Fierce “Husband” – Chapter 30.1

Wang Shijing’s family became famous again. The villagers were busy with farming, while Wang Shijing’s family only spent money to hire people from outside to plant their land and build a house. Although they didn’t include food and housing, the proposed day’s wage was still a lot, making many people jealous. But then, the news of Zhao Lizheng’s family selling jam came out. It was said that the county town’s biggest restaurant sold the jam made by Zhao Lizheng’s family and it was very popular! They heard that even a small jar of goat milk jam was sold for three taels of silver! While peach jam was even more expensive! But there were still many people who wanted to, but couldn’t buy such expensive jam! Since when did Zhao Lizheng’s family sell their jam so quietly?


As soon as the news got out, Zhao Lizheng’s family didn’t shield themselves from it. Aunt Zhao Liu also graciously told the villagers that their jam was sold by their family to the Yizhang Xuan restaurant and that the jam recipe was bought by their family from Shao Yunan for 300 taels of silver, making them borrow money from various places to pay him. Not only that, they also had to give Shao Yunan 20% of the profit. Whoever was dissatisfied could also spend money to buy the jam recipe from Shao Yunan’s hands. Also, the deal with Yizhang Xuan restaurant was also negotiated by Shao Yunan for them, so their family had to pay him extra.


But no one dared to go to Shao Yunan to confirm Aunt Zhao Liu’s words. Fourth Aunt Wang who had a good relationship with Shao Yunan’s family also came forward to confirm that this was indeed the case. Wang Shijing and Shao Yunan had no land, so they had to find a way to make money. Fortunately, Shao Yunan was very capable and sold some mysterious stones to the Butterfly Jewelry Pavilion instead of a pawn shop. He also sold some ideas to the porcelain store and earned some extra money. The red sour fruit and wild peaches that no one bought, but could be gathered for free on the mountain, was also turned into jam that could be sold for a lot of money. It was no wonder that after separating from his family, Wang Shijing was able to buy a cartload of goods every time he went to the county town and was also able to quickly buy land for their new house and fields. It could be said that Wang Shijing really married the right wife.


Most of the villagers were silenced since they could not get three hundred taels of silver to buy the jam recipe. It was no wonder Yizhang Xuan restaurant was so expensive. Of course, there were still people who spoke negative things. Most of them did not dare to say them directly about Zhao Lizheng’s family, so they said it about Shao Yunan, who married into Xiushui Village. If he had spread the jam recipe to everyone, everyone in Xiushui Village would be able to earn money. Wang Shijing and Shao Yunan completely ignored this kind of talk, since both of them didn’t have much contact with these families.


But there were still some thick-skinned people who looked for fourth Aunt Wang and other people who had a good relationship with Wang Shijing’s family, asking them if Shao Yunan could sell them the jam recipe for a cheaper price. Shao Yunan just replied that they should first check if Zhao Lizheng would agree with that. Besides, the contract signed by Zhao Lizheng’s family stated that the jam could only be made by Zhao Lizheng’s family, so who would have the ability to make Zhao Lizheng change the contract? Who would pay for it? In this way most people gave up on this idea.


But there was something even weirder. Two families carried a piece of meat and rice to Wang Shijing’s door to find Wang Shijing. After a few words of courtesy, they told Wang Shijing, who collected so much tea, that they wanted to also make tea. Can they teach them and they would pay for the recipe? The man was called Wang Dafu and the woman’s name was Chen Xiang. To sum it up, Wang Shijing had to call Wang Dafu’s father, Wang Benchang, third Uncle. So this Wang Dafu could also be called his cousin. Shao Yunan had no impression of this family at all, but the fact that they could so brazenly use family friendship with a piece of meat and a bag of rice in exchange for the tea making method was just ‘shrewdness’. Shao Yunan really wanted to spit in their faces. It was really comparable to old lady Wang’s shamelessness.


Wang Shijing did not say anything. It was Shao Yunan who spoke. “Shijing, how come your Wang clan is full of oddballs with thicker skins than the city walls?” Wang Dafu and Chen Xiang’s expressions immediately darkened, but Wang Dafu suppressed his temper and only said, “Shijing’s wife, how can you say something like this? Aren’t we from the same family? Shouldn’t families help each other?“ Chen Xiang also followed his lead and added, “Shijing, according to reason, you should not have sold the jam making method to Zhao Lizheng’s family, but to our clan patriarch. How can you let money that should belong to the Wang clan, be earned by outsiders?”


“Who is a family with you? Who is a clan with you?” Shao Yunan didn’t give them any face. “I haven’t even entered your Wang’s family tree and never met you. But if you want the tea making method, fine… but first bring 10,000 taels of silver.” Wang Dafu and Chen Xiang’s faces were no longer dark, but green as Shao Yunan coldly snorted. “Patriarch Wang only has that other family in his heart, but Zhao Lizheng helped us a lot. I, Shao Yunan, will not be unjust, but I will also not try to win the favor of a person who ignores me. I know exactly who is treating our family like this, so I will give the method to whom I like and I will sell it to whom I want to sell it to. If you want to make friends with me, let’s see if you have such a big heart first.”


Wang Dafu became angry. “Shijing, how does your wife talk? You are the head of the family, so shouldn’t you control your wife? How can you call me cousin, acting like this! Do you no longer want your clan, in the way you no longer want your parents?” Shao Yunan stopped him by saying, “Such a shameless clan, I don’t want it.”




“Shijing! Say something!” Wang Chenxiang was also furious. Wang Shijing said, “The method belongs to Yunan and in our family Shao Yunan is in charge. I listen to him.” At this moment, Wang Shijing’s behavior was definitely the same as Wang Dali’s. Wang Dafu and Wang Chenxiang become angrier, while Shao Yunan just said with a smile, “Shijing is my husband, so it’s only right that I am in charge of the family.” Wang Dafu was so angry that his mouth trembled. ” Shijing, is that what you mean?” Shao Yunan become even more determined. “Then I would like to go to patriarch Wang to judge. The tea making method for a piece of meat and a bag of rice, let’s see if the patriarch supports you or us. If the patriarch supports you, I would have nothing more to say to your Wang clan.” Wang Dafu immediately said guiltily, “We also said we would pay money to buy it.” Shao Yunan… “I also said 10,000 taels, ah.”


“…” The couple finally left in anger. They left and then Shao Yunan left after them, not letting Wang Shijing follow him. What he wanted to do next, it would be best if Wang Shijing was not present. Wang Shijing watched him go towards the Wang patriarch’s house, but just went back to the kitchen to clean up. They had just finished eating and hadn’t washed the dishes yet. He never lets Shao Yunan clean the dishes.


When he came to the door of Wang Wenhe’s house, Shao Yunan didn’t go in and just shouted from outside. “Is Patriarch Wang home? It’s Shao Yunan. I’m here to see the patriarch.” Since he did not enter the Wang family tree, Wang Wenhe was not his patriarch, but he was still the only patriarch of the ‘Wang’ clan. Wang Wenhe, who was in the house, hearing Shao Yunan’s voice felt his body immediately tremble. Wang Shuping hurriedly left the room and opened the door. “Yunan, what’s the matter? Come in and speak. “


Shao Yunan was very polite to Wang Shuping as he spoke. “Brother Shuping, I won’t go in. I came to the patriarch for a judgment, so that people won’t think that I am being unreasonable. Since people try to force me with friendship and family ties, I have no choice but to come to patriarch Wang.” It was just after the farming season, so everyone was at home. Hearing the commotion outside, all the surrounding families came out to watch the show. Wang Shuping hurriedly lowered his voice. “Did the people from that family come looking for you again?”


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