Fierce “Husband” – Chapter 33.1

“What?!” Old lady Wang was stunned. Return the silver?! Wang Zhisong answered for her, “Mother, give the silver back to the patriarch.” He refused to speak directly to Wang Shuping. Old lady Wang anxiously said, “The money given can still be taken back? But mother saved it for you to use?!” Wow! The surrounding area exploded. This old woman Wang really wanted to steal the clan patriarch’s money! Wang Shuping’s voice became colder, “Aunt Wang. No one’s silver falls from the sky. You went to my house and cried, saying that there was no one at your house to work in the fields and my father was kind and took three taels of silver to help your family, but you wanted to leave it for your own use. Auntie Wang, Wang Zhisong is a scholar so let’s not make a mess. Auntie you must definitely have more than 900 copper coins so give me back all three taels of silver.”


The villagers all spoke out one after another, saying bluntly that old lady Wang was unethical and some people even said that Wang Zhisong as a scholar, how could he ignore the matter of the patriarch’s silver, and if he knew the difference between this and cheating money. Wang Zhisong’s face was so dark that it could not become darker, but old lady Wang still wanted to argue. Wang Zhisong forced old lady Wang to return the three taels of silver to Wang Shuping and that wasn’t all. When the old woman reluctantly returned the silver to Wang Shuping, the five people she hired also started to ask for the money for the days they had already worked, then they would quit.


How could old lady Wang be willing to give it? The farm work was still not finished, but the villagers’ words were already full of disdain and ridicule. Wang Zhisong with his head down, forced old lady Wang to settle the five people’s wages. Once the money was settled, Wang Shuping turned around and hired the five people to help with his family’s farm. Wang Wenhe was furious, but Wang Shuping did not allow his father to work in the field. He was the only son and his family has both old and young. His mother and wife also could not do much. Anyway, these three taels of silver was originally given to old lady Wang to hire people. Wang Shuping was simply extravagant for once, so that both his parents could relax.


Wang Shuping did not give a wage as high as Wang Shijing. He only paid 30 copper coins per person a day, but with food and accommodation, and they must finish the work in the fields within 15 days. He also paid a deposit of 300 copper coins in advance to them, making all five agree immediately. Wang Shijing gave a high wage, but didn’t include food and accommodation. Besides, their abilities were also not as good as those hired by Wang Shijing, so they had nothing more to say. When Wang Shuping took the workers away, old lady Wang sat down on the ground and howled until Wang Zhisong grabbed her and dragged her back into the house. Once they were back inside and they saw Wang Chunxiu, old lady Wang began to scold Wang Chunxiu about forcing that woman to wash her dirty pants and causing trouble, while also slapping her. Wang Chunxiu was crying, while Wang Zhisong went back to his room and tore the paper he had just written to pieces.



“The best can be found yearly. but this year there are especially many.” This was Shao Yunan’s sentiment that day after he learned from fourth Aunt Wang, who had come specially to gossip with him about the strange things that old lady Wang had done again. The action of that family was really infinitely refreshing, but Wang Shuping’s move to take the silver back directly still took him by surprise. He couldn’t help but wonder if this was Wang Shuping’s own intention or if the patriarch was starting to reflect on it.


That family became an even bigger joke, but this time it had nothing to do with Wang Shijing. The construction of their new house was supervised by Uncle Zhou and Old Father Wang, and everything went smoothly. The people hired in the fields were honest and willing to work, and some of them were even from their village, so Wang Shijing was also confident with leaving them in charge. The vegetable field behind the house was also organized and sown, and was given to Wang Qing and Wang Nizi to look after. Wang Shijing looked after the first two every day, but finding that there was no big deal, he went up to the mountains with a basket to pick wild chrysanthemums and some other things to eat. Not to sell for money, but to give Shao Yunan to eat. 


Although he never reached the end of his passion these nights, his finger already went inside. But he was still afraid of leaving a negative impact on Shao Yunan’s body. But every time Shao Yunan was so hot that he cried, so he could not help but use his fingers.


The first batch of tea could already be opened a long time ago, but Shao Yunan didn’t touch it. Mainly because he and Wang Shijing were too busy to drink tea leisurely. They were so busy that they didn’t even have time to sleep, not to mention making and drinking tea. Today, Wang Shijing went up the mountain again, while Shao Yunan hung up the steamed wild chrysanthemums and went into the house.


Wang Qing and Wang Nizi were studying in the house, so Shao Yunan went into his space to find a tea set for making Longjing; a purple sand teapot, a tea stove, a small bamboo bucket, and bamboo scoop. The bamboo bucket was still filled with a mixture of spiritual spring water and water from his own well, which did not have as strong a reaction as spiritual essence. But the difference was still obvious. The water at home has always been a mixture of the two kinds of water and Shao Yunan did not plan to change it, even though he didn’t tell Wang Shijing about his spiritual space.


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