TOFUH – Chapter 156.2 – Taken Away To Work

Jiang Zhen still had time to think about how to temper his men while Chen Wang and others were in great pain at this time.

They have never been in such a bad cart in their lives!

After a bumpy ride, the ox carts finally arrived outside the city. They came to the chicken farm that was poisoned by their own men.

The chicken farm gave off the smell of roasted chicken, and there was thick smoke scattering in the azure sky.

Several old people looked at the direction of the smoke, wiping up their tears.

However, when they saw the arrival of Jiang Zhen and others, they immediately stopped crying. They came over to Jiang Zhen: “Boss, you’re back? Have you caught the murderer?”

“Yes.” Jiang Zhen replied. His men lifted the curtain of several chicken carts and exposed the people inside.

When they saw the people covered in chicken and duck shit inside the carts, at first they felt some sympathy toward them, but then looked at them angrily.

These people were the ones who poisoned their chickens!

“That’s him! I saw him on the mountain yesterday!” An old man suddenly looked angrily at a man in a cart and shouted: “Boss, he poisoned our chickens, let’s beat him to death!”

This was ancient times so the strength of patriarchy was strong and there were many lynchings. Stealing other people’s things was punished with death and everyone thought it was deserved. Anyway Yamen generally would not accept such cases.

Therefore, when the old man said something like this no one thought there was a problem with it at all.

Jiang Zhen looked at him, but said: “No, they poisoned our chickens, we must first make them pay compensation.”

The old man looked at Jiang Zhen with a puzzled look on his face.

Chen Wang had already admitted defeat along the way, so he now hurriedly said: “Just let me go, I will  compensate you for your loss!” Wasn’t that just a flock of chickens? It’s only a few hundred silver at best, he was willing to pay!

Jiang Zhen glanced at Chen Wang, but did not answer as said to those around him: “Take them to the mountain and let them work well.”

“Yes!” Jiang Zhen’s men responded. They rushed up and took Chen Wang and others to the mountain.

There, several people who had been caught by Jiang Zhen were mixed into his team of newly recruited people who were also there.

“Old Li . . .” Chen Wang fell silent.

“Brother Chen . . .” Old Li and the others also become silent.

The people on one side were stained with chicken and duck feces, and the people on the other side fell into the latrine before so now they could be considered to be in trouble together.

Jiang Zhen let his men collect their weapons, then he drove them to the mountains and told them to build houses.

He never had enough chicken and duck coops.

Of course, he let them take a bath first.

The group was herded to that waterhole that they had poisoned earlier. Their expressions were very bad.

Do they want to continue being dirty or do they take a bath in this water?

“If you don’t drink the water, a bath is fine.” Chen Wang said. After he became a boss with money he bought a servant and began to love cleanliness. He couldn’t stand his dirty body.

Even so, he didn’t dare to wash his body too boldly.

This water was toxic…

They finally washed themselves, trembling with fear, but at least they made themselves a little cleaner.

However, after washing they felt uncomfortable all over, and even had some body pain.

“Get to work, don’t try to be lazy!”

“Do a good job!”

“Hurry up!”

Jiang Zhen’s men urged them by waving their whips and cracking them on the ground.

Chen Wang and his people had no weapons, and were outnumbered by the other side so he suddenly felt a little scared. At the same time he felt a little glad – fortunately he was only brought here to help them work!

Wasn’t it just work? What’s the big deal?

Chen Wang and others obediently went to work.

Jiang Zhen looked at their backs and narrowed his eyes.

Just then, someone from outside came to report: “Boss, sister-in-law is here!”

Zhao Jinge was here? With a smile on his face, Jiang Zhen immediately went outside.

Jiang Zhen left home after having dinner last night.

After Jiang Zhen left, Zhao Jinge has been thinking about him. Unfortunately, he couldn’t leave their two children and it was also not good to go to Jiang Zhen at night.

But by the morning… Jinzhen Escort Agency met with an accident.

When the Jinzhen Escort Agency was escorting several guests with goods, they were robbed.

The range of Wexing Province was relatively safe so when the Jinzhen Escort Agency arranged people to deliver goods they didn’t arrange too many escorts.

As a result, this time, just because too few escorts were arranged, they were robbed on the way. Fortunately, the escorts and guests were all fine.

The distance between the two places was a little far, so even though Zhao Jinge got the news, he didn’t know the specific situation yet. He arranged someone to pick up the people and determined the amount of compensation to the customer. After dealing with all of it he was about to go to Jiang Zhen when he heard about the accident in his chicken farm.

However, Jiang Zhen had already solved this matter.

Jiang Zhen was awesome!

Zhao Jinge brought people and came to the chicken farm in a hurry.

“Jinge, did you miss me?” Seeing Zhao Jinge, Jiang Zhen smiled.

When Zhao Jinge looked at the people around him, he noticed that all of them were looking at each other, pretending not to hear Jiang Zhen’s words.

“Mm-hmm.” Zhao Jinge answered and immediately said: “I asked someone to buy some food in the city and brought it with me. Would you like to eat it?”

“Yes!” Jiang Zhen’s men who were pretending to be deaf just a moment ago were immediately able to hear his words.

They were all hungry!

Zhao Jinge smiled and had people carry out several bamboo baskets, which were full of dumplings and steamed buns.

Due to one thing after another, Jiang Zhen didn’t have time to eat. Even though he was hungry when he went up to get some steamed buns he was stopped by Zhao Jinge.

“I saved some for you.” Zhao Jinge said taking out another food box.

When Jiang Zhen opened the food box, he found that it contained braised meat and several vegetarian dishes, which were very appetizing.

But how could it be left over? It was clearly what Zhao Jinge specially asked people to make.

Jiang Zhen smiled and ate a big bite.

The dumplings and steamed buns that Zhao Jinge bought were the most common on the street, so their taste was also average, but the dish in front of Jiang Zhen was specially made by the cook.

When Jiang Zhen’s men saw this scene, they couldn’t help but envy Jiang Zhen a little. At the same time they were also people who envied them.

Seeing that the people watching over them all went to get dumplings and steamed buns to eat, Chen Wang and the others couldn’t help but gulp.

They were also hungry . . .

But Jiang Zhen’s men didn’t give them a single bite of food . . .

They not only did not give them food for this meal but unexpectedly they also didn’t give them anything to eat for the whole day.

After a day of working without having anything to eat, they were both tired and hungry but that was not all… that night they had to continue to work without any sleep!


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