TOFUH – Chapter 170 The Accession To The Throne (Part 2)

After packing up, Jiang Zhen and Zhao Jinge went out together.

Jiang Zhen was wearing a military uniform today, and Zhao Jinge was also wearing a military uniform. 

At first, Jiang Zhen’s men were thinking of finding embroiderers with good craftsmanship to embroider a dragon robe, but this idea was rejected by Jiang Zhen.

On the one hand, they have no money and time for that and on the other, that dragon robe was actually problematic. 

Daqi was still on the other side of the sea, eyeing them covetously. If Zhao Jinge put on the dragon robe, it would anger them!

As for Jiang Zhen, he himself has no intention of provoking war, much less against his own countrymen.

As for the people of Toyo, didn’t he regard these people as his countrymen? 

Of course, there are actually some other reasons, such as Jiang Zhen wanting to dispose of the traditional clothing of Daqi and Toyo. 

Traditional culture should definitely be valued but at this point, clothes should be changed first. 

Sometimes, if you want to move forward faster, you have to lose something. Of course when things stabilize you can pick it up again. 

Although the thinking of his men have changed a lot, if he had Jinge wear the dragon robe or something similar, it would mean they may want to follow Daqi!

According to the laws of the Republic of China, if a prince committed a crime he would be sentenced in the same way as the common people, but in Daqi, if a powerful person killed a few underlings, no one would care.

Therefore, some of the people under him actually yearned for the life of Daqi officials. 

What’s more, he has been pushing for women to wear trousers. If Zhao Jinge was pushed into wearing a dragon robe wouldn’t Zhao Jinge have to also wear an elaborate palace dress?

These clothes flourishing in the current situation of China was not good idea at all, it wasted so much fabric alone!

In the end their whole family wore military uniforms, and among them, Zhao Mingzhu wore the most beautiful military uniform.

Jiang Zhen looked at his daughter and felt very proud. 

How to ascend to the throne, Jiang Zhen subordinates were very confused about it. After all most of them were born in farming families and because of this, some of them wanted to follow the rules of Toyo.

That people were scolded by Jiang Zhen.

Then Jiang Zhen came up with a process himself.

In modern times, he still saw a lot of inauguration ceremonies.

Jiang Zhen made the whole ceremony very simple.

In this world and time, not only were there no televisions, they didn’t even have cameras, so he just asked people to draw portraits of himself and Zhao Jinge. At the same time he secretly made up his mind that when the situation stabilized, science and technology must be developed properly. 

It was not a lie that science and technology was the primary productive force. 

The whole ceremony was very ordinary to Jiang Zhen so he wasn’t too excited, but it was different for others. Many people were so excited that they cried on the spot. 

 Seeing these people so excited, Jiang Zhen could not help but also feel moved and let out a long sigh.

They might have won but in the end a lot of people died. 

In the morning, Jiang Zhen held the enthronement ceremony, but in the afternoon, Jiang Zhen with his men went to the cemetery of the martyrs, to pay respect to those who died as soldiers. 

Among them, the person Jiang Zhen was most sad about was Wang Haisheng. 

Wang Haisheng itself was not very strong, but he was the person who followed him from the longest time. After arriving in Toyo, he also gave him some duties but as a result, he died because of a sneak attack. 

Fortunately, Wang Haisheng’s two children have long grown up and were very successful.

These two children received an education when they were still in Hexi Village. Later, Wang Yuer followed Zhao Jinge and became Zhao Jinge’s secretary, while Wang Daniu joined the army and was now a young general. 

In the cemetery, people quieted.

Jiang Zhen abandoned many old customs, but he did not abandon the worship of ancestors.

They should all remember where their roots were.

That night, Jiang Zhen had dinner with a group of Founding Fathers under his command, and after eating he sent them home early. 

His current home, which was once the Imperial Palace of Toyo, had been already remodeled. 

The original palace was very large, but they now lived in just one section of the palace. Of course even if they lived in another place, Jiang Zhen still put them under his name. 

Not only that, he also put a lot of nearby land under his name. 

There was no objection to this. This country was originally founded by Jiang Zhen and according to principle, “there is no king’s land in the world” if he wanted some lands, what of it? 

Others might have not taken it seriously, but Jiang Zhen knew that he was definitely gaining a great advantage.

A hundred years later, this would be the capital of the Republic of China and every inch of land would be like giving his children and grandchildren money.

People were selfish, so was he. Naturally, he wanted his offspring to live a good life.

“Your Majesty, it’s time to rest.” After returning to his room, Jiang Zhen immediately pulled Zhao Jinge inside. 

 “Didn’t we do it just last night?” Zhao Jinge felt a bit helpless. He had stood outside for a long time today and was now very tired. Why did Jiang Zhen still want him to come?

“Yesterday is yesterday, today is today, you ate yesterday so you shouldn’t eat today?”Jiang Zhen looked seriously at Zhao Jinge. 

Zhao Jinge: “…”

Are Jiang Zhen’s subordinates aware that he was so fond of making false arguments?! 

“Isn’t it true that there are only tired cattle and not land too bad to plow?”  Jiang Zhen added: “Don’t worry, you don’t have to put in any effort.”

Zhao Jinge: “…”

Even if he didn’t have to make any effort, with Jiang Zhen on top of him he couldn’t sleep ah, and now, he actually just wanted to sleep. 

Zhao Jinge only wanted to sleep but after one round all his sleepiness was gone. 

Jiang Zhen took this opportunity and added one more round. 

Spring nights were short while the days were long, but the Emperor loved early mornings.

Zhao Jinge got up late the next day but fortunately, he was not like Emperors from previous dynasties who needed to attend early morning court. Jiang Zhen, as prime minister, had a lot of things to do and had already left by now.

Stretching his back, Zhao Jinge decided to go back to sleep.

Zhao Jinge slept until noon before he got up. As soon as he left the room, one of the guards of his family excitedly looked over and said: “Your Majesty, you are awake at last!” 

“What’s the matter?” Zhao Jinge asked. 

“The Prime Minister said that once you wake up, you should find him,” the guard said. Jiang Zhen had explained this to the guard when he left the room, so he had been waiting eagerly for Zhao Jinge to wake up. In the end he waited all morning.

 “You go and arrange it, I will go immediately.” Zhao Jinge said. If Jiang Zhen was looking for him, he was afraid that something may have happened. Zhao Jinge became a little regretful of his previous bed laziness.

“No no, Lord Prime Minister explained that we can’t disturb your sleep and we must wait until you wake up or it’s time for dinner,” the guard said again.

Although he was told this, Zhao Jinge still worried a little. After he finished eating he hurried to find Jiang Zhen. 

The result… 

“You asked me to come because of this?” Zhao Jinge looked at Jiang Zhen, speechless. Jiang Zhen looked for him because he wanted his help with his government work.

“You are more familiar with this.” Jiang Zhen acted a bit sheepish.

He chose not to become the Emperor before to avoid difficult work, but the result was he was even more unable to do the prime minister job. 

So he could only turn to Zhao Jinge for help. 

Zhao Jinge looked at Jiang Zhen helplessly and then started to read the documents.

Seeing him like this Jiang Zhen smiled, then he also began to read the documents.

Although he got Zhao Jinge to help him with his work, there were still a lot of things he had to do himself. Other than that, there was also the legal aspect, he needed to guard the law. 

Fortunately, everything was developing in a good direction.

There was no doubt that Jiang Zhen and Zhao Jinge establishing the Republic of China in Toyo, made the officials and the Imperial Family of Daqi very angry, but they did not have the ability to stop it. 

A few years ago, because of Cheng Yongzhen and Jiang Zhen, the imperial court of the Daqi  which had turned a blind eye to sea merchants before, started to suddenly attack them.

Perhaps the officials in power just wanted these merchants to stop doing business at sea but the orders continued down the ladder, layer by layer. 

Many local officials simply took this opportunity to make money. Wouldn’t they be able to make a lot of money by copying those sea merchants? 

With such a twists and turns, of course there would be some sea merchants who would take the same path as Cheng Yongzhen and Jiang Zhen. 

The sea near Daqi was very large and there were many islands so these merchants occupied these islands one by one. Finally all of them were defined as part of a pirate group.

These people stalled the navy of Daqi, so it had no time to give Jiang Zhen any trouble. Knowing that Jiang Zhen was making trouble in Toyo, they could only try to find a way to make peace for now.

Yet, how could Jiang Zhen accept the peace offering? These people were directly scolded away by him.

Later, the northern side of the Daqi had some problems. 

The Liaoning Iron Cavalry was very powerful, but there was always a shortage of food and grass. When there was still Jiang Zhen to help, they were well fed for several years, but now, who would buy food and grass for them?

The court itself collected grain and grass and had to be exploited little by little by officials, so in the end the money allocated to purchases was only half of the original amount. What about finding someone else to gather their supplies? Jiang Zhen’s fate was still fresh in people’s minds, so which merchant would be willing to do so?

With insufficient food and grass, the combat power of the Liaoning Iron Cavalry would naturally decline, making the Rong people run even more rampant. 

In the north, the Rong were very restless, while the sea was filled with pirates. Recently some parts of Daqi were flooded, making countless people homeless.

Natural disasters were always a big problem and in Daqi, every few years there would be some natural disaster. In the past, it was not a big deal.

People starving to death, why would it matter? Even if someone rebels, they could just suppress them. Even so, disaster relief still had to be done by the court. 

But now the situation is different.

The Imperial court had no money.

There was no way to do any disaster relief or send troops to control the victims. Finally, the starving victims gathered together and robbed whatever they saw, leaving the Daqi capital in complete chaos as they rushed into the city. 

Each dynasty, even with its long history would be changed at one point. Daqi could still hold up now, but in the future, it was unknown what would happen. 

Jiang Zhen thought he didn’t have the ability to be the one who changed the dynasty, but he knew that there must be someone in Daqi who could. 

However, although he did not have the ability to change the dynasty, he could use this opportunity to get more people from Daqi. 

 He was now short of people, and he was short of all kinds of people. 

He was now the Prime Minister of the Republic of China so of course he wanted to develop his own country! 

After Jiang Zhen became Prime Minister, his first order was to go to Daqi to save people and bring disaster victims to the Republic of China. 


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