TOFUH – Chapter 162.1- Captured Japanese Invaders

Wexing Provine was getting more and more lively.

Since many big families consolidated a lot of land, many farmers had to find another way out. South of the Yangze river was still very prosperous, and Wexing Province was becoming more and more prosperous.

Many people began to do business and even went out to sea.

To a certain extent, sea trade has given many people a way to live.

Today, Jiang Zhen together with Zhao Jinge and his two children were eating breakfast in a teahouse.

The refreshments on this side of Wexing Province were very rich, so Jiang Zhen ordered a little bit of everything.

Among them were fried buns, small dumplings, tea cakes, muffins and tea eggs.

Jiang Zhen liked to eat crispy skin of the fried buns the most, but his son and daughter were the opposite.

Zhao Mingzhu was changing her teeth and just recently lost her front teeth so she could not bite the fried bun with pork, so she swore she wouldn’t eat it.

Since she didn’t want to eat it, Zhao Chengyu, who liked to do everything just like his sister also didn’t want to eat it.

So, they were eating only small dumplings at this moment.

“Father! Yesterday, Uncle He’s little An tried to bully me so I beat him up!” hao Mingzhu said happily when she was halfway through the meal.

The little An of Uncle He she was talking about was He Chunsheng’s son, a boy a year younger than her, but much taller than her.

“Little An bullied you? Doesn’t he like you the most? How could he bully you?” Zhao Jinge looked at his daughter in disbelief.

“He made fun of my teeth! He said I look like an old lady!” Zhao Mingzhu said with angry expression.

His daughter’s toothless appearance was a bit like an old lady. Zhao Jinge thought like this but didn’t dare to say it.

If he said it his daughter would be angry.

As he was thinking this, Zhao Jinge heard Zhao Mingzhu talking about other playmates, but when she mentioned them, she said nothing more than who disobeyed and was beaten by her, and who recognized her as the boss.

Zhao Jinge: “…”

He was very concerned about his daughter, knowing that his daughter was also wrestling with people but never went too far or hurt other people. Also, when she encountered a weaker girl or even a boy, she would not hit them but protect them instead.

Even so, he still felt it was strange. 

Zhao Mingzhu was his daughter, not his son.

A girl collecting a bunch of henchmen, was this really alright?

Zhao Jinge was a little worried, but Jiang Zhen felt that this was not a problem at all. At this moment, he was even praising his daughter: “My Mingzhu is the most powerful!”

Zhao Mingzhu was very proud.

Zhao Jinge sighed secretly and decided to leave this matter alone.

Since his daughter was crooked, let’s raise her crooked. It didn’t matter if she couldn’t get married, he could afford to support her.

Although two of them were children, they all ate very well so after a while they eat almost everything at the table.

It was at this time that the storyteller came.

“What I want to tell you today is about the King of Ryukyu, who was carried into prison on a sedan chair….” As soon as the storyteller said this prologue, the diners present cheered one after another.

The most famous figure south of the Yangze river was the King of Ryukyu, Cheng Yongzhen.

As for Cheng Yongzhen, some people lamented over him, some sympathized or even despised him. No matter the case, everyone paid attention to this person and were willing to listen to gossip about him.

“Let’s go.” At this moment, Jiang Zhen stood up.

In order to satisfy the guests, the storyteller would always make up some nonsense when he told the story, or even add some fragrant things, which Jiang Zhen didn’t want to hear.

He was never in contact with Cheng Yongzhen and Cheng Yongzhen had probably never heard of him since he was just a small sea merchant who had just emerged in recent years.

Even so, the Cheng Yongzhen matter still saddened him.

He had always felt that he was too weak and wanted to be strong so that he could have a say. Now that he really became stronger, he discovered that he still did not have much of a say.

Of course, this was also because he was still not strong enough.

Jiang Zhen took Zhao Jinge downstairs, where they met some acquaintances.

“Boss Jiang, Master Zhao!” The people were merchants who had worked with Jiang Zhen and Zhao Jinge, so the moment they saw Jiang Zhen and Zhao Jinge they came up to greet them.

“Shopkeeper Liu, Shopkeeper Wang.” Jiang Zhen greeted them.

Several people exchanged a few pleasantries, and Jiang Zhen soon bid his goodbye.

Those people sighed as they watched Jiang Zhen leave.

“This Jiang Zhen is really powerful!”

“Yes, he is obviously born from farming family but he had the ability to earn so much money for his family,” another person said.

“Also, Zhao Jinge who was next to him, I heard he used to be a long-term worker who didn’t even know how to write a single word. No one expected that he would run the Jinzhen Escort Agency now.”

The group of people said one thing after another, speaking with  emotion about Jiang Zhen and Zhao Jinge while the two of them already went home.

Over the past three years, Zhao Liu and Zhao Fugui have not grown much older, the two of them looked the part of rich people spending every day happily. They even looked a little younger.

When Jiang Zhen and Zhao Jinge just got together, they were actually very worried. Worried that Jiang Zhen would abandon Zhao Jinge. However now, Jiang Zhen was as close as their blood related family, so they didn’t worry about this anymore.

They don’t even worry that Jiang Zhen would take concubine.

They could see how good Jiang Zhen was to Zhao Jinge, so he would never hurt their son.

Looking at Jiang Zhen and Zhao Jinge who had long since passed their prime, they couldn’t help but feel a lot of emotions.

How could they be so lucky as to meet Jiang Zhen?

“Mom, dad, we are going to the seaside tomorrow.” After eating, Jiang Zhen said to Zhao Fugui and his wife.

“Is your fleet back?” Zhao Fugui asked. Jiang Zhen often spent a long period of time at the seaside. He could spend half a year at the seaside, but this time he told them he would come back after just a few days. If that was the case, it was probably because something was going on there.

“It’s not that the fleet is back, but that there are pirates over there.” Jiang Zhen said.

It has been two months since Cheng Yongzhen was arrested, so Cheng Yongzhen’s men were now in complete chaos.


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