TOFUH – Chapter 124.1 – School And Cooperation

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Jiang Zhen actually did not encounter any trouble and was released on the same day.

When the people of Hexi Village saw that he was fine, life quickly resumed as usual, and the dock was full of people. This incident also, unintentionally helped Jiang Zhen and the Jinzhen Escort Agency with publicity, so the docks became much livelier than usual.

But this incident had a great impact on Jiang Zhen and made him think of a lot of things. Because of this, he wasn’t even as angry as Zhao Liu, who was bent on revenge.

“I never thought that the Jiang family would be like that. Isn’t it a good thing that you’ve developed? Instead of coming to you and easing relations, they are preoccupied with scheming and hurting you.“  After a night’s sleep, Zhao Liu felt refreshed and then began scolding the Jiang family at home.

Jiang Zhen was a very nice person, so she thought that if the Jiang family were nicer to him, Jiang Zhen would be willing to repair their relationship with them. But the Jiang family was really too bad! Even if the Jiang family wanted to ease the relationship, Jiang Zhen might not want to agree, but she did not say this thought aloud.

How are the Jiang family members now?“ After Jiang Zhen listened to Zhao Liu complaining for a while, he asked.

Young Master Zheng’s men took Jiang Chengwen and Jiang Chengxiang away and they have not returned yet.“

Originally, Jiang Zhen’s men wanted to find the Jiang family and teach them a good lesson, but Jiang Chengwen and Jiang Chengxiang were already taken away by Zheng Yi’s men, leaving only the old and weak Jiang couple, so they couldn’t do anything.

Zhao Jinge thought that since the imperial envoy was still there, it was impossible to let people beat up the Jiang family, so he could only leave it like  that.

“Mm-hmm.“ Jiang Zhen nodded.

“Should we send someone to ask Young Master Zheng?“ Zhao Jinge asked. The one who took Jiang Chengwen and Jiang Chengxiang was the old steward of the Zheng family. At the time, when Jiang Zhen and Zheng Yi went to Qingfeng House, he spoke with the old steward, and according to what the old steward said, there should be another person behind the Jiang family.

Under normal circumstances, the Jiang family would never see or meet the imperial envoy, and even if they did, they would never have the courage to sue.

“No need. Just let young Master Zheng handle it,“ Jiang Zhen said.

He didn’t have time to care about this. There were more important things to do, such as . . . opening a school.

Jiang Zhen built a school on the side of the docks and intended to let the children of his men  go to the school, but because he was too busy, he  couldn’t get it done until this time.

He had intended to wait for the New Year, and at the beginning of spring leisure time,to start the school. But now he had changed his mind.

After eating, Jiang Zhen took Zhao Jinge to find the village head, Jiang Ping, saying that he was very grateful for the help of the village people, so he was planning to open the school in advance and was looking to hire someone to teach the village children to read for free.

“This, this . . . Is that true?“ Jiang Ping looked at Jiang Zhen excitedly. Children could study for free? There would be such a good thing?

“Of course, it’s true, but I can’t hire a scholar who is too knowledgeable, so the main thing that will be taught will be how to read and calculate. If anyone want their children to take the exam in my school they  won’t be able to learn anything,“ Jiang Zhen said.

If they don’t have dozens of mu of land, who would think of letting their children take part in an imperial examination! It’s already good enough to know, how to read and write and know how to do calculations!“ Jiang Ping smiled happily, overjoyed.

“Then, I’ll trouble the village chief to talk to the village people. My school will teach children between seven and fourteen years old. They will all be accepted. If adults want to come to learn, that’s also alright. They can sit at the back and listen to the lesson,“ Jiang Zhen added.

“Good. I’ll go door to door right away!“ Jiang Ping said.

The people who knew how to do calculations and were working under Jiang Zhen, earned a lot of money every month. After the children in their village learned, they could certainly be able to work under him in the future. How nice!

It was a pity that his grandson was only six years old . . . but if he talked to Jiang Zhen privately . . . it should be possible to go, to school a year earlier, right?

Jiang Ping was so excited that he soon went door to door explaining about this matter. Of course, he did not go to Butcher Jiang.

The second uncle of the Jiang family held a little tobacco and put it into his pipe. He ignited the tobacco with a lit mulberry strip, took a deep breath and exhaled the smoke.

Then he looked at his son. “Eldest, this Jiang Zhen has the Jiang surname. Why did he have to join the Zhao family? If the two sons of the Jiang family really sued him, do you think there was a possibility for him, to return to the Jiang family and give the Jiang family honor and glory?“

“Father, you must not have such thoughts in the future! Otherwise, all of us in the family will have to suffer the consequences of it!“ The son of the second uncle of the Jiang family wanted to go up and cover his father’s mouth.

Why was his father so confused? Couldn’t he just live his life in peace and quiet? Even if Jiang Zhen returned to the Jiang family, so what? Would Jiang Zhen still give them money to spend?

“Alas . . .“ The second uncle of the Jiang family sighed.

Just as he finished sighing, someone came in from outside; the person who came was none other than Jiang Ping.

“Village head, is something wrong?“ It was winter time, so there was not much to do on the fields. Basically, all the Jiang family members were staying at home and only a few young people went to work.

“Good news! There is big news!“ Jiang Ping said joyfully. “Jiang Zhen has built a few empty houses on the dock and set up tables and chairs inside, saying that, in the future, it would be a school, right? He just came to me and told me that the school would be open in a few days, and the children will be taught to read, write, and calculate for free!“

“There is such a thing?“ The people in the second uncle Jiang’s family became excited and made tea for Jiang Ping.

Jiang Ping took a sip of tea. “There is such a thing! There are many children in your family, and several of them can go to school! This is certainly an advantage!“

“Yes, yes!“ Several sons of the second uncle Jiang nodded; all were very excited.

Even the second uncle of the Jiang family was excited at this moment.

Jiang Ping stayed at their house for only a little while and then left. After he left, the sons of the second uncle of the Jiang family said to their father, “Father, you can’t offend Jiang Zhen again in the future, or else the children of our family will not be able to go to school. We are relying on you!“

The second uncle of the Jiang family quickly assured, “I will not do anything for sure!“ It was really great that his precious grandsons could go to school! He would definitely not go after Jiang Zhen again!

The Hexi villagers were all running around, telling each other good news,they  all were very excited.

If they study, they would be able to find a good job in the future, so they needn’t  work hard in the field.

That day, almost all the children in Hexi were given a good beating by their own parents, telling them to be obedient when they go to school in the future. These children nodded their heads and all agreed.

Those who were forced to go to school might not like to learn, but those who couldn’t before, were all full of yearning to study.

Students were easy to find, the children of Jiang Zhen’s men plus children of Hexi village would be able to fill several classrooms, as for teachers . . .

There were several scholars who were recruited by Jiang Zhen before, but some who were not flexible enough to follow the escorts around, Jiang Zhen simply asked them to teach children how to read. 

Because due to the opening of school there would not be enough accountants anymore . . .  can’t he just go to the country town to recruit some more?


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