Fierce “Husband” – Chapter 29.2

“Father, I can prepare the vegetable field.” Wang Qing immediately said.  Wang Shijing said, “You should study well with your little father and come back to help your father when you are free. When dad finishes preparing the land and plants the seeds, you and Nizi will be in charge of the vegetable field.”


“Good.” Shao Yunan stared at Wang Shijing for a moment and then began to say, “Qing, Nizi, little father will finish telling you the story. Tomorrow, Qing will repeat the story while Nizi will memorize the idioms and meanings. Little father will check after breakfast.”


“Good!” The two children immediately concentrated on listening to the story again, while Wang Shijing went out to wash his hands and face. He then returned and sat behind Shao Yunan and listened quietly to his story. After finishing the story and checking the words the two children had learned in the past few days, Shao Yunan left them to review on their own and went back to the other room with Wang Shijing. As soon as they entered the door, Shao Yunan asked, “What’s wrong? I can see you are not very happy.” Wang Shijing’s face immediately sank a little, then he looked at Shao Yunan and asked, “No one came to ask you for money again?”


When he asked this, Shao Yunan knew what was wrong. Smiling, he raised his hand and wrapped it around Wang Shijing’s neck and asked,  “Did you know that the two women of your family were beaten out by the patriarch’s wife?” Wang Shijing’s expression immediately improved. He picked up Shao Yunan by his butt and took a few steps to sit down on the bed, before replying. “Aunt Zhou told me. They didn’t come to you, did they?” Shao Yunan raised the corners of his mouth and said, “Would they dare?” He then took off Wang Shijing’s blindfold and threw it aside. Wang Shijing’s adam’s apple moved as he gulped. ”Wife…”


“Hmm?” Shao Yunan pretended not to know what Wang Shijing meant as he rubbed Wang Shijing’s throat with his fingers. Wang Shijing swallowed and moved over for a kiss. “Qing and Nizi are still studying.” Avoiding Wang Shijing’s kiss, Shao Yunan irresponsibly jumped down from Wang Shijing and said, “Boil water for me. I want to take a bath.” The look in Wang Shijing’s one eye was very deep as he stood up and grabbed Shao Yunan to kiss him. Recently he was so busy that he had no time to make out with his wife.


After Wang Qing and Wang Nizi reviewed the content of today’s lesson, Wang Qing went to the kitchen to boil water, ready to wash up before going to bed. But when he stepped into the kitchen there was no water in the cauldron, Wang Qing filled it before lighting the firewood. He wanted to borrow the oil lamp that was in his father and little father’s room, but standing in front of the closed door of their room, he thought for a moment before shouting from outside the door. “Father, little father, I will go to sleep with Nizi first. I started boiling the water.”


“Alright, go to sleep first.” Wang Shijing’s voice was muffled and unnatural, making Wang Qing wonder if his father was in a bad mood.  He also heard what happened in the old house during the day when Aunt Wang was telling little father about it, so after standing in front of the door for a while, Wang Qing went back to check on the boiling water. With father and little father around, no one would dare to come over and make trouble.


In the room, Shao Yunan clutched his mouth with one hand and clasped Wang Shijing’s muscular shoulder with the other, slapping him hard from time to time. The heavy gasp added another warmth to the room that was otherwise not warm enough, as Wang Shijing’s two hands caressed Shao Yunan’s back. His mouth and tongue were also not idle, as they left countless marks on Shao Yunan’s otherwise white body. Shao Yunan never asked if Wang Shijing also acted like this when he was in bed with Song, but since they started having an ‘amorous affair’, Wang Shijing was always eager to kiss and bite him all over, especially in certain places.


The two children were still awake and the house was not soundproof, so Shao Yunan did not dare to make any sounds. But Wang Shijing did not restrain himself and even intensified his actions. He didn’t know if it was because he was holding himself back so much, but on several occasions he could hardly help poking his iron rod into Shao Yunan’s wet secret place.


The oil lamp in Wang Qing and Wang Nizi’s room went out, while the hot water left by Wang Qing in the kitchen cauldron gradually lost its temperature. In the master bedroom, suppressed moans no longer spilled out of the empty space and after a long time the room calmed down. After a while a tall man in a single robe and pants came out of the room and entered the kitchen. The fire that had been extinguished was lit again, as the man added water to the cauldron. After the water boiled, he first brought the big wooden basin for washing clothes into the house and then brought a bucket of hot water and a bucket of cold water into the house.


The house had a strong masculine smell as Shao Yunan sat helplessly in the wooden basin, while Wang Shijing washed him. Wang Shijing’s expression was content, while Shao Yunan’s was resentful. His chest was swollen and sore, and his lips were hot and numb, but he could not see even a single bloody mark on Wang Shijing’s shoulder that he had previously scratched. Shao Yunan stared with his big eyes infected with lust and accused someone of being too excessive.


Wang Shijing honestly washed someone and wrapped a large cloth towel around someone before putting him into the bed. Then he hastily cleaned himself in the water basin and took it out. After cleaning everything up, he then returned to the bed and hugged the person who had not yet let go of his anger into his arms with a sigh of relief.


“Have you never eaten meat or drunk milk?” Shao Yunan’s hand dangerously grabbed Wang Shijing’s precious parts through his pants, making Wang Shijing hurriedly hold his hand and move it away. “Don’t touch me here my wife or I won’t be able to help myself.”


“Your ex-wife absolutely couldn’t stand you and ran away!” Speaking of his ex-wife, Wang Shijing was not the least bit sad as he just kissed Shao Yunan. “Seeing your body, I can’t help but want that. To others… I never felt this way. I didn’t feel anything when I saw someone doing it in the barracks, but I really want to do it with you.”


“Then it’s my fault?” Wang Shijing hurriedly stroked his hair. “Wife, wife…” he murmured, gently kissing Shao Yunan’s lips and licking them. After marrying this person, the more time they spent together, the more he couldn’t let go. He knew his wife was in pain, but he just couldn’t help it. He hated not being able to do more and hated being unable to take his wife wholly, so he would be completely his alone. He never before felt such a strong desire for monopolization. Wang Shijing wanted to change, but could not do anything about it.


Shao Yunan had not yet realized that he had become easily softened by Wang Shijing’s trust. Perhaps it was because of deeper physical communication or maybe Wang Shijing, an ancient man, did not bind him with the kind of ancient pedantry he thought he would have, but instead gave him purpose and support. This allowed him to quickly integrate into his new identity and new environment.

Wang Shijing did not go any further and just caressed his wife’s smooth hair, before backing away and touching his wife’s smooth naked back to finally feel inner peace.


“Wife, I won’t give any money to my family. It’s up to you to decide whether to give it or not. “Wang Shijing has completely lost his heart. As a son, brother, and human, it was inconvenient for him to say it directly, so he just simply handed it over to Shao Yunan, letting others think he was completely under his wife’s control.


“All you have to do is show your attitude. When there are weddings and funerals over there, how much they give and how much I give. The most important are Wang Qing and Nizi. I’m not afraid of what people say, but I don’t know if you can stand up to the pressure of the clan and others. Anyway, I’ve thought about it. If it becomes a big deal, our family will simply move to the county town.” Wang Shijing’s attitude was clear. “I can’t compromise for the sake of Qing and Nizi, otherwise people from my family will start wanting more and more. The most important thing for me to do is to hold power over Qing and Nizi’s marriage in my own hands. If I didn’t separate from that family, Qing and Nizi’s marriage would have been decided by my mother and then they really would have ruined their future.”


“You did the right thing.” Shao Yunan gave Wang Shijing a kiss as a reward. As long as you don’t feel ashamed, just say in public that I am the one in charge of our family and that you can’t control me.” Wang Shijing said indifferently, “You are really the one who is in charge of our family.” It’s been a long time since the two of them had such a leisurely chat. Shao Yunan talked with Wang Shijing, while in his broad, muscular arms for some time, until his voice quietened and his breathing stabilized. Wang Shijing then tightened his embrace and lightly kissed Shao Yunan’s face. It was really good that he married this person.


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