TOFUH – Chapter 175.1 – Extra about the Eldest Jiang(1)

The Royal Hospital of China was one of the best hospitals in the Republic of China and existed for hundreds of years.

After the first Prime Minister of the Republic of China, Jiang Zhen, organised this hospital, the hospital started bold innovations and opened a new chapter in the history of medicine. 

Nowadays, many first time surgeries were performed here, such as the caesarean section. 

There was a caesarean section carried out in the Royal Hospital of the Republic of China.

The operation was performed for the sixteenth heir to the throne of the Republic of China, Zhao Yihui’s wife Jiang Nana.

Although he was one of the heirs of the throne, he was sixteen. Unless the world was in chaos or a meteorite smashed into the imperial palace, Zhao Yihui had absolutely no chance of inheriting the throne. 

Of course, he himself had no interest in inheriting the throne. 

When members of the royal family grow up, they could get a large amount of business funds to do what they liked, which was much more comfortable than being an Emperor who lived in the media limelight as a mascot.

Moreover, if they weren’t emperor, they were able to develop in another career. 

Isn’t that what happened to the eldest son and eldest daughter of the first emperor of China? 

It was said that the First Emperor of the Republic, Zhao Jinge wanted to pass the throne to his eldest daughter, Zhao Mingzhu. However, his daughter wasn’t interested in the throne and longed for the sea. She finally formed a fleet and occupied a territory in Australia.

There were all kinds of poisonous creatures living there which made it really dangerous, but she still liked it and didn’t want to leave after occupying the territory! 

After that, Prince Zhao Chengyu, who was only two years younger than his sister, seeing this situation, followed in his sister’s footsteps. He went to America, and also ended up not wanting to leave after occupying a territory. 

It was said that the Prime Minister and His Majesty the Emperor were very angry. They planned to retire before the age of sixty, but because of the trouble caused by their two oldest children they needed to delay their retirement until the age of 65. 

Thankfully, their last child did not run away. The little prince that was born in the Republic of China loved this country very much and was willing to take over the throne. 

Of course, it was something that happened a long time ago and had nothing to do with Zhao Yihui. 

Zhao Yihui’s grandfather, the uncle of the present emperor of China, was an unambitious man. After taking the royal start-up fund he went into seclusion and began to engage in research. After working half of his lifetime, he really made a name for himself. 

The smartphone that everyone was using now was researched by him and it was said that it was inspired by a book left behind by their ancestor Jiang Zhen.

After their old ancestor retired, legend has it that he dreamed of the future hundreds of years later and he wrote down all things he dreamt about. Many people thought this book was absurd at that time, but now that they read it…

This was simply a book of prophecy! 

Their ancestors were really amazing!

But let’s return to Zhao Yihui’s grandfather.

The grandfather of Zhao Yihui was a successful researcher, but he couldn’t do business!

After researching smartphones, he was confused and didn’t know what to do with them. Fortunately, at that time Jiang’s group found him and was willing to cooperate with him. 

The chairman of Jiang’s group was the descendants of Jiang Ming who followed the old ancestor of the Zhao family to China, so the two families always had a good relationship. After working with Zhao Yihui’s grandfather, they made his research value increase greatly, squeezing him directly into the top 20 richest individuals in the world. While the Jiang group squeezed into the top ten, becoming even more powerful. 

As for why the top ten was good…

The ancestors of the Zhao family left a lot of property to the imperial family of China, so together with the Australian side of the Zhao family and the American side of the Zhao family, they have always occupied the top three of the world’s wealthiest positions.

In any case, Zhao Yihui’s grandfather was rich from the start. 

His grandfather also had only one son, his father Zhao Bufan.

However, Zhao Bufan’s character was very different from his own father.

His father was a nerd who could not wait to get into the lab and never go out, taking his own assistant as his wife, but Zhao Bufan was fun loving since childhood.

If it wasn’t for the various rules and limitations placed on members of the Royal Family, stating that some mistakes might even result in being expelled from the Royal Family, he may have already taken the wrong path!

Thanks to the Royal Law, although Zhao Bufan liked to play, he just spent a lot of money without making any big mistakes. Also, in order to avoid being accused of cheating, in his youth he wisely stated that he was not interested in marriage and was determined to never get married!  

As long as he doesn’t get married, even if he changes a girlfriend every day, no one would say that he brought shame to the royal family.

Although he was a dandy, Zhao Bufan was still proud of his royal status. 

Of course, in the end he did get married, otherwise there would not be Zhao Yihui.

Zhao Bufan played around well into his thirties. When he was playing abroad he felt uncomfortable and went to the hospital for an examination. There his medical chart was accidentally switched with someone else’s checkup sheet. He was told he had an incurable infectious disease which one of his former female companions was also diagnosed with at the same time. Her disease dragged several people who had previously been in a relationship with her to an early grave. 

He was so frightened that he thought he had only a few days to live. Still, he didn’t want others to use him to attack the Royal Family or his father who lived in the research institute, so he found a small island and decided to take care of himself there. 

Soon after he arrived on the island, he began to develop all kinds of rashes. His original very handsome looks distorted due to the ugly rashes. Due to this all the people he hired at a high price started to avoid him as well.

In a fit of anger, he drove away all the doctors and nurses who had been invited to take care of him!

In the end, apart from him there were only a few people left on island and his subordinates who come over every week.

As for his parents, they were still in the research Institute.

Although he had a rash all over his body, he didn’t feel  uncomfortable. He also didn’t know if it was because the air on the island was very good, but he felt his spirit getting better and better. 

 Even so, he didn’t have many more days to live.

He had nothing to do all day but still had a lot of money left so Zhao Bufan simply began to do good deeds, like donating some of his money to charity. At the same time, he founded many research studies. 

The people who helped him manage the money in his hands have always transferred money to some orphanages, and some orphans who were initially subsidized by him have already graduated from college.

These people also wrote him a lot of thank-you notes.

Zhao Bufan, who had nothing to do on the deserted island, was bored and began to read those thank-you notes while at the same time thinking about his own life. During which time, he paid attention to a ger who had written many letters to him, calling him “Grandpa Zhao”.

He paid attention to him mainly because this ger now worked for him, and even his recent charity contributions were his responsibility. The ger was not only doing a good job, but he also brought him a lot of thank you letters to the deserted island, making him very comfortable before he died. 

Zhao Bufan met this ger with a face full of rashes, but even after learning that Zhao Bufan had a terrible infectious disease, this ger didn’t stay away, but decided to stay to take care of Zhao Bufan. 

Zhao Bufan was moved by his behavior, so after spending time together, Zhao Bufan took a liking to this ordinary-looking ger.

Unfortunately, he was going to die soon. If he had another chance at his life, he would not get sick in the first place and find this ger to live a good life together. 


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