TOFUH – Chapter 172 – Clam having another Pearl (Part 2)

Zhao Jinge had a very difficult pregnancy. 

Getting pregnant at an older age was by no means a simple matter. If there had been a choice, neither he nor Jiang Zhen would have decided to have another child at this time. Yet when the child was almost there, they were looking forward to it, full of anticipation.

Of course, Jiang Zhen was also worried.

It was not easy to have a good life. If something happened to Zhao Jinge, what would happen to him in the future?

For the sake of Zhao Jinge, Jiang Zhen even sent someone to Daqi to find several doctors and bring some good medicinal materials. 

Of course he didn’t forget to look after Zhao Jinge.

Today, Zhao Jinge’s physical condition was far worse than when he gave birth to Zhao Mingzhu and Zhao Chengyu. Since he couldn’t do any exercise, Jiang Zhen took care of his diet. 

These days, Zhao Jinge’s dinners were full of boiled chicken breast, boiled shrimp, and a few vegetarian dishes, plus a small bowl of rice.

 Jiang Zhen peeled the shrimp and put the shrimp meat into the plate next to him before letting Zhao Jinge eat it. He then gave a worried look at Zhao Jinge’s stomach and smiled while talking with Zhao Jinge about the baby: “Jinge, what do you think we should name him?’

“Let’s look in the dictionary and think about it?” Zhao Jinge asked.

The dictionary was written by Jiang Zhen. Right now, only the first edition was available, which has been picked out for many errors and omissions but was still usable.

The two of them ate while they flipped through the dictionary. Suddenly Zhao Jinge brows furrowed.

“Are you uncomfortable somewhere?” Jiang Zhen immediately asked.

“My stomach hurts.” Zhao Jinge said.

Zhao Jinge wasn’t due to give birth for another 20 days or so but at this moment his stomach hurt. 

Zhao Jinge had already given birth to two children, so he immediately understood that he was in labor. “Jiang Zhen, take me to the delivery room.”

“Good,” Jiang Zhen nodded, his hands trembling.

Jiang Zhen insisted on going into the delivery room. When he went in, his heart was filled with worry. Sitting at the head of the bed and holding Zhao Jinge hand, Jiang Zhen was even more nervous than him. “Jinge, you can’t have an accident, think of me, think of our children.”

“If something goes wrong, maybe someone will live in your house, sleep with your man, and beat your children!”




Zhao Jinge listened to this and didn’t know why he suddenly wanted to laugh. 

The people in charge of delivery were even more speechless. 

“Prime Minister, the baby has already been born!” 

“So soon?”Jiang Zhen was startled. 

 “The child is a little small, so it was born quickly,” several midwives said. The child had been born, thin and tiny and was now laying in Zhao Jinge’s arms. He didn’t even cry out.

They were a little worried, but fortunately, after they flipped the child upside down and patted the child’s feet, the child cried out.

The child was fine, so they finally could relax. 

The child’s cry woke up Jiang Zhen from shock.

Without looking at the crying child he looked instead at the Zhao Jinge: “Jinge, fortunately you are okay.”

“Mm.” Zhao Jinge nodded: “I can’t let someone else beat my child.”

Jiang Zhen: “…”

The child looked small and thin, but the cinnabar mole between his eyebrow was red. He was ger. 

Jiang Zhen already had a boy and girl, so adding a ger this time made him very happy. His only regret was that the child was a little weak and weighed about 3 kilos.

However, thanks to this, Zhao Jinge didn’t suffer much.

Zhao Jinge drank the ginseng soup and then passed out. Jiang Zhen meanwhile hugged the child, gently kissing him and a little reluctant to let him go.

Jiang Zhen had been waiting for a grandson, but couldn’t bring himself to marry Zhao Mingzhu off.

 Zhao Mingzhu and Zhao Chengyu also liked this child very much.

At first they were a little upset when they saw that their two fathers’ thoughts were all on the unborn child, but then Zhao Liu told them that Jiang Zhen had worried about them the same way when they were little. Knowing this made all their displeasure disappear. They were even happy to help Jiang Zhen and Zhao Jinge take care of this child.

When they were little, they were also treated this way.

Zhao Mingzhu and Zhao Chengyu had memories of when Jiang Zhen stopped going to sea and accompanied them for three years, being very good to them. Later when they came to Toyo, in the first few years Jiang Zhen did not go to the war and was still with them, taking over their education.

Then, with the help of other people, Jiang Zhen compiled teaching materials. After compiling everything, he taught them first. 

Jiang Zhen was very good to them. After thinking of all the things that happened in the past, they were no longer jealous of their younger brother.

“You guys come see your brother, do you want to hug him?” Jiang Zhen saw Zhao Mingzhu and Zhao Chengyu standing around and suddenly said.

He didn’t want to let go of the child, but he wanted to cultivate feelings between the three children. 

“I want to!” Zhao Mingzhu said without even thinking about it.

Seeing this, Jiang Zhen put the baby into Zhao Mingzhu’s hands and said, “Your brother is yours to take care of, you can go out first.”

Zhao Mingzhu hugged the child, and was thinking that her brother was soft and cute, most especially cute, but when she heard her father say so she was stunned. “Ah?”

Zhao Mingzhu and Zhao Chengyu were dizzy as they came out of the room with the child in their arms, a little dumbfounded – what are they going to do now? 

They didn’t know how to take care of a baby!

Fortunately, they could ask other people for help.

Zhao Mingzhu and Zhao Chengyu hurriedly went to find their grandmother, but Jiang Zhen wiped Zhao Jinge body with water and then fell asleep next to him.

He was a little tired. 

Jiang Zhen and Zhao Jinge slept for a long time, while Zhao Mingzhu and Zhao Chengyu were busy with their younger brother.

Although they had hired a nursemaid, since their father had given their brother to them, they naturally had to take care of him!

The two of them took  turns holding their younger brother and become more fond of him with every moment. 

This youngest ger child was named Zhao Chengan by Jiang Zhen.

After Zhao Mingzhu was born, Jiang Zhen worried about this and that all day. He had been afraid that Zhao Mingzhu would have a bad life in the future, but he didn’t have to worry too much about Zhao Chengan.

Since he was his child, no one could bully him!

Jiang Zhen did not ask much of Zhao Chengan. He was born a little weak so there shouldn’t be a problem with doting on him a bit more. He was not the only one who spoiled Zhao Chengan – Zhao Mingzhu and Zhao Chengyu also loved their younger brother very much. 

He was after all a little prince.

Of course, even if you love a person you can’t only spoil them. While gazing at the full moon with his child, Jiang Zhen looked at Zhao Chengan, who was admiring the stars. He had already begun to think of raising the most powerful ger. 

His son, even if he was a ger, must be allowed to choose his own way in the future. 

Who said that gers could only get married?

Their son should be able to marry a wife, a ger or even hold down a pure man. 


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