Fierce “Husband” – Chapter 77.2

“Sometimes, giving other people face is just bullshit. Today it might just be humiliation, but you don’t know whose head might fly tomorrow. Under the sky, there only exists the Emperor’s land. The world belongs to the Emperor, so if you don’t  distinguish it clearly, you will only attract scorn.”

Wei Hongwen smiled, smiled from the bottom of his heart. “Listening to Little Brother Shao’s words, I became enlightened. I’m glad I came this far.” He then stood up and bowed to Shao Yunan again.

These ancient people really liked to use the word ‘enlightenment.’ Shao Yunan, who had already heard it many times before, continued, “Shopkeepers Xu and Zheng have helped me and Shijing, so we want to return their kindness. Young Master Wei, Shijing and I look forward to working with you in the future for His Majesty and the Empress.” Wei Hongwen stood up, “I, Wei Hongwen, also look forward to working with Little Brother Shao and Brother Wang!”

Shopkeeper Xu and Shopkeeper Zeng waited anxiously in the side hall. Shopkeeper Zeng was a little annoyed. “This Little Brother Shao can’t really be so ungrateful, right?”

Shopkeeper Xu smiled bitterly. “What kind of friendship do we have with Little Brother Shao? If you want to do the math, it’s Little Brother Shao who has been kind to us and allowed us to earn a lot of money. The money we give him is just dimes on the ground compared to what he earned for us. At the beginning of the jam business, he even helped us to lower the price of the purchase.” Sighing, Shopkeeper Xu said with more sincerity, “We really made it difficult for him this time.”

Shopkeeper Zeng sighed, “Boss also had no choice. Little Brother Shao always has a lot of ideas, maybe he can think of a way to get the best of both worlds.” Shopkeeper Xu said with little hope, “I hope so.” The two men waited anxiously for an hour, before the sound of the footsteps came from outside the parlor.

“This time I was in a hurry, but the next time I come over, I hope to stay for a bit longer. I will have to trouble Little Brother Shao and Brother Wang.”

“No trouble, no trouble.”

“I am also inviting Brother Shao and Brother Wang to bring their children to the capital someday. I will sure to welcome you with big gifts.”

“You are too polite. In the future, Shijing and I will definitely take our children to the capital to trouble you.”

“I will like it very much.”


Shopkeeper Xu and Shopkeeper Zeng looked at each other, surprise surfaced on both of their faces. Did this mean that the matter was done? Immediately after that, Wei Hongwen walked in with Shao Yunan and Wang Shijing, making Shopkeeper Xu and Shopkeeper Zeng hurriedly stand up. Shao Yunan spoke first. “Shopkeeper Xu, Shopkeeper Zeng, sorry to keep you waiting. Originally, Shijing and I wanted to let you stay for a few days, but Young Master Wei said you still have important things to attend to, so we won’t keep you.”

“Little Brother Shao is very kind.” Shopkeeper Xu and Shopkeeper Zeng said hastily, then Shopkeeper Xu said in apologetic tone, “Originally, for the New Year, Xu should have paid his respects. When I come back, I hope you and Shijing will still be willing to welcome me.”

“Shopkeeper Xu is too polite. When you are free, why don’t you come over with Shopkeeper Zeng for dinner?”

“Oh, good!” Both sides then exchanged a few more polite words. Wei Hongwen left a bunch of new year’s gifts for Shao Yunan, while Shao Yunan also gave them a bunch of specialties and snacks before sending them out, since Wei Hongwen had to rush back to the capital immediately. He was so anxious that he didn’t even plan to stay in Yongxiu County Town for one night.

After they left, Shao Yunan and Wang Shijing went to see Elder Cen and the others. As soon as the two of them appeared, Elder Cen and Jiang Kangning asked at the same time, “How did things go?” Shao Yunan replied, “It’s settled for now. The next step will no longer involve Shijing and me.”

Elder Cen, “Tell me.” Shao Yunan told them the solution that he and Wang Shijing had discussed, and Elder Cen, Kang Rui and Jiang Kangning all praised it as they listened. Shao Yunan said, “This is also what I thought of after Brother Kangchen told me about the situation of Hengyuan Marquis Mansion. Brother Kangchen told me that the two first sons of the Hengyuan Marquis don’t have a solid position in the house.” 

“As long as the title of the Marquis of Hengyuan does not fall on the head of the first son, the position of the two brothers will be threatened. Even if Wei Hongwen’s elder brother is the eldest son, he might still be pushed out until he becomes the new Marquis of Hengyuan. They need a big backer even more than us. Barefoot people are not afraid of wearing shoes and I am a barefoot person to them. Of course, the premise is that the Emperor and Empress are still relatively intimidating, otherwise I really might not have a choice.”

Jiang Kangning said, “Wei Hongru and Wei Hongwen are not stupid. The two of them are also capable, otherwise Wei Hongwen would not be able to hold most of the business of the Marquis of Hengyuan and Wei Hongru suppress his stupid brothers and stepmother. But for the family, the family’s interests always come first, so they have never thought of that.”

Shao Yunan rolled his eyes. “Throughout history, imperial power always comes first. The peak of prosperity is bound to decline. If the Emperor really plans to kill them, even ten Marquis of Hengyuans can be destroyed, unless they want to rebel.”


Jiang Kangning and Kang Rui hurriedly tried to stop Shao Yunan’s treacherous words and actions, but Elder Cen just asked, “Then how does Yunan see the current Emperor?” Shao Yunan looked at Jiang Kangning and Kang Rui and got all haughty. “I won’t say anymore or else Big Brother and Senior Brother will be mean to me again.”

Jiang Kangning was so infuriated that he lost his temper. “I was afraid that you would be so tongue-tied even outside, that you might bring yourself a death sentence.”

“I am not a fool to talk any nonsense outside. I am also not looking for death.” Jiang Kangning was infuriated. “Then say it, Big Brother will not be fierce to you.” Kang Rui, “Senior Brother is also listening, but you must remember to be careful of what you say outside.”

Shao Yunan grinned and said, “From what I know so far, the Emperor is still good.  First of all, it is really rare for the Emperor to have such deep affection for the Empress, which shows that the Emperor can understand and speak of affection.” 

“Secondly, the Emperor has issued a new imperial examination decree, which shows how much importance he attaches to the selection of officials, hoping that good officials will be selected who are not corrupt. It indicates that the Emperor is interested in rectifying the official governance. If the officials are clean, the government will also be clean. Secondly, the Emperor did not ask me to hand over the recipe for making tea and wine, and was willing to give me dividends, which shows that the Emperor is a rare and wise ruler.”

“Since His Majesty is a wise ruler and he has people like Elder Cen, Senior Brother, and Big Brother to assist him, even if the country’s situation is difficult now, it will recover and become strong in the future. Besides, which dynasty was not in need of reconstruction at the beginning? Each dynasty will have a prosperous period and behind every prosperous period there is a wise ruler. I believe ours is also coming.”

Elder Cen laughed, laughed very loudly with an enlightened heart. “Good! Good! With Yunan’s auspicious words, I also believe that my Great State of Yan will flourish again!” If other people said so, Elder Cen would not take it seriously, but since it was Shao Yunan, the ‘miracle man’ who said it, Elder Cen was definitely willing to believe it.

Kang Rui was also excited by his words. “If it’s really as Yunan said, we should also stand up.” Jiang Kangning said confidently, “Yunan and Shijing are also indispensable to this.” Shao Yunan took Wang Shijing’s hand and said, “I just need to make money.”

“You’re just lazy!” The three of them hated that iron couldn’t be turned into steel. Such a talent, but not willing to enter the court, what a waste! Wang Shijing held his wife’s hand tightly. He would not let his wife become an official, in case he was taken in by those big gentry in the capital.


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