Fierce “Husband” – Chapter 23.1

When Shao Yunan came to the house, Zhao Lizheng’s family was busy preparing tools and seeds for farming, because farming season would begin in seven or eight days. Zhao Yuande and Zhao Yuanqing were not separated and had a good relationship. Zhao Yuanqing just got married last year. Li Caijuan, his wife, was from the Li family, one of the big families of Lijia Village. Li Caijuan could also be regarded as virtuous. Since Zhao He was also a man, the two daughters-in-law did not compete for anything. 


Zhao Yuanqing had no children, so the family’s only grandchild was Zhao Congbo, which was also the main reason for Zhao Lizheng’s wife’s dissatisfaction. Zhao Congbo was already ten years old, so it might not be possible for Zhao He to have another child. So all hopes of making their family grow bigger were placed on the belly of the new daughter-in-law, but even after being married for a year there was still no news, making the old couple worry.


All members of Zhao Lizheng’s family except Zhao Congbo, who was studying at the private school, were all present. When Shao Yunan dropped by, Zhao Lizheng’s family were very kind. Seeing Shao Yunan carrying a jar and a heavy cloth bag in his arms, Zhao Lizheng asked first, “Don’t bring things every time you come, why are you so polite?” Zhao Lizheng’s wife, Zhao Liu also said, “You and Shijing bring things every time you come, making me and your Uncle embarrassed. He is the head of the village, so he should help you out.”


Zhao Yuande and Zhao Yuanqing also said not to act so politely all the time. Shao Yunan took a seat next to Zhao He and said casually. “That’s because I have a good relationship with Uncle Zhao and Aunt Zhao, so I brought some things. You won’t be seeing me going to the Wang family.” When he said this, Zhao Lizheng didn’t know what to say, but Zhao Liu just laughed suddenly and was very happy because of Shao Yunan’s coaxing. Shao Yunan put down the things in his hand and said, “There are some chestnuts in this sack, I picked them up in the mountains and there are more at home. You can use them for cooking porridge and stew. Fried with sugar they also make a good snack. Since Zhao Congbo is studying at school you might let him take it to the private school to share it with the little ones to deepen their relationship.”


Hearing this, Zhao He’s eyes brightened. Zhao He only has one son, Zhao Congbo, so he always thinks of his son first. Zhao Lizheng and Zhao Liu also thought it was a good idea. Then Shao Yunan said, “In this jar is my homemade goat milk fruit jam, please try it.” After saying that, Shao Yunan opened the seal and a sweet aroma came out. Shao Yunan asked Zhao Liu to bring a spoon and a bowl over and Zhao Liu quickly brought them. Six people all looked at the jam, what was jam? Why did it smell so good?


Shao Yunan scooped out two tablespoons of jam and handed it out. “Have a taste.” Zhao Liu carefully took a small mouthful and was amazed. “It’s delicious! What kind of fruit is this goat milk fruit?” Zhao Yuanqing was so impatient that he took the spoon from his mother’s hand, also tasted the jam, then immediately stuffed it into his wife’s mouth, which caused Zhao Lizheng to kick him. After all six people had tasted it, they all said it was delicious. Shao Yunan then explained, “This goat milk fruit is the red sour fruit on the mountain.”


“This is made from red sour fruits?” Everyone exclaimed. Shao Yunan nodded. “It’s made from the red sour fruits. This fruit looks like a goat, so in some places it’s called goat milk fruit. Uncle Zhao, I picked these goat milk fruits in the west mountain and almost finished picking all of them. Wang Shijing and I didn’t dare to go deeper, but there should also be different mountains and it’s not difficult to make. It should also be east to sell, if Uncle Zhao is willing I can teach the craft to brother He.”


When Shao Yunan said this, not to mention Zhao He, even Zhao Lizheng was stunned. With his eyes wide open, he shook his head repeatedly. “That’s not possible. That’s not possible. That’s your craft!” Shao Yunan said, “Uncle Zhao, this jam is not difficult to make, but the process is a bit troublesome. In my family there are only two people who can do it, me and Shijing. I’m going to send Wang Qing to a private school and I  am teaching him how to write at home. Wang Nezi is also still young, so I can’t make much of it even if I wanted to sell it. There are also many things to do at home, so I really don’t have energy to spare. All these fruits were left to Aunt Wang to clean up.


“In fact, I also have my own selfishness. If you go to collect the goat milk fruits and start selling them, I also have other uses for it. To tell you the truth, this jam should be sold freshly. It’s easy to make, so there is also no guarantee that no one else will figure it out. When others figure it out, you also won’t be able to sell it for too much money. Maybe just enough to earn some pocket money.” Zhao Lizheng was still unwilling. “Even a small amount is still money. This is something we can not take.”


Shao Yunan simply said, “If you don’t want it I will give it to someone else. Even my Nezi can do it.” Zhao Yuande spoke up at this time. “Father, since Shao Yunan took the initiative and is willing to teach us, this really might earn a lot of money. Shao Yunan might not say it, but he also needs our help to collect red sour fruit, since the jam has other uses. The earnings from the jam we sell can be divided equally with Yunan.”


“Yes, father, our two families can share.” Zhao Yuanqing was also moved. Zhao He and Li Caijuan were also moved, but they were wives, so they could not interrupt casually at this time. Shao Yunan said without even thinking about it, “There is no need to divide it. I already told Uncle Zhao that I have other ways to earn money. If I can do it well, I will make a lot of money so I really don’t care about the money made from selling this jam. I also really don’t have the energy to do it. You don’t have to split it with me. There are a lot of places to spend money for Zhao Congbo’s future and if Wang Yuanqing has a son, Uncle Zhao must also send him to school.”


Zhao Yuanqing and Li Caijuan were embarrassed. Li Caijuan was also anxious, but she couldn’t have a child because of her anxiety. Zhao Liu secretly pinched Zhao Lizheng’s arm to make him agree. Zhao Lizheng finally said, “If I don’t give you your share, I will not feel comfortable earning this money.”

Shao Yunan smiled. “Then 10%. If Uncle Zhao feels uneasy, why don’t you use some money to buy land after you earn it, or save it as public money. There are many places in our village that require spending money. In the future, when my business is up and running, Wang Shijing and I will also have to give back to the village. With you, Uncle Zhao, taking the lead, the villagers will also learn that they can earn money as long as they are not too stingy. In this way, Xiushui Village will become only better and better in the future.”


Zhao Lizheng’s eyes burned. Shao Yunan’s words spoke to his heart, so he just slapped his right leg and said, “Good! You and Wang Shijing, I will accept!” The others immediately smiled, but Shao Yunan just said, “Uncle Zhao, take advantage of the busy farming period to see how much goat milk fruits you can get. You can also look in the other villages. Wild peaches can also be made into peach jam, so you can collect them too. When I pick up some more, let brother He come to me.”


“Yes.” Zhao He immediately answered. “Yunan, thank you so much!”


“No need for thanks. Wang Shijing and I would like to thank Uncle Zhao and Brother Yuande.” Shao Yunan was a man and his status was that of Wang Shijing’s male wife, so it was most appropriate for him to teach Zhao He. Zhao He was so happy that he couldn’t stop smiling.


After telling everyone what to pay attention to when harvesting the fruits, Shao Yunan left. As soon as he left, the Zhao family was abuzz with excitement. Each person carefully tasted the jam. The more they looked at it, the more they thought it could be sold for a lot of money. Zhao He, who was smart, immediately realized. “Father, mother, this red sour fruit can be made into jam, but there are also other wild fruits on the mountain. Apricot, plum and others should also be able to be made into jam. Shao Yunan said that jam could also be made from peaches…”


Zhao Yuande said, “I think so.” Zhao Yuanqing immediately said, “Then isn’t it like we learned several crafts, so we can earn money several times a year.”


“Look at you!” Zhao Lizheng’s expression was stern, but his eyes could not hide his excitement. Zhao Liu snorted coldly. “That old woman called Shao Yunan an evil star, but let’s see how she will cry later.”


“She is really blind.” Zhao Lizheng did not bother to mention the rest of the family. Li Caijuan said, “Father, mother, Yuanqing and I will go back to my mother’s family’s house to pick more fruits. There are many red cranberries and wild peach trees on our side of the mountain.” Zhao Yuanqing was a man who went along with the wind. “Let’s pack up and go back.”


“What’s the rush?” Zhao Lizheng told Zhao Yuanqing to sit down and said, “Don’t say anything about the jam in advance. Just talk about collecting the fruit. When the jam is made and really sold, our family will discuss it. If we make money, we can’t hide it from the people in the village and since I am the head of the village, I am afraid it might also attract some gossip.”



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