


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