TOFUH – Chapter 156.1 – Taken Away To Work

Outside the Changlong Fighting Business there was a signboard and at this moment their doors were wide open as if they were ready for business.

Jiang Zhen, seeing this scene felt it was a pity.

He originally wanted to try to kick the door open and smash it.

The business in his hands was getting bigger and bigger these past few years, so he wasn’t able to bully anyone for a long time and kind of missed it.

Jiang Zhen rode on his horse and made a gesture. The men from the Jinzhen Escort Agency immediately surrounded Changlong and others broke in.

“What do you want?” The men inside the business were blocked from escaping. They took out their weapons and looked at Jiang Zhen and others.

There were quite a few people in the Changlong Fighting Business and there were more than ten people inside their headquarters now.

Only, their numbers couldn’t be compared to those of the Jinzhen Escort Agency.

“Jiang Zhen?! What do you want?” The person in charge of the Changlong Fighting Business asked loudly as he glared at Jiang Zhen.

The leader was called Chen Wang, also known as Axe Chen because he liked to use an axe. He was a man in his thirties, with a big beard and clothes that revealed his chest. He looked very fierce.

However, no matter how rough his appearance was, being able to control so many people already proved that his axe skills were not simple.

When Chen Wang saw Jiang Zhen, he knew things were bad.

He planned to make trouble with the Jinzhen Escort Agency, but he really didn’t intend to lure Jiang Zhen out.

They had made trouble for the shops opened by some large families, but they had never brought out the heads of these big families. Why did Jiang Zhen come?

He didn’t even ask to discuss the matters privately but came with such bang!

“Who told you to act against me?”Jiang Zhen asked.

“I don’t understand what you’re saying.” Axe Chen immediately replied. They have a rule in the fighting business that they can’t ever divulge information about their customers, so of course he refused to say anything.

“Not saying anything, are you?” Jiang Zhen smiled and then looked at the people behind him: “Capture all of them.” He didn’t expect these people to tell him the truth, so it would be good to torment them first.

Jiang Zhen’s men responded and pounced on them quickly.

The people of the Changlong Fighting Business were angry and resisted.

They had rich fighting experience so if they were allowed to fight one on one against Jiang Zhen men most of them would win. The key point was that Jiang Zhen brought more people.

Not only did Jiang Zhen have more people, but his men also worked well together!

They swarmed together and quickly caught all the people who were trying to resist.

“Boss, they’re all caught!” Jiang Zhen’s men immediately reported to him after capturing everyone.

“Alright, tie them up and take them away!” Jiang Zhen said

“What do you want? You’d better let go of me quickly!” Axe Chen said, but just as he opened his mouth he was slapped: “Be quiet!”

The man hit Axe Chen fiercely in the face,  but when he turned his head to Jiang Zhen his expression changed to all smiles as he said: “Boss, how should we take these people away?”

“The store that was selling chickens before, didn’t we ask them to go out of the city to bring more? Let them ride in the ox cart with the chickens.” Jiang Zhen said.

“Yes!” Jiang Zhen’s men responded and immediately drove the ox cart over.

Jiang Zhen got off the horse and sat down in a chair.

The chair was covered with tiger skin and at one glance it could be seen that it was usually occupied by the person with the highest status. This was Chen Wang’s usual seat.

Seeing that Jiang Zhen had so casually occupied his seat, Chen Wang, who was already tied up, couldn’t resist glaring at Jiang Zhen.

Jiang Zhen ignored him. After a while, when the ox cart with chickens came, Chen Wang was loaded together with his people into the cart.

The cart was very large. The cart not only had a fence to prevent the goods from falling to the ground, but also a shed out of bamboo and mats to keep out the rain.

The ducks were fine, but if chickens, especially chicks, got caught in the rain they would get sick.

In such a cart, if they squeeze inside, they could fit a dozen people.

However, Jiang Zhen was very lenient and did not ask them to squeeze in. There were three ox carts, so each cart had people loaded.

Of course, even so, these people did not want to ride in the ox cart.

These carts were usually used to transport chickens, ducks and their eggs. Eggs were still fine but there were also live chickens and ducks….

When Chen Wang and others were loaded into an ox cart, there were a lot of chicken and duck feces inside.

With the stench of chickens and ducks lingering in his nose, Chen Wang became a little desperate.

Of course, his despair was not due to the cart arranged by Jiang Zhen for them being so bad, but because… 

Jiang Zhen came to trouble them with so much fanfare, but no one came to save them!

They have a very good relationship with the people in the Yamen. In the past, when something was going on, the people in the Yamen would help and save them. But today, even after such a long time, the people from the Yamen did not show up!

As for people who entrusted them with finding trouble with the Jinzhen Escort Agency…

Since they didn’t reveal them, those people were supposed to save them, but now…why was there no movement from their side?

Chen Wang was so anxious that he couldn’t help worrying, but while he was distracted, the ox cart moved and jolted.

He immediately fell head first on the pile of chicken and duck shit.

Chen Wang: “…“

Jiang Zhen snickered: “Gag their mouths.” After saying that, he had the curtain on the ox cart lowered again.

Chen Wang wanted to struggle, but Jiang Zhen then said: “Guess if I know where your family is?”

Chen Wang froze, no longer daring to move.

Even those who fought, also had families.

Several ox carts drove slowly out of the city, with occasional sounds coming out of the cart.

“Are you from Jinzhen Escort Agency? What’s in this cart?” Some courageous people from Fucheng asked.

“It’s loaded with a few pigs.” Jiang Zhen’s men said with a smile.

The ox cart was dirty, so it was only natural to say that there were a few pigs inside.

People did not suspect anything and the few that suspected something didn’t dare to say anything. This Jinzhen Escort Agency was not something that ordinary people could mess with.

One of the Yamen officers patrolling the streets got some news and wanted to check it out but was stopped by the older officers around him.

“There’s something wrong with those ox carts.” The young Yamen officer was a bit anxious: “There is movement inside and just a while ago the Jinzhen Escort Agency went to find trouble with the Changlong Fighting Business!”

Since you know it belongs to the Jinzhen Escort Agency, don’t worry about it. You don’t want to have bad luck.” The older officer said.

The young Yamen officer was stunned but followed the older officer to somewhere else.

They know who can be offended and who can’t be offended.

After Jiang Zhen’s men went through the market like this, they became a little arrogant.

Jiang Zhen who rode his horse in the forefront, noticed this and frowning made up his mind that he would beat his own men in the future to prevent them from doing something wrong because they got carried away.


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