TOFUH – Chapter 178.1– Extra About The Eldest Jiang

Jiang Zhen lived in Xingguo for three years and took part in the college entrance examination of Xingguo before officially ending his high school life. 

Although puppy love was prohibited in high school, there were actually a lot of students who fell in love secretly. Now that they already graduated from high school, it was inevitable that many couples would break up. 

After all, it was difficult for a couple to go to the same collage. 

It would also be impossible for Ning Qi to go to the same university as Jiang Zhen. 

In his last year of high school, Jiang Zhen spent a lot of effort on him, giving him extra lessons. Because he didn’t want to drag Jiang Zhen down, Ning Qi studied hard, but in the end, his grades were only good enough to go to an ordinary university while Jiang Zhen could certainly go to the top universities in Xingguo. 

“Jiang Zhen, which university do you want to apply for in the future? I’ll go online and see if there’s a suitable university for me nearby.” Ning Qi looked eagerly at Jiang Zhen as he held the university application materials.

He definitely could not go to the same university as Jiang Zhen, so he could only find a school that was closest to Jiang Zhen to enroll in.

“Don’t worry, you don’t need to think about this now,” Jiang Zhen replied. His parents had spoken to him about this already. They wanted him to go back to the Republic of China to study. He also wanted to go back to China and hoped to take Ning Qi with him.

He liked Ning Qi, and Ning Qi liked him and they had been together for a long time. Jiang Zhen has already begun to think about getting married and having children in the future. 

However, he was too embarrassed to say that aloud. Although he has changed a lot, he is still not used to communicating with people, nor does he like to talk with other people. 

In the past two years, he had basically been listening to Ning Qi.  

Hearing Jiang Zhen’s words, Ning Qi’s expression inevitably dimmed.

Ning Qi and Jiang Zhen were of the same age. When Jiang Zhen transferred to their school two years ago, he fell in love with Jiang Zhen at first sight. After observing Jiang Zhen for a long time, he became more and more fond of him.

As a matter of fact, he wrote a love letter to Jiang Zhen, but he didn’t read it so Ning Qi clenched his  teeth and confessed his love in public. After the confession, he no longer cared about his image and simply pestered Jiang Zhen. 

 As  a result, Jiang Zhen really agreed to be with him! 

Ning Qi had a feeling of being hit by a pie from the sky, while at the same time becoming more and more uneasy. 

Although Jiang Zhen agreed to be with him, it was always mild between them. 

Jiang Zhen has never said that he liked him and he didn’t talk to him very much.

He wanted to keep pestering Jiang Zhen, but now that they graduated from high school… 

After the college entrance exam, their class got together to have a meal. 

Everyone belonged to AA, but Ning Qi grabed Jiang Zhen’s share and paid for Jiang Zhen with his own money. 

Jiang Zhen should have very little money. He often stayed in school on the weekends, ate in the canteen and wore clothes without any brand names. 

His classmates didn’t know that many of Jiang Zhen’s unbranded clothes were in fact privately custom-made and purchased by Ning Qi during their relationship, who almost always covered the expenses for the two of them. 

Jiang Zhen didn’t stop him.

This was because he liked the feeling of Ning Qi taking care of him, but also because Ning Qi didn’t spend much money. If Ning Qi tried to buy him expensive items, he would refuse, but as they got together he was mostly just covering their meal expenses. 

The meal was scheduled to be at noon on the day the results came out, but before that, Jiang Zhen went back to the Republic of China. 

He made a request to his parents to be with Ning Qi. 

“Have you decided?” Zhao Yihui asked.

Jiang Zhen nodded. 

“Then treat him well.” Zhao Yihui said.

Although their Zhao Family was a part of the Imperial Family, their ancestors were ordinary farmers, so they didn’t care about the concept of nobility at all, as long as they liked the person. 

What’s more, Jiang Zhen was different.

What happened when Jiang Zhen was a child, and his later excessive cleverness made them never refuse his requests.

With the approval of his parents, Jiang Zhen immediately smiled. 

He planned to get engaged to Ning Qi during summer vacation, so the two of them could go to the Royal Academy of the Republic of China together and after graduating get married. 

The more Jiang Zhen thought about it, the happier he was, and he planned to fly back to Hexing City without any stops. 

A sudden heavy rain made it impossible for the plane to take off.

While Jiang Zhen was waiting at the airport, Xingguo’s college entrance examination results were announced. Since he performed very well, he unexpectedly took first place in Hexing City and became the province’s top student. 

Jiang Zhen wasn’t considered the most outstanding student in the whole city, but there were many private high schools in Hexing City. The goal of these students was never the college entrance examination, but studying in the Republic of China. 

For example, in the best private school in Hexing City, half of the students would complete various procedures for studying abroad before the college entrance examination, and then get an acceptance letter from a university in the Republic of China or Austria.

The Austrian country was the country that Zhao Mingzhu founded in Australia.

Because many people who receive an elite education have chosen to go abroad, Jiang Zhen, who had been studying hard, ended up being the top student in the college entrance exam.

This was undoubtedly a joyful thing, so all of Jiang Zhen’s friends and relatives called him to congratulate him so he answered the calls while waiting in the airport because his plane was grounded. 

Luckily, soon after his plane was able to take off. 

Jiang Zhen hurriedly got on the plane.

In summer, the restaurant business was usually very slow, but that day at noon the lobby of a restaurant in Hexing City was very lively. 

The students of a nearby high school had  booked a graduate dinner here. 

There were more than 500 students in senior high school class, so more than 60 tables were set. Because they couldn’t all fit in the lobby, some private rooms upstairs were also arranged. 

 The food was quite ordinary, and with the hotel discount, it was less than a hundred dollars per person. But everyone was able to eat happily and excitedly. Some people even tried drinking. 

However, Ning Qi felt very uneasy. Jiang Zhen hadn’t come yet. Not only that, he called Jiang Zhen a lot of times, but it always went back to voicemail because his phone was turned off. 

Did Jiang Zhen not want to answer his calls?

“Ning Qi, I don’t think Zhao Zhen is really with you. Now that you have graduated from high school, you might as well break up with him.” One of Ning Qi’s female friends said: “Otherwise, be careful or you might end up with nothing!”

“No!” Ning Qi immediately said, glaring at his friend.

“Why not? My own dad was like this.” Ning Qi’s friend added that her father’s family was very poor, and when he was studying he fell in love with her mother. He just spent her mother’s money after that. 

Originally it was nothing, but after her father became successful many years later, the first thing he did was divorce her mother.

She still admired Jiang Zhen, but she was afraid that he was the same as her father, a scum. 

“Zhao Zhen isn’t like this!” Ning Qi said, but couldn’t help but feel a little anxious.

He wasn’t able to contact Jiang Zhen. 

Ning Qi was worried when another person approached him. 

“Ning Qi, you’ve been dumped, right?”

“I knew Zhao Zhen would dump you sooner or later!”

“Zhao Zhen won’t look at someone like you!”




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