TOFUH – Chapter 175.2 – Extra about the Eldest Jiang

However, Zhao Bufan didn’t die for a long time.

Zhao Bufan, hadn’t received any treatment for two years while he was on the island, and he became more and more reluctant to die. He secretly went back to the mainland and planned to have a detailed examination and receive treatment. Even if he couldn’t marry because of his illness, he still wanted to live together with this ger for a few more years!

Instead, the doctor informed Zhao Bufan that he didn’t have the disease in the first place and was just allergic to a shellfish on that island.

The shellfish that he liked so much and had been eating almost every day for the past two years caused the rashes due to his allergy. 

Zhao Bufan was speechless, then cried tears of joy and decided to turn over a new leaf.

Although it was a false alarm, Zhao Bufan was blessed by misfortune and found true love. 

 It was because he had played everywhere and with everyone he become tired of it, so after his marriage he became a good man of filial piety and had a total of four children with his partner, which greatly increased the royal family population since many members of the Royal Family didn’t like to have children.

Zhao Yihui was their youngest son, and also the most favored. His brothers and sisters were all capable, while he was the most unproductive one. 

He had one advantage, he was very good looking. 

Not only that, he has been unwaveringly in love with a daughter of the Jiang Family since the age of five. In the end he managed to win the heart of Jiang Nana, the eldest lady of the Jiang family. 

Jiang Nana is the only daughter of the Chairman of the Jiang Group so Zhao Yihui was expected to join the Jiang family. Now, the first child between him and Jiang Nana was born. 

Originally, the child should not have been born for another month, but Jiang Nana was bumped into when she went out for a meeting so she needed to have an early caesarean section.

Zhao Yihui, who changed into a sterile suit, sat by Jiang Nana’s side. In the past, he always acted spoiled and cute in front of his wife, but now his face was very serious. “Nana, the baby is fine, don’t worry.” 

“Nana, cheer up!”

“Nana, what do you think is the best name for our child?”



Jiang Nana: “You know the baby is fine before it even comes out?” 

“He must be fine! Look, his birthday will be the same as our ancestors!” Zhao Yihui said. 

Today was the fifth day of the fifth month of the lunar calendar.

Zhao Yihui and Jiang Nana’s child would be born on the same day as their ancestor, Jiang Zhen.

When Jiang Zhenwei suddenly became conscious, he felt a little cold and couldn’t breathe. His face was covered with something as fresh air poured into his lungs. Then he was wrapped into something. 

Wasn’t he dead? Why was he suddenly alive again?  

It really didn’t make sense for him to be alive. He didn’t even know if he wanted to live.

So, it’s actually good to be dead, only, why was he still able to move? Why did not die?

Jiang Zhenwei didn’t want to move. 

Just then, he heard someone chattering near his ear: “Why isn’t this child moving?”

 “He’s not crying either.”

“This child’s condition is not quite right, he needs to be sent for examination!”




Jiang Zhenwei did not understand those people’s words very well, yet he felt what they said to be a bit familiar. It seemed similar to the official language that he learned a few sentences from Jiang Chengxiang before? 

He had always envied his two brothers who could study, so sometimes when his brother read, he would listen to a few sentences. Unfortunately, after he listened to one or two sentences he would be driven away.

If only he could read.

But if there was no point in him studying, what could he do even if he tried?

He just wanted to die early, even if he was reincarnated as a livestock in the next life after he drink Meng Po soup, (Old Lady Meng’ – goddess of forgetfulness in Chinese mythology, who serves Meng Po Soup on the Bridge of Forgetfulness or Naihe Bridge (奈何桥). This soup wipes the memory of the person so they can reincarnate into the next life without the burdens of the previous life) he wouldn’t remember so it was fine. 

Jiang Zhenwei didn’t even bother to open his eyes. 

He thought that if he didn’t move, those people would just let him die, but they didn’t. They even picked him up!

These people, he couldn’t believe they were able to hold him!

Jiang Zhenwei was very surprised but also full of admiration. He really wanted to open his eyes to see what was going on, but he suddenly discovered that his eyes wouldn’t open. Not only that, he didn’t have enough strength to move. 

He could only endure as he was tossed and turned. 

“After examination, the child seems to be in good health, but he was born prematurely, so he is a little weak.” 

“Let him stay in the incubator for a few days and it should be alright.”

Another voice that Jiang Zhenwei didn’t really understand could be heard, but he at this point no longer cared about anything and just let the people around him handle him. 

He was put in some place, and shortly after, something else was stuffed into his mouth.

As soon as he bit down on it, milk poured into his mouth. 

That should be milk, right? It was much better than the pig’s milk that he used to milk secretly when he was really hungry. 

Jiang Zhenwei didn’t want to live, nor did he want to involve others into taking care of him as an invalid, but he was really hungry. 

After having food stuffed into his mouth he simply couldn’t resist. 

He ate a lot, and after his stomach was full he felt much more comfortable, but shortly after that he actually peed his pants, which made him a little uncomfortable.

In fact, since he was going to die anyway it was okay to pee his pants but these people still changed it for him. This made him feel really embarrassed that he troubled others. 

Jiang Zhenwei was a little disgusted with himself, when he suddenly realized something was wrong. Why were these people’s hands so big?

A few days later, Jiang Zhenwei was finally able to open his eyes. At first, his sight was a little blurry, so he couldn’t see much which made him feel uneasy.

He held out his hand and covered his eyes, finally seeing his hand clearly. 

It was a very small hand that should belong to a newborn child.

What the hell was going on here? Did he die and get reincarnated? Did he somehow forget to drink the Meng Po soup?

Jiang Zhenwei felt that it was all very strange, but he still couldn’t muster up any energy. So after waking up for a while to eat, he just went back to sleep. 

At his side there was always a man talking to him. Jiang Zhenwei couldn’t understand him at first, but after listening for a while, he was able to understand some words, though he was still not able to respond. 

He doesn’t know what was wrong with him. 

On that day, Jiang Zhenwei was carried out of a small box by those people who stayed at his side all this time. 

“There is nothing wrong with the child’s body. Although he was born prematurely, all his organs are developing well, but he does not respond to any external stimulation.”

 “Doctor, I know, but I believe my child will be fine.” Zhao Yihui interrupted the doctor’s words. 

There was something wrong with his child and it was very likely something to do with his brain not developing properly, or he was autistic. But he had already made up his mind to treat his child, and he believed that his son would definitely get better.

Zhao Yihui carried the child into the car where Jiang Nana was already waiting for him. 

“How is the child?” Jiang Nana asked worriedly and with some remorse. She felt that it was her own fault that her child became like this. If she had been more careful she wouldn’t have given birth prematurely.

“Nana our child is fine!” Zhao Yihui said with a smile.

“Yes, it will be fine. He is still small so we just need to take good care of him and he will be fine!” Jiang Nana also said. She had already contacted a lot of experts in this field, so they were starting to develope a recovery plan for their son. She believed that it would be able to get her child back to normal.

That’s right! This child was born on the fifth day of May,” Zhao Yihui laughed.

He said this just to comfort himself, and didn’t even finish speaking when the child who was always motionless in his hands, suddenly trembled and cried with his eyes wide open. 



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