TOFUH – Chapter 171 – Clam Having Another Pearl (Part 1)

Jiang Zhen’s influence was now very large, so even in Daqi he had his own people. 

It was with the help of these people that he was able to get a lot of disaster victims to come to the Republic of China and get news from the Daqi Imperial Court. 

For example, the people of the Daqi dynasty felt that Zhao Jinge had not really ascended to the throne so he was not really treacherous, so they did not come to attack them.

For the Emperor of Daqi, his own face might be the most important. However, if Jiang Zhen acted in a more high profile manner, even if Daqi was very unstable at this moment, maybe the Emperor of Daqi would still send troops to attack him.

In the future, he might as well make a fortune. 

Jiang Zhen brought back many victims from Daqi while at the same time he gathered many craftsmen together to set up a scientific research institute. 

In this era, Europa had already researched the steam engine so he could not lag behind. 

Jiang Zhen gave those craftsman some research direction, and then let them do their own thing. While he himself put all his efforts in the basic education.

Of course, now he no longer needed to do everything himself, so although he completed his duties he still stayed by Zhao Jinge side during the day and spent most of his time with him. 

The two of them were obviously an old married couple, but during their time together they could not help but act like a newlywed couple.

During the day he dealt with official business and at night slept together with Zhao Jinge. Jiang Zhen felt that such a life was particularly comfortable.

Zhao Jinge also felt it was very comfortable at first, but after a while, he felt that something was not working.

One day when he got up and sat on the edge of the bed, he suddenly found that his stomach, surprisingly, was full of fat.

He had gained weight!

In recent years he lacked exercise, but at least he was not fat. Yet recently… 

He said he was going to exercise, but actually did not exercise, not only that,  he even ate more.

In that way it wasn’t strange that he became fat!

Zhao Jinge pondered that he must exercise more and Jiang Zhen was also in favor of that. 

When people get older it is easier for them to get high blood pressure, high blood sugar or a similar ailment. These days there were also almost no medical instruments, so these problems couldn’t be measured and prevented in advance.

“Jinge, don’t worry, tomorrow morning we will go to exercise together.”Jiang Zhen said to Zhao Jinge.

Zhao Jinge nodded and then added: “You can’t mess with me today, lest I won’t be able to get up tomorrow.”

“Okay, I will definitely not mess with you.” Jiang Zhen said. In the end, he was also getting older and doing it every day… 

Jiang Zhen and Zhao Jinge went to bed early that day and the next day got up early. 

Jiang Zhen took Zhao Jinge to exercise with him.

They ran slowly around their residence. 

In order to accommodate Zhao Jinge, Jiang Zhen ran very slowly, while thinking about other exercise methods – he and Zhao Jinge were no longer young so in the future, exercise with too much running would damage their knees and bring their own bad luck. 

“Jinge, how does it feel?” Jiang Zhen looked at Zhao Jinge.

“Not bad.” Zhao Jinge replied. Although he exercised less, running was still not too difficult. 

The two of them ended up running a whole lap around the palace of the Toyo.

“Today we will only run one lap, after few days we will try to run two laps.” Jiang Zhen said to Zhao Jinge.

“Hmm.” Zhao Jinge nodded, thinking that he should add another three or four laps in the future, otherwise the fat on his stomach would not be eliminated.

After running and eating, Jiang Zhen and Zhao Jinge began to work.

They spent their day not much different from usual, until… 

When Zhao Jinge went to the toilet, he suddenly found blood on his pants!

 He didn’t feel anything so how could there be blood in his pants?

Jiang Zhen was very concerned about his body, so due to his influence, Zhao Jinge also became very concerned about physical health. Noticing this situation he was shocked – he didn’t get some kind of disease, right?

Zhao Jinge thought about it for a moment and finally found Jiang Zhen: “Jiang Zhen, find me a doctor.”

“What’s wrong with you? What’s wrong?” Jiang Zhen also become worried.

“I’m bleeding.” Zhao Jinge said. After saying this he felt his stomach become even more uncomfortable. 

Jiang Zhen immediately let Zhao Jinge lie down to rest while he called for a doctor.

 Jiang Zhen now had several doctors with excellent medical skills working under him so he called one over and asked him to check Zhao Jinge’s pulse. Seeing that he had already felt the pulse, he immediately asked: “What’s wrong with Jinge? You checked his pulse just a month ago, wasn’t it alright?”

He has just seen the situation of Zhao Jinge and he was really bleeding!

Both of them didn’t bleed when they did it the day before yesterday, but now there was sudden bleeding. Jiang Zhen’s hands couldn’t help trembling. 

“Prime Minister!” The doctor looked at Jiang Zhen with some admiration: “His Majesty is pregnant. It’s only two months old so its not safe yet. The fetus is still unstable.”

Jiang Zhen opened his eyes wide in shock. 

Zhao Jinge was  pregnant?! 

After Zhao Jinge gave birth to Zhao Chengyu, Jiang Zhen always used “some natural” contraception, which was not very safe, but after several years of Zhao Jinge not getting  pregnant again, he didn’t even bother with contraception.

Even after all this time, Jinge still didn’t get pregnant. 

Because of this, Jiang Zhen gradually stopped thinking about contraception. 

They didn’t conceive any more children in all these years, so Jiang Zhen thought they were no longer able to have children. And yet, Zhao Jinge was pregnant?

Zhao Jinge was twenty-seven years old when he gave birth to Zhao Mingzhu. Zhao Mingzhu was now sixteen and Zhao Jinge was forty three years old. He couldn’t be considered old, but getting pregnant at this age, could his body withstand it?

Jiang Zhen liked children very much but he was very worried about Zhao Jinge. 

If having a child was harmful to Zhao Jinge body, he would rather not have a child, but they couldn’t have abortion these days!

Jiang Zhen was surprised, but Zhao Jinge was even more so.

At this age he was pregnant?

The two men looked at each other, and finally opened their mouths together towards the doctor to ask:

Jiang Zhen: “Doctor, is Jinge okay?”

Zhao Jinge: “Doctor is the child okay?”

“His Majesty is healthy, but the fetus is a little unstable so he should take some medicine to stabilize the fetus first,” the doctor said. At the age of forty he was still able to conceive! His Majesty was very healthy, it was just that he was a little old. 

The doctor told them a lot of precautions. One of the most important ones was that Zhao Jinge from today must lie flat to protect the fetus.

Zhao Jinge and Jiang Zhen naturally obeyed the doctor’s orders. 

At the same time, the news of Zhao Jinge’s pregnancy spread throughout the upper echelons of the Republic of China. 

“His Majesty is pregnant? How could His Majesty be pregnant?” A young general was dumbfounded to hear this. After a moment of being dumbfounded, he returned to his senses. “Right, his majesty is ger…”

If he hadn’t suddenly heard about his majesty pregnancy, he would have totally forgotten that His Majesty was actually a ger.

“What a great joy! This is a happy event! ” 

“The Prime Minister’s sword is still sharp!”

“Also we don’t know if we will have one more little prince or one more little princess.”




  The people were talking very happily while Zhao Jinge, who stayed at home, was very  embarrassed. 

His first two children were already grown up but he has become pregnant again! An old clam would give birth to a pearl which… this… 

Zhao Jinge felt really embarrassed.

However, his embarrassment soon turned into worry.

He still did not know if he would be able to give birth to this child. 

Zhao Jinge drank the fetus medicine, hoping that he would get better sooner. He did not expect that while he was waiting to get well, something else would happen. 

He began to vomit very badly.

When he was pregnant with Zhao Mingzhu, he just couldn’t stand meat. This time he vomited everything he ate, even when he drank water.

In the end he was old, so this baby was extremely hard to carry to term. Not long after, his whole complexion became worse.

Seeing him like this, Jiang Zhen was worried and finally he brought all his work home to complete there.

Zhao Jinge was the Emperor. Although the Republic of China did not follow the servitude rules of Daqi, they still had cooks, gardeners, nannies and guards at the palace. Despite these people, Jiang Zhen tried his best to take care of Zhao Jinge himself. 

At this moment, he was washing Zhao Jinge’s hair himself. 

“Jinge, it’s a good thing your hair is short now.” Jiang Zhen said to Zhao Jinge, who was lying on the bed with only his head over the edge.   

If Zhao Jinge had long hair it would be troublesome to wash and not so easy to dry.

 “Hmm.” Zhao Jinge answered with a smile toward Jiang Zhen.

He was actually very uncomfortable, but Jiang Zhen kept him company so he didn’t feel so uncomfortable anymore. 

Zhao Mingzhu came to Jiang Zhen with some documents and saw this scene. She deliberately slowed down, and could not help feeling some sadness.

Her father was so good, so she will certainly be especially picky when she will look for her own husband in the future. However, a man like her father, there should only be a few in the whole world, right?

 Her father let women and gers work, making the status of women and gers improve a lot. Even so, in the end they were still the ones that had to take on more of the household chores at home.

Zhao Jinge’s health was very bad at the beginning of his pregnancy, but as time went on his body slowly recovered.

 However, even if his body recovered there still were some other problems, such as his feets getting swollen or some spots appearing on his face.

Zhao Jinge felt that he looked particularly ugly, but in Jiang Zhen’s mind there was still only him. He even heard that some ger tried to court Jiang Zhen, but was dismissed by him. 

How lucky he was to meet Jiang Zhen in his life?!


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