TOFUH – Chapter 155.2 – Ten Meetings Can Be Reduced By One Effort

“Everyone will know if they go and inquire, all the chickens of the Jinzhen Escort Agency are dead!”

“Tie them up for me!” Jiang Zhen said to his men, and then looked at the shopkeeper beside him: “Tell your men to kill some chickens, and find several big pots to cook the chickens in before distributing them to everyone.”

When the shopkeeper heard his words, he immediately ordered his men to kill the chickens.

Although there really was a chicken farm where all the chickens were poisoned to death, Zhao Jinge had more than one chicken farm so they were not short on chickens.

In this way the store, which was stocked with chickens, killed and cooked chickens so there would be enough to share with the people present.

The man in the shop soon began to kill more chickens so the onlookers seeing this scene no longer wanted to go away.

This shop was going to share chicken meat with them, they couldn’t miss it!

The store selling chickens sometimes needs to help people with killing chickens so the store workers killed the chickens very fast. Before long, ten chickens were killed as surrounding people whispered “chicken blood should not be wasted“, “the feathers on the heads of chickens should be cleaned up“.

The chicken was chopped into small pieces, blanched in a pot of water, and then thrown into a large pot to cook. By this time there was already a long line in front of the pot.

Everyone hoped to get a share of the chicken.

As for the chicken sold in this shop being plague chickens that could kill you if you eat them…

Before those chickens were killed, they were still alive and the onlookers observed each of them. How could they be plague chickens?

If they were really plague chickens, the people of the Jinzhen Escort Agency would certainly not dare to give it to them to eat.

Are the chickens ready to be shared?!” The people in line were quickly getting anxious.

“The chicken is not yet cooked . . .” The shopkeeper in charge of cooking the chicken was a bit torn.

“What are you afraid of? Give us raw ones, we want them too!”Immediately, someone yelled, he was anxious to bring the chicken back to cook it for dinner!

“Share it.” Jiang Zhen ordered, he also believed that these people would not care whether the chicken was raw or cooked.

The shopkeeper quickly divided up the chicken, and as a result, when he finished dividing the ten chickens, there were not fewer people waiting in line outside, but more!

After hearing that there was someone here giving free chicken meat, a lot of people came.

No one cared about the news of plague chickens, everyone scrambled to get some free chicken meat.

There was free chicken! This was a good thing that has never happened to them before!

Seeing that the people in front of them got the chicken and took it away, the people who came after them became a little frustrated.

They didn’t get the chicken…

“Shopkeeper, kill a few more chickens and divide them.” Jiang Zhen ordered. He already sent someone to go to another chicken farm to bring back more chicken to be killed and shared.

It was cheap to kill a few chickens to advertise the Jinzhen Escort Agency.

The people were overjoyed and all looked at Jiang Zhen gratefully.

They were all waiting for the chickens to be distributed, so on one was paying attention anymore to the old man who had already died and two men who were crying.

Jiang Zhen was not surprised as he instructed his men to capture these people.

In the small courtyard behind the store, Jiang Zhen beat those people up again.

The men were beaten black and blue, but clenched their teeth and refused to say anything.

“You are from the Changlong Fighting Business, right?” Jiang Zhen suddenly asked: “You took a job to cause trouble for us, right?”

The Changlong people were so surprised that they even looked a little dumbfounded.

When Jiang Zhen saw their expression he knew he was right.

The Changlong Fighting Business…

“Get a few more people. We will go to the Changlong fighting business!”Jiang Zhen looked at his men and instructed.

“Yes!” Jiang Zhen’s men responded and sprang into action, looking for more people to go with them.

The captured people from Changlong were already firmly tied up and only the old man’s corpse was left in the courtyard.

“Send this old man home.” Jiang Zhen spoke again.

The people from the Changlong fighting business had already confessed that the old man was not their relative, but a corpse they had stolen from a nearby village.

People were all very particular about burial. Although Jiang Zhen didn’t care much about it, he still had to send the old man’s body back.

Soon, someone sent the old man’s body away while more and more people dressed in Jinzhen Escort Agency clothes arrived here.

Jiang Zhen kept a low profile so although he had many people under his hands they were always scattered and didn’t attract much attention. But now, hundreds of people were gathered at once.

The people of Fucheng were very surprised to see this situation and suddenly realized that the Jinzhen Escort Agency was not simple at all.

The young men were now full of curiosity about the Jinzhen Escort Agency. They wanted to join them, while the young women thought how wonderful it would be if they could marry a man from the Jinzhen Escort Agency! They heard that the agency paid a lot of money!

Jing Zhen didn’t know the thoughts of the people around him. After gathering some subordinates, he took the people he had captured with him and then went directly towards the Changlong Fighting Business.

The Changlong Fighting Business was located by a river in Fucheng.

The headquarters of the business was not big, but at this moment there were many strong men sitting or standing inside.

We haven’t heard anything from Old Li and others, do you think it’s done yet?”

“I’m afraid that once Old Li and others are finished, we won’t know what will happen to that chicken farm.”

“I’m afraid that the Jinzhen Escort Agency’s store will not be able to open.”

The people of the Changlong Fighting Business talked about the Jinzhen Escort Agency affairs, one after another.

Their business has existed for a long time and originally it went very well. Then the Jinzhen Escort Agency suddenly appeared and took away a lot of their business.

They hated the Jinzhen Escort Agency very much and it was precisely because of this that someone paid them money to deal with them. That person also didn’t have a simple background so they agreed.

The Jinzhen Escort Agency has messed with the wrong people, in future…

They felt very smug when they were talking, then suddenly a big commotion could be heard outside.

A group of people dressed in the Jinzhen Escort Agency uniform surrounded their headquarters.


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