FDS – Chapter 8.1

Maybe Yunhuo was looking for something? Zhao Yunxiao thought it might be like this so he followed Yunhuo for a while. When Zhao Yunxiao finally stopped he saw the bread fruit tree. Yunhuo also saw it, but it was obvious that Yunhuo didn’t like the bread fruit. His tail let go of Zhao Yunxiao and then turned his head to call Zhao Yunxiao, running past the bread fruit tree.

“Yunhuo?” Zhao Yunxiao shouted from behind, thinking that Yunhuo had left him he became a little scared.

Yunhuo turned to look at him, yelled out a few timed and then continued to run deeper. Zhao Yunxiao stood still not daring to move. He didn’t believe that Yunhuo would leave him alone, but why did Yunhuo run away? Zhao Yunxiao looked at the bread fruit tree full of fruit, confused.

“Oooo–” from the dense forest came Yunhuo’s wail, Zhao Yunxiao immediately got reassured that Yunhuo had not left far and after a while a few more cries came from Yunhuo. Zhao Yunxiao knew then that Yunhuo was telling him that it was nearby and to not be afraid. Zhao Yunxiao sat down in place and waited for Yunhuo to return. He found that he was afraid that Yunhuo would leave without saying a word.

The bushes rustled and a scarlet figure appeared, making Zhao Yunxiao quickly stand up. When Yunhuo came back, Zhao Yunxiao gave him a big smile. Yunhuo had a thin bamboo pole in his mouth as he quickly came to Zhao Yunxiao’s heels, and wrapped his tail around Zhao Yunxiao’s wrist as it headed out of the forest.

Was Yunhuo looking for a bamboo pole? Zhao Yunxiao looked curiously at the emerald green things dragged by Yunhuo on the ground; it looked just like  bamboo poles, and wondered what Yunhuo wanted to do with it.

After taking Zhao Yunxiao back to the rock, Yunhuo went to the lake. Zhao Yunxiao, afraid to see the corpse by the lake, obediently hid behind the lake, without looking out. After waiting for a short time, Yunhuo came back, with a clean bamboo pole in his mouth. He sat down in front of Zhao Yunxiao, his front paw pressing the bamboo pole and with the help of his teeth snapped the bamboo pole. Zhao Yunxiao took it, looked into the bamboo pole and raised his eyebrows in surprise.

Barking, Yunhuo continued to bite the bamboo pole. Biting the bamboo pole into several sections, he placed them all at Zhao Yunxiao’s feet and then left. There was a white cotton in the bamboo pole. Zhao Yunxiao tasted it with his finger, and his eyes immediately lit up. Yunhuo originally took him to find something to eat! The cotton in the bamboo pole tastes a bit like marshmallows, with a touch of sweetness. With a smile, Zhao Yunxiao tasted the delicious food nonchalantly.

Unknowingly a whole bamboo pole was eaten and Zhao Yunxiao burped twice. Did Yunhuo also eat? Zhao Yunxiao hesitated for a while, but still walked out from behind the rock. It was dark, and the view was not too clear, but when Zhao Yunxiao looked toward the lake he still saw a touch of red still fighting with that meat mountain. Zhao Yunxiao frowned and looked at it for a few minutes, then he raised his voice: “Yunhuo.”

The crimson beast that was still dealing with the corpse, immediately looked his way and cooperated with barking a few times. Zhao Yunxiao waved at the other side while Yunhuo jumped off the meat mountain and went to the river first to clean his mouth and paws, then ran over cheerfully.

“Yunhuo, you’re still injured, rest.” Zhao Yunxiao gently grabbed the fur on Yunhuo’s neck and let him rest with him. Yunhuo obediently followed Zhao Yunxiao, very happily. After coming to the rock, Zhao Yunxiao let Yunhuo lie on the animal skin he had laid. Then he picked up the sun-dried T-shirt cloth and went to the lake to wash it and came back to wipe himself and Yunhuo. Yunhuo was the only animal he has seen that has taken the initiative to wash his face and  paws.

Yun Huo turned over to reveal his belly, behaving very cooperatively. Zhao Yunxiao rubbed it carefully and because the wound was not yet healed he once again smeared herbs on it. It was said that animals only showed their bellies in front of people they trusted. Wiping the dirt on Yunhuo’s belly, Zhao Yunxiao thought that Yunhuo should trust him. It was nice because he also trusted Yunhuo.

The animal skin on Zhao Yunxiao’s body was wrapped around with the use of several branches. Without tools such as scissors or knives, Zhao Yunxiao could not cut animal skins into clothes and had to wrap them around his upper body like a  cape, which left his shoulders and collarbones exposed. Enjoying Zhao Yunxiao’s service, the red eyes of Yunhuo looked fervently at the exposed parts of the female. The longer he spent with this female the more he wanted to keep this female by his side forever.

After scrubbing Yunhuo’s body three times, Zhao Yunxiao, who was very tired and sweaty, stopped. Then, he brought coarse grass roots that could be used to brush the teeth and dipped them in some salt and fruit water before cleaning Yunhuo’s saber teeth. Yunhuo understood what the female wanted to do to him so he opened his mouth happily. Zhao Yunxiao touched Yunhuo’s saber-tooth satisfied and started to seriously clean his teeth.

After the teeth were cleaned twice, Zhao Yunxiao went to the lake and cleaned himself up before returning to the Yunhuo side. Putting the remaining two animal skins over Yunhuo’s body, Zhao Yunxiao nestled into Yunhuo’s open embrace with a bit of shyness. Yunhuo was male and so smart that it was difficult for Zhao Yunxiao to treat him as an ordinary beast. Nestled in Yunhuo arms like this, he had an illusion of being held by a pure male. But he still told himself over and over in his heart that no matter how high Yunhuo IQ was and how smart he was he was still just a beast. it didn’t matter if he lied so intimately and closely to a beast.

Holding Zhao Yunxiao in his arms Yunxiao closed his eyes happily, his injury was not yet fully healed so after a busy day he was really tired. The red moonlight shone on the two, a sleeping fierce beast and petite neuter, the two embracing each other in a posture that looked very compatible.



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