TOFUH – Chapter 148 – Finally Back

When Jiang Zhen first went to sea, Zhao Jinge built a house near Yabian Village and lived there from time to time.

He didn’t know when Jiang Zhen would return after each trip but he always hoped that he could see Jiang Zhen as soon as possible.

When the servants came to report that they saw Jiang Zhen’s ship, Zhao Jinge was handling the affairs of the Jinzhen Escort Agency in that mansion.

During the three years that passed, Jinzhen Escort Agency grew bigger and bigger.The scope of agency was no longer limited to Wexing Province. They would also escort people south of the Yangtze River and if someone paid enough, they would even escort them to the capital.

In this way, the Jinzhen Escort Agency had plenty of jobs but they were very messy. There were all kinds of documents in Zhao Jinge’s room and there were even two gers and women helping him sort them out.

These women and gers were all from Hexi village. They were all very smart and could read and do arithmetic very fast so after Zhao Jinge noticed them he arranged for them to work at his side and help him do things.

The families of these people were reluctant at first, thinking that early marriage was better for women and gers. But after they saw how much silver they earned every month they were very happy.

Zhao Jinge took a sip of water and looked at the pieces of paper in front of him, then said: “This man can no longer stay in the Jinzhen Escort Agency. He will need to compensate for the loss of the guests.”

Just half a month ago, an escort from the Jinzhen Escort Agency had deliberately damaged the customer’s goods when his attempts to ask for money privately failed. Now the ins and outs of this matter were put in front of Zhao Jinge.

“Yes.” One of ger answered and wrote down Zhao Jinge words before handing him several other pieces of paper.

Zhao Jinge was about to read those papers when someone came: “Madam, the fleet is back! The boss is back!”

Zhao Jinge quickly stood up and ran out without looking at the pieces of paper in front of him.

Was Jiang Zhen back? Jiang Zhen was back at last!

Jiang Zhen has been at sea and Zhao Jinge has not seen him for five months.

Although he became used to living without Jiang Zhen in the past three years, he never learned how to miss Jiang Zhen less…

Zhao Jinge became more stable over the years, but still without thinking much he ran outside and just ran faster and faster.

A few young people who were carrying some things to the mansion saw this scene and were surprised. One of them was a new arrival and was especially puzzled: “Isn’t that the madam? Why is he running so fast?”

He had seen Madam several times before, but he was always so calm and dignified that he could not even call him “Madam.“ However, today Madam ran especially fast and behaved completely different from before.

“The boss must be back.” Another young man looked at the newcomer and said.

“The boss is back?” The newcomer immediately got excited and asked: “Can we also go and have a look?” 

The person he admired the most was the boss of the escort agency! Their boss used to be from a very ordinary farming household but ended up building the Jinzhen Escort Agency…. 

All of them admired him!

“Wait until we finish our job.” The young man who spoke to him before said, but his hand speed accelerated.

Who wouldn’t want to see the chief of the escort agency?

More and more people gathered on the pier. Many of them were cheering towards several big ships that were slowly sailing in the docks. After Zhao Jinge ran over, in just short while he squeezed to the front of the crowd.

Just as he made it to the front, another group of people came behind him – Wen Yingniang, under the guard of another group of people serving her, came to stand by Zhao Jinge.

Wen Yingniang was surrounded by people because she was pregnant again.

More than two years ago, after Zhao Jinge gave birth to his son Zhao Chengyu, he no longer got pregnant with a child but Wen Yingniang was different. Wen Yingniang, who also gave birth to her son Wen Kuan more than two years ago, found out that she was  pregnant again soon after the men went out to sea.

Wen Yingniang was over thirty years old and was no longer that young, so after she discovered that she was pregnant again, she was very careful and didn’t even dare to come to a crowded place like the dock.

But since it was Wen Ming who was coming back, she finally came out, of course bringing a lot of people with her by…. This time the maids around Wen Yingniang added up to 30 or 40 people.

In contrast Zhao Jinge looked much shabbier, he ran so fast that he didn’t have anyone around him.

Zhao Jinge walked up to Wen Yingniang, and it was only at that time he realized that he seemed to have forgotten something.

The servant girl beside Wen Yingniang held her eldest son Wen Kuan, but he forgot to bring Zhao Mingzhu and Zhao Chengyu.

However, Zhao Jinge was not willing to go back to pick them.

The two children were with his parents, so they would definitely bring their children when they learned that Jiang Zhen was back.

“I can’t believe they were gone for five months!” Wen Yingniang’s face was full of dissatisfaction: “As long as there is enough money to spend, why does he need to earn so much? Can’t he live a safe life at home?”

Zhao Jinge nodded. He also didn’t want Jiang Zhen to go, but… if Jiang Zhen wanted to go he couldn’t stop him.

Zhao Jinge felt a little helpless, and so did Wen Yingniang.

Wen Ming insisted on going out and she couldn’t do anything about it.

The two of them stopped talking and looked expectantly towards the big ships.

At this time, Jiang Zhen and Wen Ming also looked at the shore expectantly. As they got closer to the docks they also saw the people waiting for them on the shore.

Jiang Zhen had already explained to his crew what they should do when they docked so there was no need for him to stay here to observe it. When they got close to the shore he was the first to jump off the ship and quickly come to Zhao Jinge’s side.

In his eagerness, he didn’t even care about his injured foot.

“Jiang Zhen, what happened to your foot?” Zhao Jinge asked worriedly. Just now he seemed to see Jiang Zhen walking toward him with a bit of a limp.

“Nothing!” Jiang Zhen grabbed Zhao Jinge’s hand and walked towards a house next to the dock.

That house was owned by the Jinzhen Escort Agency and had a total of three floors. The first floor was used to handle general affairs but ordinary people were not allowed to go up the second and third floor. Jiang Zhen directly dragged Zhao Jinge to the third floor.

In fact, it could not be considered as dragging. Zhao Jinge worried that Jiang Zhen would get tired so he followed him at a fast pace so that he did not need to exert any strength at all.

“Jiang Zhen, be careful. Is your leg all right?” Zhao Jinge trotted behind Jiang Zhen, hoping that he could help him if anything happened.

“Not very good . . . so walk faster.” Jiang Zhen said.

The third floor of this building was reserved for Jiang Zhen, so he simply walked in. Then he pushed Zhao Jinge down onto the bed that was placed there for him to rest.

Just as he pushed him down, Zhao Jinge rolled over, pushed him down and then started to take off his pants…

Seeing Jiang Zhen walking with a limp, Zhao Jinge became very worried and anxious so he was eager to check Jiang Zhen’s injury.

“Jinge, you are so enthusiastic . . . Come, sit up.” Jiang Zhen grabbed Zhao Jinge’s hand and placed it on that part of himself that had stood up.

His leg was tangled with a rope before, but his bone was fine so he would be alright after a short time. Right now, his little brother was more important.

Zhao Jinge: “…”

Zhao Jinge still insisted on seeing Jiang Zhen leg. In the end, and only after making sure that it was alright, then he was willing to sit on it.

After that, he completely prohibited Jiang Zhen from moving and did all the work himself.

It was nice to be served… Jiang Zhen let Zhao Jinge serve him once and wanted to do it a second time.

But Zhao Mingzhu was already furious.

Zhao Chengyu had no impression of Jiang Zhen but Zhao Mingzhu was different. She was already waiting for her father to come back for a long time. However, it turned out that just as her father returned home, he had already gone somewhere else.

“I want to find daddy! I want daddy!” Zhao Mingzhu pouted, her eyes red.

“Mingzhu be good, your daddy will be here soon.” Zhao Liu soothed her granddaughter, but she also felt a little helpless and anxious.

Jiang Zhen and Zhao Jinge didn’t have much time to fool around!

Jiang Zhen ran away with Zhao Jinge in hurry while Wen Ming also came down from the ship. He also wanted to find Wen Yingniang and make out but then he discovered… that he and Wen Yingniang were separated by a big belly.

More than three years into the marriage, the two of them spend more time separated than together. It was not easy for them to be together, but surprisingly, a child was still conceived. . .

The joy on Wen Ming’s face turned to worry when he looked at Wen Yingniang’s belly: “Why are you pregnant again?” Wen Yingniang was not young anymore and he didn’t know if being pregnant with a child would hurt her.

“What, you don’t want this child?” Wen Yingniang glared at Wen Ming.

“No, I’m worried about you.” Wen Ming immediately said.

“I’m fine.” Wen Yingniang said, holding Wen Ming’s hand: “What about you? Are you alright? Did you feel uncomfortable at sea? Did you get hurt?”

“I’m fine.” Wen Ming replied. The two held hands, looking at each other excitedly.

Before they could tell each other their feelings, a group of people came over.

Their leader was Zheng Yi and behind him was a large number of people. If you looked at their clothes you could tell that all of them were rich and powerful.

“Wen Ming, I brought some friends to play. I didn’t expect to meet you, but since you are back… did you pick up any worthwhile goods?”

Seeing Zheng Yi’s attitude, Wen Ming knew that the identity of these people who came with him were definitely not ordinary. After an apologetic glance at Wen Yingniang, he went up to greet them: “Young Master Zheng and masters present, this time we met businessmen from Europe so we brought back a lot of good things. I’ll show you.”

Jiang Zhen ran too fast, leaving him alone . . . so Wen Ming could only helplessly greet the guests.


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